While Rosier and Abernathy were envisioning a brighter future for the Alliance.

Wentworth, their hope for the party’s resurgence, sought out Cedric and Green.

“You mentioned wanting to learn dark magic?” Cedric asked, astonishment in his eyes.

Wentworth nodded firmly. “You’ve seen what happened yesterday. Although I don’t know who has sinister intentions toward me, this isn’t the first time such incidents have occurred. I need the ability to protect myself as soon as possible. The quickest and most effective way is through dark magic!”

Wentworth’s words carried a trace of urgency.

Observing Wentworth’s demeanor, Cedric and Green exchanged puzzled glances.

“Wentworth, we understand your concern, but dark magic is a malevolent force. It gradually corrupts a person’s mind,” Cedric cautioned.

However, Wentworth responded with skepticism, “Some wield weapons to kill, others to protect. It should be the wizard, not the magic itself.”

Cedric was momentarily at a loss for words, and just as he was about to speak, Green intervened, stopping him.

“Let’s set aside the debate of magic’s morality for now. The real issue is that we’re just regular Hogwarts students, and we don’t know dark magic,” Green explained, his palms open.

Frowning, Wentworth inquired, “Do you know where at Hogwarts one can learn dark magic?”

Seeing Wentworth’s unwavering determination to acquire dark magic knowledge, Cedric could only speak earnestly, “Wentworth, you need to understand that we’re at Hogwarts, not Durmstrang. There’s no tradition of teaching dark magic to students here. If you’re wondering where one might learn dark magic at Hogwarts, there’s only the restricted section of the library. However, you can’t access it without a professor’s permission.”

Cedric’s response left Wentworth somewhat disappointed, but he had to admit that Cedric was right.

At that moment, Green suggested, “Let’s reconsider our approach. If a dark wizard attacked Wentworth, and he’s planning to confront dark wizards, we should seek someone more experienced. Perhaps our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.”

Wentworth’s eyes lit up upon hearing Green’s suggestion.

Consequently, the three of them enthusiastically headed to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, but were met with an empty room.

Thus, they stationed themselves outside, waiting for Professor Ilona to return. However, Professor Dumbledore’s voice echoed down the corridor.

“May I ask what you’re doing here?”

Professor Dumbledore’s gaze swept over the trio but ultimately settled on Wentworth.

Hearing Professor Dumbledore’s inquiry, Wentworth hesitated.

After a brief silence, he shared his plans with Professor Dumbledore.

Listening to Wentworth’s proposal, Professor Dumbledore frowned slightly.

What he had been concerned about seemed to be materializing.

Professor Dumbledore, although skeptical, found it hard to believe that Wentworth, trained by the Alliance, knew nothing of dark magic.

Last night, he had deliberately left Wentworth to confront a dark wizard alone to gauge his capabilities.

Yet, except for the final encounter, Wentworth had utilized spells taught at Hogwarts throughout the night.

From Professor Dumbledore’s perspective, Wentworth’s revelation and desire to learn dark magic was an attempt to openly practice it at Hogwarts in the future.

This was something Professor Dumbledore could not allow.

Professor Dumbledore was well aware of the allure of potent dark magic to young wizards.

He could imagine the admiration Wentworth would receive if he openly practiced dark magic at Hogwarts.

Professor Dumbledore couldn’t permit the emergence of a new Alliance within his school.

With these thoughts in mind, Professor Dumbledore replied, “Wentworth, I comprehend your concerns, but you must remember that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back at you. Black magic is precisely that—a dark abyss.”

“We have numerous other avenues to deal with dark wizards.”

Upon hearing Professor Dumbledore’s response, Wentworth knew that his quest to learn dark magic was likely to be denied.

Nonetheless, this wasn’t unexpected. He responded, “I understand, Headmaster. That’s why we came to Professor Ilona. Could you speak to her and arrange for me to receive special training every evening?”

In fact, this was Wentworth’s true intent.

If he had approached Professor Ilona himself, he wasn’t entirely certain she would agree to give him private lessons.

However, with Professor Dumbledore’s recommendation, Ilona would be unlikely to refuse.

Yet, upon hearing Wentworth’s request, Professor Dumbledore hesitated.

He stared intently into Wentworth’s eyes, as if searching for something. This took Wentworth by surprise.

In truth, Professor Dumbledore was wrestling with his own thoughts.

He had been monitoring both Wentworth and Ilona closely.

His certainty grew that Ilona was affiliated with the Alliance.

Professor Dumbledore believed that Wentworth’s request, in his view, was an attempt to acquire the means to practice dark magic openly at Hogwarts.

After all, the Alliance excelled in dark magic.

Hence, Professor Dumbledore hesitated for a moment before slowly explaining, “Wentworth, Professor Ilona is responsible for providing Defense Against the Dark Arts instruction to the entire school, and her schedule is quite demanding. It might be challenging for her to offer you private nightly lessons. Moreover, if word of this spreads among other students, it could lead to resentment.”

Nevertheless, Professor Dumbledore was not quite finished.

He was contemplating an alternative plan. After a brief pause, he continued, “However, I might introduce you to a wizard outside of Hogwarts for special training every weekend. But there’s something you should know about this teacher—he’s a Werewolf.”

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Published On: October 23, 2023

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