After the bald-headed wizard regained consciousness, he was drenched in sweat.

He attempted to struggle to his feet but found his legs too weak, causing him to collapse back onto the ground.

Observing this, the old wizard sneered with contempt and remarked disdainfully, “You learned to be a witch hunter just for this? A mere Crucio? It’s said that our young master could chat and laugh with the witches and wizards we recently rescued from the Crucio. Their faces were unharmed. Indeed, sometimes, the divide between people is greater than that between people and dogs.”

Hearing the old wizard’s words, Auston couldn’t help but admire the new leader of the Alliance, whom he had yet to meet.

The old wizard, seeing the bald wizard collapsed on the ground, took a few steps closer.

He squatted down in front of him, seized his hair, lifted his head, and inquired sternly, “Come on now, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance!”

The bald wizard, with sweat rolling down from the corners of his eyes, responded weakly, “What are you talking about? We didn’t…”

However, before the bald wizard could finish his sentence, the old wizard, infuriated, raised his wand and aimed it at the bald wizard.

He menacingly declared, “You’re quite resolute with your words! But I’ve encountered many like you. Let’s see how resolute you are! Gouge out your heart!”

A painful scream erupted from the bald wizard immediately, echoing throughout the underground bar.

It wasn’t until the bald wizard seemed to fall into unconsciousness again that the old wizard gingerly lowered his wand.

He then demanded sharply, “Did you confess or not?”

The bald wizard, whose face was contorted in agony, gasped, “You asked! You instructed me to confess, but I haven’t confessed because you didn’t ask anything! How was I supposed to know what you wanted to know? You need to ask me!”

Hearing the sobbing voice of the bald wizard, the old wizard appeared baffled.

He turned to Auston and said with surprise, “Didn’t we ask just now?”

Auston, with a few snickers, admitted somewhat sheepishly, “Actually, I don’t think we did.”

Upon hearing Auston response, the old wizard glanced at the others in the vicinity, all of whom nodded in agreement, indicating that the old wizard had indeed not inquired.

The old wizard wiped his forehead awkwardly and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit rusty with this sort of thing. It’s been a while, and I forgot the procedure. My apologies!”

At this point, the bald wizard spat out a mouthful of blood, whether due to his severe injuries or his anger at the old wizard’s words was unclear.

Subsequently, the old wizard, Auston, and the bar owner worked together to bring a chair.

They assisted the bald wizard to sit down on it, allowing him to lean back.

The old wizard then continued his interrogation.

“I ask you, who ordered you to attack the new leader of our Alliance?”

Hearing the question, the bald wizard appeared momentarily stunned before somberly responding, “Did your boss get the wrong person? I’m just a small-time witch hunter, risking my life for meager pay! We would never dare to attack the new leader of the Alliance. In fact, we wouldn’t dare to approach any sorcerer, especially those of the Pure-blood!”

Unmoved by his words, the old wizard lifted the bald wizard’s chin gently with his wand, locking eyes with him as he spoke, “Not long ago, did you attack a Hogwarts student?”

The bald wizard, still somewhat bewildered, nodded in confirmation. “Yes, that’s right. We drew Dumbledore’s attention. If we hadn’t fled quickly, we’d all have perished.”

Having spoken, the bald wizard expressed disbelief, “Are you suggesting that the Hogwarts student is the new leader of the Alliance? And Dumbledore is protecting the new leader of the Alliance?”

Upon hearing these words, the expressions of disbelief weren’t limited to the bald wizard.

Auston and the bar owner, who had just joined the Alliance, wore similar expressions.

The old wizard responded casually, “You’re correct; that’s the heir to the Grindelwald family and the leader of our Alliance!”

The bald wizard nearly burst into tears, his distress evident as he lamented, “It’s all a misunderstanding! We genuinely didn’t know that this was the new leader of the Alliance! Regardless of the reward, we’d never have accepted the task if we had known! It’s beyond our capabilities, even if the reward were astronomical!”

In the face of the bald wizard’s wails, the old wizard remained stoic and continued his inquiry calmly, “Tell me, who issued this bounty?”

The old wizard’s tone was filled with a palpable sense of determination.

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Published On: October 29, 2023

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