Upon hearing the old wizard’s question, the cloaked wizard hunter fell silent for a moment, then slowly shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Anyone is possible, even him.”

As he mentioned ‘him,’ he turned his head in the direction of the bald wizard, prompting a vehement protest from the bald wizard, who adamantly claimed that he had nothing to do with the matter.

Witnessing this exchange, the old wizard understood that neither of them would yield any further information.

He nodded thoughtfully and asked, “Is there anything else you wish to say? If not, you can peacefully continue your journey, and there will be someone to attend to you along the way.”

Hearing the old wizard’s words, the bald wizard immediately began to struggle, pleading, “I don’t accept it! I truly didn’t know that he was the new leader of the Alliance, I swear! Please, I’m willing to do anything for you! I could even join the Alliance; I still have value alive, much more than dead!”

With a cold, blank expression, the old wizard stared at the struggling bald wizard and uttered, “Your only value now is to make the wizarding world remember our name.”

After this declaration, the old wizard nodded to Auston, who promptly raised his wand and aimed it at the bald wizard.

“Avada Kedavra!”

In an instant, a flash of green light consumed the bald wizard, leaving him lifeless in the chair, his face ashen and silent.

The old wizard then turned his attention to the cloaked wizard hunter.

The wizard hunter had finally raised his head, glanced around, but ultimately shook his head without uttering a word.

“Avada Kedavra!”

Moments later, another crack appeared on the ground of Knockturn Alley.

The members of the Alliance slowly emerged from the ground.

However, they were different from when they arrived; this time, Auston had an additional suitcase in his hands.

A similar scenario unfolded in various parts of the UK.

After escaping Dumbledore’s forces, the group of American wizard hunters, originally gathered temporarily, dispersed throughout the UK.

Their scattering provided the Alliance with opportunities to track them down one by one.

Compared to the two wizard hunters hidden in Knockturn Alley, the others fared even worse.

With minimal effort, the Alliance located these fugitive wizard hunters and coerced them into confessing after subjecting them to torture.

In the dead of night, all the Alliance members involved in the operation returned to their rendezvous point, an old house.

As everyone settled into their previous positions, several different styles of suitcases now occupied the once-empty table.

Observing that everyone had returned safely, Abernathy, seated at the head of the table, displayed a satisfied smile and remarked, “Very good. It appears that everyone fared well. After all these years, our hand remains steady.”

Subsequently, everyone recounted their experiences and the information they had gathered from their targets, which closely resembled the information Auston and the others had obtained from the two wizard hunters in the bar.

When everyone had finished their accounts, they noticed that Abernathy’s smile had faded, replaced by a furrowed brow.

Witnessing this, confusion spread among the group, as they struggled to understand what had occurred.

After a prolonged silence, Abernathy began slowly, “So, from the reports everyone has given, there’s no mention of Thomas Vole, the former head of the British Ministry of Magic’s Auror Office?”

A collective glance was exchanged among the Alliance members, but ultimately, they all shook their heads.

Observing their reactions, Abernathy rose from his seat, pacing around the room as he spoke. “According to a letter from our young leader, Rufus Scrimgeour, the current head of the Auror Office, inadvertently revealed that Thomas Vole’s death might also be connected to the wizard hunters. If Rufus’s information is accurate, this suggests two possibilities.”

Aberenathy’s gaze swept the room before he continued, “Firstly, these two groups of wizard hunters have unrelated goals and are unconnected.”

“Secondly, these two groups of wizard hunters might not know of each other’s existence, yet they share the same objective: our young leader.”

“If it’s the former, it’s manageable. If it’s the latter, it means that at least one group of wizard hunters is lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity.”

Abernathy’s analysis ignited a fervent discussion among the group, with everyone speaking in hushed tones.

After a prolonged discussion, it became apparent that based on the information available, they couldn’t reach any definitive conclusions.

Abernathy finally waved his hand and said, “Very well, we’ll revisit this matter later. I will find a way to relay this information to our young leader and urge him to prioritize his safety.”

“Understand that with our young leader entering Hogwarts, it signifies the return of the Grindelwald family to the wizarding world. It’s time for us to leave our mark on the world. Act swiftly and for the greater good!”

Following the meeting, the Alliance members who had participated in the operation left the room. Abernathy, however, detained Auston.

Taking advantage of the night’s darkness, the two of them Apparated together to a dingy London street, replete with decrepit buildings, a run-down bar, graffiti-covered walls, and a battered red telephone booth on the street corner.

The two entered the phone booth, placing their suitcases inside before exiting.

“Where are we going now?” Auston couldn’t contain his curiosity, the day’s events having stirred a sense of excitement within him.

Hearing Auston’s question, Abernathy smiled with satisfaction and replied nonchalantly, “Don’t worry, Auston. It’s still early. First, let’s have a drink and then meet with someone else. I’ve heard that journalists tend to work late hours, and we must respect their profession.”

Auston wore a puzzled expression, asking in surprise, “Journalists? Are we going to publish a newspaper?”

Abernathy clarified, “Not me, our young leader.”

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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