Until Wentworth returned to his residence, he was still playing with the wand in his hand, loving it and waving it a few times from time to time, like a child who just got his beloved toy.

But after pushing open the door, Wentworth found that several old people who had been with Rosier were already waiting for him at his residence.

When Wentworth was surprised, Rosier closed the door behind him and motioned him to sit down.

“Wentworth, since you have decided to go to Hogwarts, we will no longer hold you back.” Rosier looked at Wentworth.

“However, after negotiating last night, we have always believed that we should talk to you before you go to Hogwarts; we will train you.”

After everyone was seated, Rosier spoke directly to Wentworth.

Wentworth never imagined that after coming to the UK, or even the UK in another world, he still couldn’t ask for the treatment of make-up classes.

But Wentworth was eager to try it!

Just when Wentworth was still thinking about whether he should learn a Doubling Charm first, he could refer to his homework.

An old man next to Rosier spoke up.

“You must know that we are most concerned about Wentworth’s safety at Hogwarts. I think that Wentworth should have enough self-protection ability first. I suggest that he should be taught the Unforgivable Curses!”

Wentworth stared at the man in front of him with wide eyes.

When did the death-bringing spell become a self-protection spell? Did the Unforgivable Curses change into self-protection spells in this world?

“No, are you joking?”

Before Wentworth could speak, someone was the first to speak against it.

Wentworth breathed a sigh of relief, thinking there were still normal people among them.

“Wentworth, as the future leader of our Alliance Party, does he need to take action himself? This is a shame for our Party! So, I propose that Wentworth should first learn the Imperius Curse, and then he can manipulate others to do his bidding.”

Wentworth completely lost his temper.

Although he never understood what the Alliance in front of him was and didn’t dare to ask, there was no doubt that they were a group of people more unscrupulous than the Death Eaters.

Even Wentworth is now doubting whether these guys have normal magic other than the Unforgivable Curse and Dark magic?

At this time, Rosier, who was still sitting beside Wentworth, interrupted their argument and asked:

“Wentworth, tell me what you think. Do you have any magic you desperately want to learn?” Rosier inquired.

“You know, it’s close from the time you start school, and we may not have time to teach you a lot of magic. So, what do you most want to learn?”

Hearing Rosier’s question, Wentworth replied as if he had been prepared.

“Grandma Rosier, what I want to learn most now is Occlumency!”

This was what Wentworth planned last night.

After all, the place he was going to was called Hogwarts, and the headmaster there was called Dumbledore, who was an absolute Legilimencymaster.

You must know that the magic world respects privacy, and Wentworth didn’t want to reveal the secret that he was a traveler.

After listening to Wentworth’s request, the others present were whispering as if they were discussing why Wentworth wanted to learn this magic spell that was not helpful for strength.

*Clap clap clap*

But everyone’s discussion was interrupted by Rosier’s applause.

Seeing the smile on Rosier’s face, he seemed very satisfied and said, “Wentworth, I am very relieved, really relieved. I was still worried that you had just inherited the potential and ambition of the Grindelwald family, but after hearing your request, I am sure you are just like the master, treating us like family. Thank you!”

Wentworth replied confusedly, “No thanks, Grandma Rosier, this is what I should do!”

“Why haven’t you figured it out yet? You have been peaceful for a long time! You almost forgot who you are and what kind of opponent you have!”

Seeing that the rest of the people were still blank, Rosier expressed dissatisfaction.

“You don’t even think about it. When Wentworth goes to Hogwarts, what will he do if Dumbledore uses Legilimency to know our whereabouts from Wentworth’s mind?”

“You know, Wentworth gave up the opportunity to improve his strength, and he must first ensure our safety!”

Hearing Rosier’s explanation, everyone suddenly realized, and then, everyone looked at Wentworth with a trace of gratitude.

And Wentworth could only sit stiffly in the seat and smiled awkwardly.

“More than that, I heard it just now. You seem to have a plan in your mind! I’m sorry, Wentworth, I accidentally heard a little bit of your voice just now. I immediately took it back. Please forgive my unreasonableness.”

An old man sitting on the other side spoke, and Rosier introduced him to Wentworth, “This is Abernathy, who once worked for the Magical Congress of the United States.”

Abernathy smiled and nodded to Wentworth.

“Yes, I do have a so-called plan, but that’s…”

Wentworth saw that their thinking seemed increasingly biased and was about to explain but was blocked by Rosier, Abernathy, and others.

“No, you don’t have to explain anything, Wentworth! You know, you’re the future leader of the Alliance; you don’t have to explain anything to anyone! There’s only one thing you must do: plan and give orders, even to us!”

“As for your so-called plan that Dumbledore can’t know, I’m not surprised at all. You know, your wand can even sense your ambition, and we will always be waiting for your call!”

After stopping Wentworth’s explanation, Rosier suddenly spoke to him earnestly.

When Wentworth heard this, he silently retracted the words he just said.

Forget it; it doesn’t matter what they think. I just want to attend Hogwarts peacefully.

How do you say it? As if to turn the world upside down?

“Then, let’s get started. Occlumency is not a simple spell; it can even be called a magical art. To learn it requires not only talent but also long-term practice. Abernathy, I’ll leave it to you.”

Abernathy, who had been instructed by Rosier, stood up, took out his wand, and walked in front of Wentworth.

Looking at Wentworth with a terrified face, Abernathy slowly pointed his wand at him.

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Published On: August 17, 2023

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