Minister Bagnold, a witch with a broad stature and a round chin, wore her black hair cut short.

Her expression appeared gentle, certainly not dull.

She smiled kindly at Matthew, motioning for him not to be nervous.

As Matthew tried to get up from the bed, his head still felt a little dizzy.

It might be due to the influence of Apparate or perhaps from the “Stupefy” previously cast by the Aurors during the encounter.

“It might be better to have some of these.” Minister Bagnold handed over a box of things to Matthew.

Matthew received it and discovered it was a box of chocolates.

“Thank you, Minister,” Matthew said, breaking a large piece of chocolate into several smaller ones.

As he threw a piece of chocolate into his mouth, Matthew inquired, “Where am I now?”

“This is the Law Enforcement Department!” Minister Bagnold replied with a smile. “Our Ministry of Magic’s laws are not meant to be enforced against you but rather to protect brave children like you!”

Matthew seemed choked by the chocolate, prompting her to offer a large glass of pumpkin juice from nearby.

Minister Bagnold was very friendly.

“Thank you,” Matthew muttered, expressing his gratitude.

After eating a whole piece of chocolate, Matthew was surprised to feel a sudden warmth rush through his toes and fingers.

The discomfort he felt before vanished.

The chocolate he had just consumed seemed to contain some added “material.”

“How effective is it?” the Minister inquired softly.

“Awesome!” Matthew quickly nodded. “I feel full of strength all over my body now!”

“That’s good,” Minister Bagnold smiled and nodded.

Matthew could sense that the Minister of Magic was deliberately showing kindness towards him.

It wasn’t difficult to understand.

He guessed that it was likely because of Professor Grindelwald.

Several months ago, Matthew had encountered Minister Bagnold at Hogwarts during an event involving the suspect Trocar.

She must have seen him then.

Earlier today (to be precise, yesterday, as it was past midnight), when Matthew left Flourish & Blotts Bookstore to have breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron, he had made a discreet trip to the Owl Post Office.

He had written a letter directly addressed to Ms. Millison Bagnold, the Minister of Magic.

Besides briefly introducing the highly likely illegal “smuggling” operation in the letter, Matthew also “inadvertently” mentioned the association between Vinda, Principal Grindelwald, and the Minister.

Matthew had no need to worry about the next steps.

The Ministry of Magic’s defense team had planted numerous Aurors around Diagon Alley that night.

They had already targeted Mr. Shafiq, who had just left the Flourish & Blotts Bookstore.

Although his sense was good, he couldn’t compare with the experienced Aurors.

Afterward, his detours and concealment were all in vain.

The two groups of wizards who carried out the “smuggling” transaction with the Aurors were swiftly apprehended.

Minister Bagnold sat on a bench beside him and said, “You are welcome, Mr. Wickfield. After you regain your strength, tell me about the incident?”

“Of course!” Matthew nodded without hesitation and proceeded to share all the information he knew, excluding the details about the book.

He narrated everything in great detail.

Minister Bagnold had a positive reputation due to her role as the Minister of Magic before Cornelius Fudge.

She had led the war between the Wizarding World and Voldemort, arresting many Death Eaters after Voldemort’s defeat.

Apart from Ulick Gamp, the first Minister of Magic, she was one of the most popular Ministers in the wizarding world.

Because of this, Matthew trusted her.

“It turns out that this smuggling incident is also related to Lucius Malfoy and a wizard named ‘Tom Gaunt,” the Minister pondered.

“Minister Bagnold!” Matthew asked eagerly, “Have you heard of this Tom Gaunt?”

The Minister thought for a moment, then shook her head.

“No impression… However, the surname Gunter is quite special! This pure-blood family is the only bloodline of Salazar Slytherin.”

“But I remember that the last member of the Gunter family passed away 50 years ago… Although there seems to be a branch of this family in North America, I’ll send someone to investigate further.” The Minister explained.

Matthew felt slightly disappointed since he knew who “Tom Gaunt” was, but he couldn’t reveal the details openly.

He shifted the topic, saying, “Minister… About the box… It looks peculiar! Can you find out what’s inside?”

“Sorry, Mr. Wickfield,” Ms. Bagnold replied, shaking her head.

“It’s not that I don’t want to answer. In fact, I don’t know what’s inside… Smuggled items from foreign countries, especially from places like Italy not bound by the ‘Extreme Magical Items Restriction Act,’ generally have a high risk.”

“The Aurors won’t touch them easily. We usually give these items to the Department of Mysteries to investigate gradually.” As she pointed to the Mysterious Box.

Matthew gave a slightly frustrated expression.

“However, I must compliment you once again,” Minister Bagnold continued, her expression turning serious. “In a sense, your brave actions saved your life, Mr. Wickfield!”

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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