As Ollivander seemed to be speaking to Rosier, his gaze remained fixed on Wentworth.

Without waiting for Wentworth to respond, a magic tape measure was already busy taking measurements.

Wentworth sensed that Ollivander was more serious than before, perhaps stimulated by Rosier’s mention of Gregorovitch, Europe’s supposed number one staff maker.

“Are you used to the left hand or the right hand?” Ollivander inquired.

“Right hand, thank you!” Wentworth replied.

“How about trying this? Eleven and one-half inches, ash with phoenix tail feathers, absolute loyalty, born of absolute confidence, ash wands will never accept a second owner because they firmly believe that their own Master is the greatest wizard of this era!”

Ollivander carefully presented a wooden box and handed a wand to Wentworth confidently.

A warm illustrious sun illuminated Ollivander’s shop when the wand touched Wentworth’s palm.

However, the light disappeared swiftly, leaving them in a moment of confusion.

“Oh hoo, it doesn’t matter; I often encounter this kind of thing. Some guests are likely to choose seven or eight wands before they can find one that suits them!”

“How about trying this again? Ten and three-quarters inches, an extraordinary combination; Willow with unicorn hair, and willow wands are all potential owners; there’s a proverb in my family if you want to go far, Willow will help them speed up!”

The new wand, presented to Wentworth by Ollivander, emitted a green light that circled up Wentworth’s arm, making him feel refreshed.

Yet, just as Wentworth seemed to have found his wand, the light dimmed, and the wand returned to its ordinary appearance.

Ollivander and Wentworth exchanged puzzled glances, and Ollivander muttered to himself about the wands’ unusual reactions.

Growing impatient, Rosier interjected, “Will it work? Don’t waste our time if you don’t have a wand worthy of Wentworth here. You are not the only one of Europe’s top wandmakers!”

Surprisingly, Ollivander’s eyes lit up after hearing Rosier’s words.

He exclaimed excitedly, “That’s right! That’s it! I understand! I finally understand!”

Summoning a magic ladder, Ollivander climbed up to a high shelf and retrieved a box covered in dust.

With a dramatic flair, he revealed a wand that looked slightly crooked.

Rosier reacted the most as the wand appeared, screaming and covering her mouth in astonishment.

“Nine and a quarter inches, elderberry with the heart of a Dragon, come on, child, come try it, come on!” Ollivander urged.

A little startled by Rosier’s reaction, Wentworth carefully accepted the wand from Ollivander.

Suddenly, a flame ignited at the wand’s tip, and a burst of fireworks erupted around it.

Wentworth knew it was his wand, without a doubt.

“Elderwood is a rare wand wood. It is more difficult to control than any other wand.” Ollivander said passionately.

“It disdains to associate with incompetent wizards, and a wand whose nerve is the heart of a fire Dragon is the easiest to bend to black magic, and it is easy to change hands,” Ollivander explained.

He continued, “This is the work of my early years. At that time, I was dedicated to making the strongest wand, and I didn’t realize that the most suitable is the strongest!”

“That’s why this wand has been idle for so many years, but this wand has one advantage: powerful! Undisputedly powerful!”

“The nerve of the fire Dragon is the heart of the wand, and the spell it releases is powerful and dazzling. The elder will continue to amplify this power.”

“With such a powerful wand, the wizard only needs to worry about one thing: whether he can control it!”

Ollivander seemed both confused and intoxicated as he gazed at the wand in Wentworth’s hand.

Abruptly, he regained his focus and asked, “Do you know why the previous wands accepted you initially but eventually gave up responding to you?”

Wentworth shook his head, perplexed.

Ollivander continued to gaze at Wentworth strangely until Rosier grew impatient, and Ollivander explained, “Because they don’t deserve it!”

Startled, Wentworth quickly clarified, “Mr. Ollivander, please don’t get me wrong. Grandma Rosier didn’t mean to look down on your wand. She was just a little anxious. I always thought that your wand was the best in the world!”

Wentworth was worried that Ollivander was angry due to Rosier’s earlier remarks.

After all, he found the wand very suitable and was about to purchase it.

“Of course, my wand is the best wand in the world! They don’t deserve it; they say it themselves!” Ollivander asserted.

Both Wentworth and Rosier were baffled by Ollivander’s response.

“They all accepted you at first, but when they resonated with you, they backed away. They felt that they were not worthy of you! As for why they’re not worthy, it needs to be clarified. Maybe it’s your talent; maybe it’s your ambition!”

Ollivander explained with passion.

“As expected of the future Alliance leader, even the wands could feel his ambitions. It should be that way! Just like how Master was, an arrogant and elegant Wizard!” Rosier thought to herself.

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Published On: August 16, 2023

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