A few minutes earlier, Wentworth observed the owl carrying his letter as it circled above Hogwarts before eventually flying away.

He remarked, “Doesn’t this owl seem to be flying in the wrong direction? It shouldn’t get lost, right? Sending letters with owls always feels unreliable.”

Wentworth acknowledged that he had no better method of contacting Rosier and Abernathy, and he could only hope that the Hogwarts owl would successfully deliver his letter to them.

Unbeknownst to Wentworth, Rosier and Abernathy were presently in the nearby village of Hogsmeade.

As the owl landed in front of them, Rosier and Abernathy exchanged surprised glances.

Rosier took the letter from the owl and opened it, finding it authored by Wentworth. An expression of astonishment crossed his face.

“It appears Wentworth has already anticipated our thoughts and sent us the answers we desired early in the morning,” Abernathy remarked with a smile.

Rosier, maintaining his composure, said, “Indeed. You must bear in mind that he’s slated to inherit our Alliance. Additionally, I must take responsibility for causing confusion. I almost forgot that Wentworth possesses the Master’s gift of prophecy. He likely has a plan in place.”

Subsequently, the two diligently read Wentworth’s letter.

When they reached the part detailing the ambush by a group of American wizards at the door key the previous night, their expressions sharpened in unison.

With a bitter tone, Rosier exclaimed, “It’s those accursed rats again! We did have prior contact with them, but they claimed to prioritize their freedom and refused to join our cause for a greater purpose. Had we prioritized differently, we might not be grappling with wizard hunters now.”

“And now, they have the audacity to act against our Alliance leader? It’s time to remind them of their place. Rats should understand their boundaries!”

As they delved deeper into the letter, they learned that British Ministry of Magic Aurors were already investigating the scene.

Abernathy voiced his concern, “Will the Aurors discover the wizard hunters? They should be dealt with by us, not handed over to Azkaban!”

Dismissing the worry, Rosier smiled and affirmed, “Rest assured, those wizard hunters won’t be easily found by the Aurors. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived this long.”

“Cunning wizards have their methods, just as rats have their hideaways. Black wizards naturally have their own strategies. Abernathy, when you return, assemble our team immediately. We need to locate the wizard hunters before the British Ministry of Magic does.”

“The wizards the Aurors can’t find, we will. We’ll deal with the ones they can’t. It’s not enough to just defeat them; we must ensure their complete eradication. Let the world recognize who we are!”

Abernathy nodded resolutely.

“Wait, there’s an additional letter?”

Thinking he had finished Wentworth’s letter, Rosier was surprised to find an extra piece of parchment.

Wentworth had added to his letter after completing it.

Reading it, Rosier discovered Wentworth had written about the front-page headline of the Daily Prophet that day, involving journalist Rita Skeeter.

Upon learning that Rita Skeeter was an illegal Animagus capable of transforming into a beetle, Rosier and Abernathy exchanged glances, both registering surprise.

Wentworth suggested that Rosier and Abernathy utilize this secret to coerce Rita Skeeter into rewriting the article and rectifying the impact of her report.

Given that Dumbledore and Wentworth were indeed in the forest together, and the photo proved it, denial was futile.

Wentworth proposed that Abernathy could admit to choosing to venture into the dense forest himself, altering the narrative.

Confused, Abernathy asked, “Rosier, what does Wentworth mean? It feels like he’s trying to exonerate Dumbledore. Wouldn’t it be better for Dumbledore’s reputation to be tarnished?”

Rosier, after a moment of contemplation, clapped his hands abruptly, startling Abernathy.

“Rosier, what are you doing? What’s happening?” Abernathy inquired, puzzled.

With a mix of excitement and frustration, Rosier declared, “I understand what Wentworth is doing! He’s building momentum for himself!”

“Building momentum?” Abernathy echoed, seeking clarification.

“Precisely. It’s a political maneuver! Did you read Wentworth’s letter? He’s suggesting that we locate Rita Skeeter, have her publish a follow-up article, and cast himself as the driving force behind the forest expedition.”

“Wentworth’s intention is crystal clear: he’s positioning himself as the one in control, not Dumbledore. An ordinary first-year student leading Dumbledore’s actions, or, to put it differently, someone deemed worthy of Dumbledore’s personal protection. A genius in the making at Hogwarts.”

“Wentworth is establishing himself as a formidable figure. With recurrent reports like this, he’ll be renowned throughout Europe by the time he departs Hogwarts.”

As Rosier explained, Abernathy’s understanding became evident.

Rosier then expressed some regret, “In the past, we allowed our adversaries to tarnish our reputation through the media. We underestimated the power of public opinion. Power isn’t solely about strength; it encompasses perception.”

“Regrettably, I’ve only just grasped this truth. Had we recognized the potency of public opinion earlier, our struggle might have been less arduous, and we could have found more allies who share our beliefs.”

Abernathy fell silent for a moment, then patted Rosier on the shoulder, saying, “It’s alright. We have Wentworth now.”

“Yes, with Wentworth, our Alliance is poised to grow stronger.”

Rosier affirmed with a hopeful tone in her voice.

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Published On: October 22, 2023

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