“Hahahaha!” The old wizard’s words were met with a sweet laugh from the charming female bartender.

She playfully covered her mouth and inquired, “You’re quite the conversationalist. So, what can I get you?”

The old wizard playfully put his arm around the female bartender and smiled, saying, “We’ve come here to find some friends. My companions to

ld me they’d be here. Do you happen to know them?”

Upon hearing this, the smile on the female bartender’s face faltered.

She chuckled, freeing herself from the old wizard’s embrace, and shook her head, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. We just have regular patrons here who enjoy a good drink.”

Undeterred, the old wizard retrieved a golden Galleon from his pocket.

The gleaming gold coin stood out vividly in the dimly lit underground bar, catching the attention of everyone in the room.

Auston Greengrass, observing this spectacle, felt a sense of bewilderment amidst his initial vigilance.

Seeing the female bartender’s reaction, the old wizard continued without offense, sliding the Galleon along her neckline.

The cold touch made her shiver, her gaze regaining clarity.

Yet, at this moment, she seemed to recall something, and, with gritted teeth, stated, “I’m sorry, but I’m not that kind of person!”

The old wizard didn’t seem perturbed; he simply smiled and reached for a stack of gold Galleons, placing them along the neckline once more.

Auston Greengrass could even hear heavy breathing from a nearby wizard.

The female bartender, her face flushed, let out a long breath and cast a suggestive glance toward a private room in the bar before raising her eyebrows.

Witnessing this, the old wizard expressed satisfaction with a smile.

He then waved to signal Auston Greengrass to follow him.

As they moved past the female bartender and headed towards the private room, the female bartender, laden with gold Galleons, rushed to the exit, bolting from the speakeasy.

However, before the old wizard and Auston Greengrass could take more than a few steps, they were halted by several wizards brandishing wands.

“Dear patrons, this is my establishment, and all the guests here are under my care. I’d prefer to avoid any disturbances in my bar,” a voice emerged from behind the blocking wizards, revealing a man in a top hat who had been quietly drinking at the bar.

Almost half the wizards in the bar, upon his words, stood up and regarded the old wizard and Auston Greengrass with a mixture of caution and greed.

Observing the escalating situation, other Alliance members who had been standing nearby raised their wands, creating a network of interlocking magical defenses throughout the bar.

It appeared that a confrontation was imminent.

The old wizard, maintaining a composed demeanor, turned to Auston Greengrass and asked, seemingly testing his resolve, “Auston, in such a situation, what do you think we should do?”

Auston Greengrass took a deep breath, and his grip on his wand tightened.

With unwavering determination, he responded, “We can handle a little scuffle. My wand has been itching for action.”

The old wizard chuckled nonchalantly, his amusement evident.

He remarked, “You certainly have courage, but it’s not quite at that level.”

Subsequently, the old wizard drew his wand without hesitation. The atmosphere in the room grew tense.

The wizards who had blocked their path pointed their wands at the old wizard.

Auston raised his wand, directing it toward the figure drinking at the bar.

The implicit threat was clear.

However, the old wizard didn’t appear perturbed by the threatening atmosphere surrounding him.

He raised his wand and pointed it at a wall adjacent to the bar.

As he elegantly moved his wand, a pattern resembling fiery embers appeared on the wall.

It was the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, a triangle enclosing a circle with a vertical line through it.

The sudden appearance of the Deathly Hallows symbol elicited gasps from those present.

Even the bar owner, who had been enjoying his drink, stood up in disbelief.

“Not long ago, there were rumors circulating through Gringotts in London about the heir of a certain family opening the family vault. The rumor suggested that this heir vanished mysteriously afterward,” the bar owner recounted. “For a while, we believed it was just a tall tale. But now, looking at this, is it true?”

The old wizard playfully responded, “Let’s not use vague pronouns, shall we? Who’s the heir of the Grindelwald family, if not our master? My master isn’t as foolish as Voldemort, insisting on a name he can’t even speak.”

He continued boldly, “I can tell you outright, exactly as you suspect. The heir of the Grindelwald family has returned to the wizarding world, and our Alliance has a new leader.”

His gaze swept the room, and he declared, “Feel free to spread this news. Let it be known among all witches and wizards that the Alliance remains strong, far from being a remnant!”

With that declaration, the room erupted into a flurry of activity.

Any wizard familiar with Knockturn Alley understood the implications of the Alliance’s resurgence.

However, the old wizard disregarded the reactions of the others, focusing on the bar owner who had been standing at the bar.

He approached the man step by step.

The wizards who had blocked their path earlier began to step aside, allowing the old wizard to reach the bar owner.

He confronted the man and pronounced in a measured tone, “Since you can run a bar here, you’re no ordinary wizard. You must be aware of the Alliance’s rules.”

“Submit, or die.”

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Published On: October 26, 2023

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