“Wolf… Werewolf?” Cedric and Green exclaimed almost in unison.

Professor Dumbledore was taken aback by their strong reaction.

It wasn’t the response he had anticipated. Surprisingly, Wentworth’s eyes brightened, and he seemed unfazed by the revelation of the teacher’s lycanthropy.

Wentworth nodded enthusiastically, his tone tinged with joy, “Certainly, Professor Dumbledore, I agree!”

Seeing Wentworth’s immediate acceptance, Cedric anxiously tugged at Wentworth’s clothes and whispered, “Wentworth, are you sure about this? It’s a werewolf! Do you understand how dangerous they are?”

Green chimed in, voicing his concern, “Professor Dumbledore, are you serious about this? Having a Werewolf teach Defense Against the Dark Arts to Wentworth? What can he teach, especially about defense against Werewolves?”

Their reaction was understandable. If there was a hierarchy of disdain within the magical world, Werewolves were at the bottom.

Before Professor Dumbledore could respond, Wentworth spoke up, “Don’t worry, even if you don’t trust this werewolf, you can trust Professor Dumbledore. I believe he won’t put me in harm’s way, and I’m more than willing to accept this teacher’s guidance.”

Professor Dumbledore, pleased with Wentworth’s response, spoke kindly, “Wentworth, you’re absolutely right. I would never endanger you. After all, you are my student.”

“In fact, the werewolf in question was once a student of mine, an outstanding wizard who graduated from Hogwarts.”

Cedric and Green exchanged surprised glances upon hearing Professor Dumbledore’s explanation.

Their doubts, however, were not entirely dispelled.

After some internal struggle, Cedric spoke up, “Professor Dumbledore, if possible, I’d like to join Wentworth and receive instruction from this werewolf teacher during the weekends.”

Cedric’s request was made with a furrowed brow, revealing his concern for Wentworth’s safety.

Wentworth recognized Cedric’s anxiety and reassured him.

Facing Cedric’s request, Professor Dumbledore smiled and nodded, saying, “Certainly, Cedric. You can join Wentworth. In fact, most of the time, you’ll forget about his lycanthropy, as long as you avoid the full moon nights.”

Green, on the other hand, seemed somewhat embarrassed as he explained, “I’m sorry, Wentworth, Cedric, but I need to focus on preparing for the O.W.L.s exams, so I might not have the time…”

Before Green could finish his sentence, Wentworth embraced him and reassured him, “No worries, Green. In fact, I was hoping you wouldn’t come. Just wait; it won’t be long before I can outduel you.”

Green, upon hearing Wentworth’s words, still seemed slightly regretful as he responded, “We’ll see about that in your dreams!”

At that moment, Cedric gently hugged Green and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, we’ll be cautious.”

Seeing the camaraderie between Wentworth, Cedric, and Green, Professor Dumbledore’s smile widened.

He proceeded to explain the plan further, “Alright, Wentworth, I’ll inform him as soon as possible. However, since he isn’t a Hogwarts professor or student, he can’t enter the school.”

“I’ll arrange for him to stay in Hogsmeade, and every weekend, I’ll take both of you there for your lessons. By the way, his name is Lupin, Remus John Lupin.”

In the days that followed, while Wentworth and Cedric eagerly awaited their weekend lessons with Lupin in Hogsmeade, the wizarding world outside Hogwarts was undergoing significant changes, verging on turbulence.

On a positive note, nearly all the Aurors of the British Ministry of Magic had returned from their vacations.

Led by the new Director of the Auror Office, Rufus Scrimgeour, countless Aurors combed the UK in search of a group of illegal wizard hunters who had entered the country.

The entire British magical community was in a state of heightened alert.

However, this group of Aurors, despite their formidable combat abilities, had been less effective in locating their targets than expected.

After several days, their efforts appeared to yield limited results.

Just when many dark wizards hiding within the UK were ridiculing the ineffectiveness of the Ministry of Magic, another group of wizards emerged, causing the hidden dark wizards to flee in fear.

In a seemingly ordinary, run-down wooden house, full of magical oddities, Abernathy sat at the head of a long table.

Other wizards sat along the sides, ranging from those with gray hair to a few young ones, all engrossed in discussions over papers they held.

A gray-haired wizard turned to the young wizard beside him, smiled, and asked, “What’s your name, and which family do you come from?”

The young wizard, who had introduced himself as replied respectfully, “My name is Astoria Greengrass, from the pure-blooded Greengrass family.”

Upon hearing this, the elderly wizard nodded slowly and said, “Ah, I know of your family. It’s rare for one of the twenty-eight Sacred Families in the UK to remain true to the oath our ancestors made, resisting Voldemort’s command.”

Astoria Greengrass smiled and said, “When Voldemort’s followers found my father, I remember that night vividly. Numerous dark wizards stormed our home, demanding our allegiance to Voldemort.”

“My father staunchly refused, which frightened me at the time. Just as I thought they were about to take drastic measures, my father presented this.”

As Astoria Greengrass spoke, he revealed a pendant, bearing the symbol of the Deathly Hallows—a triangle, circle, and vertical line. It was the mark of the Alliance.

He regarded the pendant with reverence, continuing, “I could sense their hesitation. They wanted to act, but something held them back. Eventually, the leader of the Death Eaters left with a warning, ‘You will regret this decision. When we return, you’ll realize you missed your only chance for survival.'”

“That’s when I discovered our true allegiance was to the great Gellert Grindelwald! We are the esteemed Alliance. So, as soon as I heard that the Alliance was gathering, I rushed here without hesitation. The Greengrass family never forgets the oaths of our forefathers, all for the greater good!”

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Published On: October 24, 2023

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