Blood Pact is the most dangerous magic? Sean fell into deep thought immediately. This was something he hadn’t expected.

Judging from Barty’s news last time, he always thought that The Blood Pact was at the bottom of the list.

Sean remembered very clearly that besides the Blood Pact, there were also Horcrux numbered second and Unknown or So-so’s Blood numbered sixth.

If, according to Barty’s words, wouldn’t it mean that among the ten spells, Horcruxes are only the second to last in terms of danger, and the Blood Pact is far more dangerous than the Horcrux?

This is completely nonsense to Sean.

Horcruxes is considered terrible and evil magic, surpassing the three Unforgivable Curses. Apart from spells, the necessary condition for making Horcruxes is to kill someone. Sean didn’t know the details, but just by imagining, he could get a glimpse of the evil of this kind of magic.

More importantly, almost all those who know this kind of evil magic are extremely powerful wizards, such as the rumored inventor of Horcruxes: Herpo and Voldemort.

Splitting the soul will cause the wizard’s sanity to gradually become unstable. If this happens to a powerful wizard, it is equivalent to cutting the fuse of the explosive.

As for the Blood Pact, according to Sean’s existing information, it should be a kind of magic about love in essence. This kind of magic uses the blood of two people as a medium to form a contract, such as the strangely shaped collar pin.

As long as the Blood Pact exists, it means that there is an oath between the two that can never be broken. Its function is that the two in the contract can never fight, and their magic can never kill each other.

Why is the danger level of this restricted type of magic higher than that of Horcruxes?

“What about the other contents?” Sean suppressed the doubts in his heart and calmly asked.

He still knelt on the ground and whispered, “Master, none of the ten spells have specific spells. To be precise, some of them are magic materials, and some may be magic props. Even the Ministry of Magic has only collected partial information on these dangerous things for hundreds of years.”

“Well, let’s hear it.” Sean suppressed the curiosity in his heart, and his tone was flat.

Barty lowered his head and began to talk about the news he got from his father.

“First, it is the least dangerous one. The Ministry of Magic calls it ‘Merlin’s Heart’. The description is as follows: ‘Merlin’s Heart’ is not the heart of the great wizard Merlin as it literally means. It is said that after his death, the descendants of the enemy managed to get a part of his corpse and invited the goblin to create a magic item with it.”

“Rumor has it that Merlin’s Heart can enhance the magic power of the holder and help the holder to carry out unlimited magic just like Merlin. However, anyone holding Merlin’s Heart for over twelve full moons will encounter a terrible omen. Not only that, it will also cause serious disasters. The specific content has not been known, and the Heart’s whereabouts are also unknown. The source of this information is reliable and has a certain degree of credibility.”

It was something Sean had never heard of. It looked like a cursed treasure.

Barty continued, “Second, this is a kind of magic called Horcrux by the Ministry of Magic. The description is as follows: Horcrux may be one of the world’s most evil forms of magic. This magic can split the soul of a wizard into pieces. The object hidden in that piece of remnant soul is the Horcrux.”

“As long as the Horcrux is not destroyed, then the wizard is not really dead. It is rumored that Harpo invented this magic. The spell and the manufacturing conditions are unknown. One of Hogwarts’ founders, Salazar Slytherin, may have also learned of the spell and method of making Horcruxes.”

Sean frowned. It seems that the Ministry of Magic doesn’t know much about Horcruxes.

“Third, this is also a kind of magic.”

Barty got all the information from his controlling father and told Sean all the information in detail. Except for the Horcruxes, Sean has never heard of any of the five less dangerous ones.

It’s just that the Ministry of Magic’s description of those dangerous objects is not perfect. A large part of their judgment on the danger of these magic spells, materials, and props comes from the information left over from the establishment of the Ministry of Magic in the early days. Handed down from generation to generation in the families of the founding members of the Ministry of Magic.

Of course, the Ministry of Magic also learned about some extremely dangerous magic through various channels in the following time, and they also added it to the list according to their own judgment.

For example, on the fifth number, the Ministry of Magic called it ‘Vampire Ceremony’, which seems to be an ancient magic that is circulated in the vampire creature. The specific content is also unknown, but every time the [Vampire Ceremony] is held, at least hundreds of people will die, and this seems to be a specific part of the ceremony.

“Sixth, this is a magical material or a material derived from magical creatures. The Ministry of Magic specifically refers it to Qilin’s Blood.”

Sean narrowed his eyes slightly. This was the second name he heard that he remembered besides Horcrux. Just a few days ago, he had just learned the name from Professor Scamander.

According to him, Qilin is a legendary magical animal among the unique magical animals in the East. Asian wizards call it a mythical beast, and it is rumored that the International Confederation of Wizards used the Qilin to choose the president at the beginning of its establishment.

