Abernathy signaled to Auston beside him, and Auston quickly understood his intention.

Just as Abernathy reached for his wand, he hesitated.

Then, unexpectedly, Luna interjected, “This pendant belonged to my mother. After she passed away, my father kept it by his side.”

These words left everyone at the scene momentarily stunned, and even Xenophilius, who had been speaking, fell into silence before finally saying, “Yes, that’s correct. My late wife told me this story herself.”

Curiosity piqued, Abernathy couldn’t help but inquire, “May I ask your wife’s name?”

Despite finding Abernathy’s question somewhat unusual, Xenophilius answered, “Her name was Pandora, Pandora Lovegood.”

Abernathy momentarily let go of his hand, seemingly lost in thought as he contemplated the name Pandora.

“Did you know my mother?” Luna inquired.

Abernathy nodded slowly, gently patting Luna’s blonde hair. He replied, “Yes, I did. When I met your mother, she was not much older than you are now, but she was already a very talented witch. I remember her fondly; she used to pester me with questions about various spells. She was a very clever witch.”

Hearing Abernathy’s words, Xenophilius showed a hint of surprise.

He quickly invited Abernathy and Auston into the house. This time, Abernathy didn’t linger in their handshake.

Once inside, Xenophilius was about to make introductions, but Abernathy preempted him, saying, “Gordigan tea, Pandora’s favorite tea from back then.”

Xenophilius acknowledged this with a smile, stating, “Indeed, it’s Gordigan tea, and it’s Luna’s favorite now.”

Xenophilius served tea to everyone.

Abernathy took a sip, and after a brief moment of silence, he turned to Luna and asked, “Did your mother ever tell you about this pendant? Its significance and the story behind it?”

Luna hesitated for a moment and then shook her head, responding, “No, my mother passed away in a magical accident when I was very young. Although I often saw her holding the pendant and lost in thought, she never shared its story with me.”

Abernathy sighed inwardly, recognizing that Luna’s mother’s situation was common among members of the Alliance.

Whether out of disillusionment or to protect future generations, many chose to conceal their pasts, even marriages and families, for their descendants’ safety.

However, Abernathy believed that the Grindelwald name would soon shine again in the wizarding world, and it was time to rekindle their past pride.

With determination in his voice, Abernathy looked at the Lovegoods and Luna, saying, “It’s alright. I’ll tell you now what this pendant represents. It signifies an era—a time known as Grindelwald, and it was called the Alliance.”

Hearing Abernathy’s words, Xenophilius involuntarily held his breath.

He glanced at Luna, who appeared unfazed, and calmly inquired, “Father, what is the Alliance?”

Before Xenophilius could respond, Abernathy expressed understanding, “In fact, I deliberately chose not to tell Luna about the wizarding world. I believe children should have interests suited to their age. After all, every wizard grows up, and there’s no magical potion that can return wizards to their childhood.”

Acknowledging Abernathy’s point, Xenophilius explained further.

Abernathy then proceeded to enlighten Luna about the origins of the Alliance.

“Luna, your mother was once part of us. Not only your mother, but also your grandfather! While you may not have joined the Alliance yet, and perhaps you never will, you were born into the Alliance. It’s in your blood.”

With these words, Abernathy retrieved a new pendant from his pocket.

This pendant closely resembled the one worn by Xenophilius Lovegood but appeared more exquisite.

Abernathy handed the pendant to Luna, saying, “I’m giving you this pendant. In the future, if you ever encounter troubles you can’t resolve, you can use this pendant to find me or seek help from a wizard who also wears this emblem. I believe they’ll assist you.”

Curiously, Luna inspected the pendant in her hand and asked, “What kind of people are members of the Alliancr?”

Abernathy paused for a moment, then smiled affectionately, “Most of the shamanists of the past are elderly individuals like me. However, when you reach Hogwarts and meet the wizard who also bears this emblem, that’s what the Alliance will be like in the future.”

Luna seemed to understand, her eyes still on the pendant in her hand as she nodded.

Xenophilius had been trying to speak but hadn’t interrupted.

As the editor-in-chief of The Quibbler, he was well aware of the Alliance.

Despite his wife once being a member, he didn’t want Luna to become entangled with them.

Now that Abernathy had finished, Xenophilius asked, “I’m curious as to why you both are here today.”

Abernathy shifted his gaze from Luna, producing a photograph from his pocket.

“It’s quite simple. We hope you can feature him prominently in ‘The Quibbler.'”

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Published On: November 13, 2023

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