The once lively Hogwarts campus became desolate overnight.

There was no hustle and bustle, no laughter, and no Vindality.

Mr. Pringle looked tired as he cleaned the castle, his pet, Mr. Donald lounging lazily nearby.

“Good morning, Apollyon!” an old figure approached.

“Good morning, Professor Grindelwald!” Mr. Pringle quickly stood up.

“By the way, have you seen Vinda?” the principal inquired. “I couldn’t find her in her office.”

“Professor Rosier, I believe I saw her near the Transfiguration Office,” Mr. Pringle replied, bowing slightly.

“Alright, thank you!” Professor Grindelwald nodded at Mr. Pringle, observing the mop in his hand and adding, “Thank you!”

“It’s my duty,” Mr. Pringle responded.

The principal strolled through the castle corridors, eventually arriving at the office of the Transfiguration Classroom, where he found Headmistress Vinda Rosier.

Professor Rosier, known for her youthful appearance, stood by the window, lost in thought.

“Vinda!” Professor Grindelwald whispered, and she seemed to snap out of her daze.

“Lord Grindelwald!” she turned around and curtsied.

“What are you pondering?” Standing beside her, Professor Grindelwald asked casually, his gaze also fixed on the view beyond the window.

“I suddenly thought of Professor Trocar,” Professor Rosier spoke softly. “I wonder what happened to him?”

“I didn’t expect you to care about Edward,” Professor Grindelwald’s voice held a hint of surprise. “I recall that you despise Vampires, creatures of the dark.”

“Indeed!” Professor Rosier’s voice turned cold, a rare occurrence when facing Professor Grindelwald. “I never hide my disgust for those abhorrent creatures…”

“…But Edward Troca is still one of us. He and I were colleagues for over half a year, and he sacrificed so much for us.”

“I see, Vinda,” Grindelwald explained. “Edward is doing well. He fled to Belfast, where the Ministry of Magic’s influence was relatively weak. He’s no longer in danger, not to mention we’ve been providing the Ministry with information that he’s been sighted in Asia Minor.”

Rosier nodded. “I understand.”

After a pause, she asked, “By the way, Lord Grindelwald, is there something important you wish to discuss with me?”

“There is indeed a small matter,” Grindelwald sighed. “Vinda, please lead me to the Headmaster’s Office.”

This request seemed peculiar.

Gellert Grindelwald, the Hogwarts Headmaster, needed the assistance of the Headmistress to access the Headmaster’s Office.

Yet Professor Rosier appeared unfazed by the request, calmly stepping forward and saying, “Please follow me, Lord Grindelwald.”

The two stopped before a colossal statue of a lion-headed beast.

If Matthew were present, he would recognize it immediately—the same statue that shielded him from Morgana’s howls on Valentine’s Day.

Professor Rosier raised her wand and softly incanted a spell at the statue.

Professor Grindelwald stood silently behind her.

The lion-headed beast suddenly moved aside, revealing a split in the wall behind it.

A spiral staircase emerged, ascending slowly like an escalator.

Professor Grindelwald took a few steps forward and followed the staircase’s upward trajectory.

Higher and higher, he spiraled until he reached a gleaming oak door.

Without a doubt, it concealed an exquisitely furnished chamber.

The Headmaster’s Office—a spacious, beautiful circular room—seemed untouched for a long time, evidenced by the thick layer of dust.

The walls were adorned with portraits of former Headmasters and Headmistresses, who snored gently within their frames.

Professor Grindelwald’s entry disturbed the tranquility of the office.

The sleeping figures on the walls gradually woke, glaring at the “intruder.” Many old wizards began to curse:



“Leave Hogwarts!”

“Do not defile this place!”

Unfortunately, Professor Grindelwald remained unperturbed by their shouts.

He took a few steps into the office, opened a desk drawer, and retrieved a small silver lighter—the light extinguisher.

Once the former and current Headmasters grew weary of their scolding…

Once the room quieted down…

Professor Grindelwald waved his hand, and the curtains closed shut.

With a gentle tap, he flicked the light extinguisher, causing a series of clicks that plunged the room into darkness.

Only the faint glow of the light extinguisher remained—a tiny speck of light.

“Long time no see!” Professor Grindelwald smiled at the faint glow.

A weak voice emanated from the light, almost identical to Morgana’s voice that day. “Grindelwald… Kill me…”

“Apologies.” Grindelwald shook his head with regret. “I’ve always respected truly great wizards. I will honor his choice now since Merlin chose not to kill you back then. I can’t bring myself to kill you.”

Furthermore, Morgana’s voice resounded:

“Ms. Morgana, have you considered my proposal from a few months ago?”

“Do you think… I will surrender…” Morgana’s voice was feeble yet resolute. “Impossible… I will never…”

“In that case, I’ll give you a few more months to ponder it,” Grindelwald sighed, placing the light extinguisher back into the drawer.

However, Morgana’s voice spoke once again:

“You did win, Grindelwald… Your trap caught me off guard…”

Her voice turned somewhat derisive. “But so what? Do you think you’re any different from me? You’re just slightly better… In truth, we’re all just intermediaries, nothing more.”

Gellert Grindelwald’s expression remained unchanged.

“So what?” he replied.

Closing the drawer, he strode out and left the office behind.

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Published On: September 11, 2023

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