But why is Qilin’s blood so dangerous?

Barty continued to describe, “This magical animal has extremely powerful magic power. At first, the International Confederation of Wizards president used a Qilin as their tool. But what few people don’t know is that their blood is a very dangerous magic material. To be precise, it will make a wizard undergo an extreme change.”

“There are no specific records of this magic material’s purpose, method of use, and effect. According to historical information, hundreds of years ago, there was a moment when an Asian wizard used Qilin’s Blood, and that wizard came from Japan. The only information I have learned is that the wizard became an extremely terrifying dark wizard after fusing the blood, and he committed many terrible crimes. More importantly, he seems to be able to escape any situation, which helped him to do more evil things.”

“Later, a wizard appeared in the ancient East, the birthplace of Qilin. It is said that the wizard only spent half a year looking for that Japanese wizard. The blood, flesh, bones, internal organs, etc., were all stripped and separated, and even the soul of the dark wizard was taken away.”

“The soul of the wizard was ‘suppressed’ by a unique magic from the East. After the Japanese wizard’s death, the dark wizard’s soul was released. According to the information, he also had used Qilin’s Blood, But he forcibly used his willpower to suppress his evil thoughts. It is said that the wizard became a terrible thing after death, and after that incident, there is no news about it anymore.”

After listening to Barty’s story, Sean couldn’t help but wonder.

From this point of view, Qilin’s Blood probably contains huge power, but the price is that it will bring huge evil thoughts, and it takes extremely strong willpower to suppress it.

Barty finally added, “In the description of [Kirin’s Blood], the Ministry of Magic also mentioned a very uncertain piece of information at the end.”


“As mentioned above, the source of the news is unknown, and the accuracy cannot be confirmed. After using an unknown method to fuse with the Qilin’s Blood, the wizard may obtain magical abilities related to ‘precognition’ or ‘divination’.”

This statement seems to make sense; the Japanese wizards can always escape their situation, which may be related to their ability to have ‘precognition’ or ‘divination’.

Barty continued to describe.

The seventh to ninth are things that Sean has never heard of before. Similarly, as the degree of danger increases, the description of the Ministry of Magic becomes less and less. Most of the time, it is only a general description of some content. The spell, the specific source, the specific process, etc., are all unknown, and the only thing in common mentioned at the end is that they are extremely dangerous.

Some are dangerous objects that are inherently dangerous, while others make the wizard who holds or uses them extremely dangerous.

Finally, finally arrived at the tenth list, which is the highest level of danger, the Blood Pact that Sean has been silently waiting for.

Sean was eager to learn about the Blood Pact and didn’t say much.

“Next is the last one, the tenth one, which is the most dangerous. It seems to be magic, but the Ministry of Magic did not clearly record it. To be precise, the Ministry of Magic’s description of it is very vague.”

“The Ministry of Magic calls it The Blood Pact. The description is as follows. From ancient times to the present, it’s a magic that contains the power of emotion. According to the information, this magic seems to derive completely from the perspective of love.”

“Blood from relatives usually provides an extremely powerful pact. Combined with ancient magic, this will be a very powerful defensive magic. They were dumbfounded when they first came into contact with the Blood Pact.”

“The source and effectiveness of this kind of magic are very vague. At first, when personnel of the Department of Mysteries judged the magic, Blood Pact might have been contract magic. Both parties usually perform this kind of magic. Casting with consented parties may form some kind of restraint or restriction. They speculate that this restraint or restriction affects both parties involved.”

“However, they later found that. In historical materials written in ancient runes, the author described this kind of magic as ‘a rare and terrifying magic in the world’ and used the word ‘ritual’.”

“This author doesn’t know whether he didn’t understand it specifically or was influenced by some kind of existence. His information often doesn’t conclude with a piece of clear information and is hard to understand.”

“The key point is ancient and ancient magic.”

“The author wrote at the end, ‘Under unimaginable risks, a huge price will be exchanged for a high return. This is the essence of the Blood Pact'”

“‘ Blood Pact’ will be the most terrifying magic in this world, at least in my long life. I have never seen such a terrible magic'”

“Among the few other ancient documents, descriptions of the Blood Pact are even rarer. But without exception, those materials all point to one point. Blood Pact is an extremely dangerous magic.”

He had imagined the description of the Blood Pact, but he never thought that it was so straightforward. The Ministry of Magic agrees that it is extremely dangerous. Even in that author’s information, they stated that he had never seen such terrifying magic.

In the era where ancient runes were the norm. Although these magics were not stable and comprehensive enough, there was one thing that the magic of later generations could not match. They were all powerful magic.

Under such circumstances, The Blood Pact turned out to be the most terrifying magic.

Sean’s mood suddenly became heavy. This description completely didn’t match his impression of the Blood Pact he knew.

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Published On: December 9, 2023

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