In the Marvel universe, whenever Thanos is mentioned, people become deathly afraid. Instead of considering how to fight Thanos once he arrives, it appears that the majority of people simply pray that he never visits their planet.

However, this is also understandable. After all, Thanos was renowned for his universe-spanning actions.

The area around Thanos was littered with dead bodies. This kind of moniker was created through the death of people, just some rumors. In front of Eitri, Rorschach muttered something that made it appear as though Thanos was not his opponent, which aroused his suspicion.

Eitri is more inclined to think that Odin and Thor can keep the dwarves secure than Rorschach could do.

“Which three Infinity Stones do you possess?” Eitri stopped thinking about who’s stronger between Rorschach and Thanos.

A single Infinity Stone cannot destroy an entity on the level of the universe, despite being a tremendous artifact. It would more be feasible to become an entity at the level of the universe and create a new dimension if the all of the Infinity Stones merged.

“Space, Mind, and Reality are the ones that I have at this time.” Rorschach replied.

“Space and Time are the building blocks for the creation of a new dimension, but since you lack the Time Stone, you can substitute a Reality Stone instead. The level of the new dimension should be raised by adding more Infinity Stones. Otherwise, the new dimension is too fragile and cannot bear the might of the Infinity Stone.” Eitri examined.

Eitri is a famed blacksmith who is capable of forging Infinity Gauntlets, and he is no less knowledgeable about Infinity Gems as Rorschach. Rorschach gave it some serious thinking.

One could think of the so-called dimension as a weaker version of the universe. All powerful beings in a single universe are capable of opening a different dimension.

The six rules of a complete universe are explained by Infinity Gems, which is the treasure of the first law of the universe’s creation. As a result, Infinity Stones have the ability to create new dimensions.

“By fusing the Power, Reality, Space, and Mind Stones. The prototype of the dimension produced by these four stones ought to be resilient enough to survive the effects of the Infinity Stones’ strength.” said Rorschach.

Eitri nodded and said, “It is technically conceivable, but there is still an issue. Do you know the location of the Power Stone? Can you withstand the effects of the stones’ backlash even if you manage to locate the Power Stone and use four of them to unlock a dimension?”

Utilizing Infinite Stones will have a significant negative effect. Thanos caused a direct crippling to half of his body with a single finger snap. The Hulk also reportedly snapped his fingers, leaving the entire arm paralyzed for years before it was able to recuperate.

To endure the backlash of its power, several Infinity Stones must be at least equal to a power of a whole universe being, powerful enough to wipe anything that stand in its way.

Rorschach has no such concerns, “I have a method to locate the Power Stone even though I don’t now know where it is. About whether or not I can withstand the Power Stone’s strength.”

Rorschach started the Destroyer Armor as he spoke. Three Infinity Stones materialized on the back of Rorschach’s hand as he slowly raised it.

Eitri crouched down, stretched out his head, and took a close look at the Infinity Stones that Rorschach was holding in his palm as well as the combat gear he was donning.

“Isn’t this… isn’t this Destroyer armor? Why does your armor look so familiar to me?” Eitri appeared perplexed.

Eitri recognized it despite the change in color and style. This is the Destroyer armor that Odin requested he construct to combat the Celestials, isn’t it?

Instead of responding, Rorschach grinned and snapped his fingers. There was only one sound, a “pop.”

A powerful energy flashed, and Rorschach tried to open up a new dimension with the three Infinite Stones.

A massive bubble that looked to be concealed in the sky suddenly materialized in the sky over Nidavellir Mountain. With the help of three Infinity Stones, Rorschach created a bubble, which is a brand-new dimension.

Simply put, there are no other laws that can form dimensions. The delicate bubble grew to twice its size, then exploded in a flurry of chaos.

“You utilized three Infinity Stones to open a dimension, but nothing happened to you.”

The Destroyer Armor, which held the Infinity Stones, sustained damage from Rorschach’s hand. The damage will quickly return to its previous level because the Destroyer Armor has a certain recovery ability.

However, the magic runes on the Destroyer Armor will be destroyed at this degree of damage. The Destroyer Armor will be totally destroyed if this kind of harm occurs too frequently.

Eitri realized that the Destroyer Armor Rorschach was now wearing was unable of holding any more Infinity Stones, which is why he had to rebuild a pair of battle suits made specifically for carrying Infinity Stones.

“It’s incredible that your body can withstand the effects of the Infinity Stone’s power. My belief in your assertion that Thanos means nothing to you is growing.”

While still passing the time in the dwarf’s pub, Thor and Pietro heard a commotion outside and hastily left.

They both thought it was crazy that Rorschach and Eitri were going to utilize Infinity Stones to open a dimension.

“My mother is also a specialist in this sector, so you can genuinely talk to her about things that involve dimensions, magic sources, etc.” Thor recommended.

Wanda concurs. Wanda recently studied the Asgardian magic system with Queen Frigga and found it to be quite helpful. The gods of Asgard, unlike Kamar Taj, possess strong divine power and do not need to rely on the might of the dimensional lords.

This is also simple to comprehend. After all, the Kamar Taj’s magicians, including Doctor Strange, are just a collection of ordinary people with magical abilities. Many people will not accomplish much in their lifetimes. It is a quick way to get stronger using the strength of the dimension lord.

Shortcuts are not always simple to use, though.

The Ancient One barely faced any repercussions after using Dormammu’s power, which she borrowed from the dark dimension. However, Kaecillius and his group who sought Dormammu’s help endured considerably worse repercussions.

“I’ll start by designing the battle suit. You can locate the Power Stone in the meantime. Give me the Infinity Stones so I may examine it. The battle suit will be more effective thanks to this.”

Eitri, the best weapon maker in the Nine Realms, started to anticipate the creation of a magical weapon that would surpass the Infinity Gauntlet. Nothing thrills a master blacksmith like him more than producing a priceless piece.

Rorschach and Wanda stayed in Nidavellir throughout that time and collaborated with Eitri to create the battle suit. First to leave Asgard were Thor and Pietro, who arrived with Queen Frigga. She put forth several ideas to make Rorschach’s suit better.

Rorschach took the time to go back to the Mir in search of the whereabouts of the Power Stone. Star-Lord ought to be on his journey to find the Orb by this point in the timeline.

The Power Stone gem is inside the Orb. Gamma rays make up the energy of the Infinity Stones.

According to the plot of Avengers 4, the Avengers used the Infinity Stone to pinpoint Thanos’s location in the pastoral retreat after detecting him using gamma ray energy data from the universe.

This idea also inspired Rorschach to create a detector. Rorschach is able to pick up the gamma ray storm that the Power Stone releases whenever it is engaged or used.

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Published On: April 6, 2023

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