Upon hearing Lupin’s words about his strong soul, Wentworth felt a rush of cold sweat soaking his clothes almost instantly.

For a moment, he feared that his biggest secret had been exposed.

He stared at Lupin in a daze, failing to register what Lupin said afterward.

Cedric noticed Wentworth’s unusual reaction and asked, “Wentworth, what’s wrong?”

Wentworth, gradually regaining his composure, realized he had overreacted.

Even Professor Dumbledore hadn’t discovered his secret; he doubted Lupin could either.

He forced a smile and replied, “It’s nothing. I’m just surprised to hear that I’m talented.”

Cedric agreed, saying, “Of course, your talent is unquestionable.”

Lupin added, “I heard about you from Headmaster. As a wizard with a strong gift for prophecy, it’s no surprise that your soul’s strength surpasses other wizards.”

With his secret seemingly intact, Wentworth sighed with relief, pushing his concerns deep down inside.

Lupin then began instructing Wentworth and Cedric on the Finite Incantatem spell.

At noon, Wentworth suggested they all go to Hogsmeade Village, find a bar or restaurant, and treat themselves to a nice meal.

Lupin, however, politely declined. “I’m sorry, Wentworth. I promised Headmaster that you can only accompany me here to learn magic and can’t go anywhere else. You know, only Hogwarts students in their third year and above are allowed in Hogsmeade.”

Cedric leaned over and whispered to Wentworth, “Mr. Lupin doesn’t seem well off.”

Wentworth nodded, feeling similarly. “Yes, it seems he’s not just ‘not well off,’ he’s quite poor.”

Cedric was puzzled. “That doesn’t make sense. Every wizard graduating from Hogwarts should be able to find a decent job in the wizarding world, except those who prefer to live off the grid.”

Wentworth reminded Cedric, “Have you forgotten? He’s a Werewolf. How did you react when you first heard about it? That’s probably why he’s poor.”

Cedric realized his oversight and said with a wry smile, “You’re right. I did forget about his Werewolf status.”

After their morning of learning, Cedric had gained a newfound respect for Lupin.

Lupin might not be the most powerful wizard, but his teaching was clear and effective.

While they conversed, Lupin returned with a paper bag containing several sandwiches.

Before Lupin could finish his sentence, Wentworth grabbed one and took a bite, then handed another sandwich to Cedric.

“Thank you, Mr. Lupin. I’m starving!” Wentworth mumbled with his mouth full.

Cedric followed suit, taking a large bite of his sandwich and giving Lupin a thumbs-up.

Lupin watched their enthusiasm and joined in, eating a sandwich himself.

As they chatted and ate, Wentworth asked, “Mr. Lupin, why can’t we even go to Hogsmeade Village? It shouldn’t be dangerous, especially with you accompanying us.”

Wentworth took another bite of his sandwich while waiting for Lupin’s response.

Lupin explained, “It’s Hogwarts’ rule. Only third-year students and above are allowed.”

He paused, then added, “But I’ve broken school rules before.

The primary reason now is the unrest in the British wizarding world.

Hogsmeade Village is a gathering place for wizards, some with dubious intentions. Many wizards are hiding there lately.”

Wentworth and Cedric were both startled.

“That’s not fair!”

“They’re hiding there?”

Both voiced their surprise, clearly unaware of the situation.

Lupin elaborated, “Yes, there’s a rumor circulating outside. Not long ago, several boxes were found at the entrance of the Ministry of Magic. When they were opened, they were filled with corpses.”

Upon hearing this revelation, Wentworth was in disbelief. “Impossible! If such a thing really happened, why hasn’t the Daily Prophet reported it?”

Lupin explained, “The Ministry of Magic wouldn’t allow such a story to appear in the Daily Prophet. It’s seen as a provocation and humiliation to the Ministry. Fudge would never permit it.”

Cedric added, “My father didn’t mention this in his letter!”

Lupin continued, “It might be due to the Ministry’s imposed secrecy. Besides, you’re at Hogwarts now, and there’s no immediate danger to you. Your father probably didn’t want to worry you.”

Wentworth asked, “Do you know who the deceased were?”

Lupin gazed into Wentworth’s eyes and replied solemnly, “It’s rumored to be the wizard hunters who attacked Headmaster and you not long ago.”

“What?!” Wentworth was utterly shocked by this revelation.

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Published On: November 9, 2023

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