Upon Dumbledore’s sudden appearance, Lupin didn’t appear surprised at all, as if he had been waiting for Dumbledore’s arrival.

Dumbledore didn’t waste any time with greetings; instead, he immediately inquired, “How do you find him?”

Lupin replied with a slight smile, “Headmaster, if nothing else, at least he is far more generous than you.”

Dumbledore chuckled and responded, “I may not have as many followers as Gellert or as much wealth as the Grindelwald family. My funds come mainly from the Hogwarts school board.”

The conversation shifted as Dumbledore handed over the promised potion to Lupin, who accepted it with gratitude.

There was a sense of pity in Dumbledore’s eyes.

“Thank you,” Lupin uttered softly.

Dumbledore replied, “Don’t thank me. This potion was brewed by one of the Professor, and you should be very familiar with it.”

Lupin sighed deeply, feeling the weight of the past. “Of course, we are indeed familiar.”

While Dumbledore and Lupin discussed Wentworth, Wentworth and Cedric had returned to the Hufflepuff common room.

After briefly discussing their day’s progress, Wentworth couldn’t help but feel anxious.

He was eager to know if Rosier, Abernathy, and the others were responsible for the killings.

Wentworth didn’t necessarily view their actions as wrong; he was concerned for their safety.

The group of wizard hunters they had encountered was formidable, and Wentworth didn’t want to see them get harmed.

As Wentworth prepared to write a letter, he discovered an envelope on his desk with a note on it.

The note was from Green, who had removed an owl-delivered letter for Wentworth earlier, recognizing that Wentworth and Cedric were busy studying with Lupin.

Abernathy’s letter informed Wentworth of recent events, sparing no details.

It ended with Abernathy urging Wentworth to stay vigilant.

Wentworth was exasperated by the actions of Rozier, Abernathy, and the others.

He didn’t mind if they had taken care of the wizard hunters, given the threat they posed.

However, provoking the Ministry of Magic was a reckless move.

“If you want to get rid of them, then kill all of them! But why would you drag the Ministry of Magic into this?” Wentworth thought.

As Wentworth reread Abernathy’s letter, he noticed a crucial oversight.

It seemed that one of the wizard hunters had escaped.

He quickly wrote back to Abernathy and Rozier, cautioning them to be careful.

After writing the letter, Wentworth headed to the owlery to send it.

On his way, he unexpectedly crossed paths with Cassandra, a former classmate who had recently experienced a change in her family’s fortune.

“Hi, Cassandra! Long time no see, how are you?”

Surprised by Wentworth’s presence, Cassandra appeared flustered and hastily hid a letter behind her back, explaining that she had come to send a letter to her family.

“I’m doing fine, Wentworth. I’m just sending some letter to my family…”

Wentworth, however, sensed that something was amiss in her demeanor.

“That’s not the Cassandra I know, what’s with your tone?”

He teased her for talking to him in such a manner.

Cassandra retorted playfully, “What are you doing, peasant? Make way for me! I’m going back to my room!”

With that, Wentworth and Cassandra parted ways, but not before Wentworth discreetly glanced behind Cassandra and noticed the unopened letter she had been concealing—a letter with no sender’s name.

Wentworth couldn’t help but feel a sense of doubt. “What was Cassandra hiding, and who had sent her that letter?”

As Cassandra disappeared around the corner, Wentworth shelved his concerns and continued to send his letter.

Back in her bedroom, Cassandra opened the letter she had been holding and read it carefully. Afterward, she let out a sigh of relief and used her wand to shred the letter into pieces.

That night, Abernathy received Wentworth’s letter and smacked his forehead in frustration upon reading its contents.

“Abernathy, what’s wrong?” inquired someone nearby.

Abernathy responded with regret, “I believe we’ve made an error.”

Perplexed, those around him gathered to learn more, and Abernathy explained, holding Wentworth’s letter, “The young master has reminded me of something—there is still a loose end among the group of wizard hunters!”

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Published On: November 11, 2023

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