After listening to Astoria Greengrass’s remarks, the old wizard said somewhat unexpectedly:

“Since it’s a child of the Greengrass family, what about your father?”

Astoria Greengrass said with a sad expression:

“After my father refused the invitation of the Death Eaters, his health suddenly began to deteriorate. I always suspected that the Death Eaters secretly shot my father. After treatment, my father’s health did not continue to deteriorate, but it has not been After recovering, my father left us a few years ago.”

Hearing this, the old wizard nodded slowly and said:

“It’s a pity, when your father was young, he used to learn black magic from me. Now that the new leader of our Alliance has appeared, don’t worry, if your father was really killed by Death Eaters, this Enemy, we will never forget.”

“Your perseverance is meaningful. The future Greengrass family will become more brilliant because of your perseverance!”

Astoria Greengrass nodded heavily upon hearing this.

At this moment, Abernathy, who was at the head of the long table, coughed twice, and the room suddenly became quiet. Then, Abernathy said slowly:

“Have you seen the plan in hand? If there is no doubt, let’s start! It’s time for the magic world to remember our name!”

The many wizards present nodded their heads one by one, their eyes filled with fiery heat, and then they all performed phantom migration and acted according to the contents of the plan.

In Knockturn Alley, England, there is a striped trash can not far from Borgin-Bock’s magic shop.

After a bald wizard passed by, he took a few steps forward and turned around suddenly.

When he was sure that no one was following him, the bald wizard took a few steps back and came to the trash can.

The bald-headed wizard took out his wand and tapped on the stripes of the trash can.

A hole suddenly opened on the ground beside the trash can, and a straight downward staircase appeared in front of him. .

Then the bald-headed wizard looked around again, and walked straight down the straight staircase to the ground.

The bald wizard went all the way down, and there were constant noises coming from below.

After a while, a spacious underground bar appeared in front of the bald wizard.

The bald wizard glanced around the bar and saw that no suspicious person appeared, so he went straight to the private room on the side of the bar.

Pushing the door and entering, there was no one in the private room, and the bald wizard showed a hint of surprise.

At this moment, a magic wand suddenly appeared on the temple of the bald wizard, pointing at the bald wizard.

Then, a figure wearing a cloak appeared. , emerges aside.

The bald wizard didn’t move.

After a while, the cloaked figure slowly put down his wand, walked to the box and sat down.

Seeing this scene, the bald wizard heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to sit down.

“How is the situation outside?”

The figure in the cloak asked in a hoarse voice.

The bald wizard slowly shook his head and said:

“Recently, the Aurors of the British Ministry of Magic are like crazy. Many portkey dealers are hiding. I found some suspicious figures around the few portkey dealers who didn’t hide. I suspect that they are the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic. So I didn’t dare to go over there.”

Hearing the bald wizard’s answer, the cloaked wizard nodded slowly and said:

“I didn’t expect that this time the incident would be so big. It seems that the UK can’t stay any longer.”

The bald wizard asked curiously:

“Then how do we leave? Apparel back to America? I don’t have so much magic power!”

After a moment of silence, the wizard in the cloak said hoarsely:

“Get ready, we will go to other countries in Europe later, and then from other countries, use the door key to return to the United States.”

Hearing this, the bald wizard nodded slowly, and then said with some annoyance:

“Damn, not only did I not make a lot of money this trip, but I’m afraid I will take a lot of money! It’s really a loss-making business!”

And the wizard with the hood said nonchalantly:

“We are wizard hunters. As long as we are alive, there will always be problems.”

Just as the two were discussing in the private room of the speakeasy, several more wizards suddenly appeared in the Knockturn Alley above, including Astoria Greengrass and the old wizard.

As soon as he appeared, Astoria Greengrass was surprised to find that several wizards who were traveling with him stood apart in a very tacit understanding, and made a warning gesture, leaving only one wizard standing in front of the trash can.

As the wizard tapped the stripes of the trash can with his wand, a crack opened in the ground, and a straight downward staircase appeared in front of him.

At the same time as the stairs appeared, a wizard who was on guard pointed his wand downward at the same time.

After confirming that there was no danger for the time being, the wizard who knocked on the trash can took his wand and walked in step by step.

While the wizard was walking down, other wizards were frantically casting magic around him.

Astoria Greengrass stared blankly at the surroundings.

After a while, the surroundings became a forbidden place for phantom migration.

“What are you looking at? Let’s go!”

It was not until the old wizard patted Astoria Greengrass on the shoulder and followed his footsteps and walked down.

And when Astoria Greengrass walked down the stairs looked back, but saw that the last wizard did not walk down together, but cast a spell on himself.

Invisibility spell, hiding in the corner of the ground.

The operation that took less than a minute really shocked Astoria Greengrass.

As a descendant of the 28th Holy Family in the United Kingdom, Astoria Greengrass thought he was not a wizard who had never seen the world.

But what happened in just one minute, he had never seen it before.

Astoria Greengrass only now understands why the Wiccan Party was able to swept across Europe and the United States, leaving many Aurors in the Ministry of Magic helpless.

At least the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic that I have seen in the past do not have such tacit understanding and execution.

At this moment, the catharsis below pulled Astoria Greengrass back to reality from his thoughts.

As the group went deeper, a spacious underground bar appeared in front of them.

As soon as Astoria Greengrass and his party appeared in the bar, they attracted the attention of many people.

He saw a female bartender dressed in revealing clothes walked over with catwalks, first came to the old wizard’s side, and said coquettishly:

“Old man, you are so old, are you still here to play? You should go back and have a good rest!”

Then, the female bartender turned around again, almost lying on Astoria Greengrass and said:

“This young man is very suitable here.”

But as soon as the female bartender’s voice fell, the old wizard took the female bartender’s small hand, pulled her back to his side, and said with a smile:

“Don’t you think he is too young? Men are like wine, the older they are, the more flavorful they are!”

At the same time, the other wizards in the group had already walked around the bar.

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Published On: October 25, 2023

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