Wentworth engaged in a playful interaction with Cedric and Prefect Green before yawning.

The three of them exchanged goodnight wishes and returned to their respective dormitories.

However, upon re-entering his dormitory, Wentworth didn’t immediately retire for the night.

His yawn earlier had been a deliberate act, designed for Cedric and Prefect Green to witness.

Seated at his desk, Wentworth retrieved a quill and parchment, and for the first time, he chronicled the events of the evening.

He intended to send the letter to Rosier and Abernathy via owl as soon as he had the opportunity the following day.

In Wentworth’s estimation, Rosier, Abernathy, and the others possessed knowledge of dark magic and might possess insights into the origins of the group of dark wizards from the previous night.

While Wentworth composed his letter, someone else had already submitted their finished article to the Daily Prophet’s editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief perused the manuscript written by Rita Skeeter, displaying a hint of hesitance.

However, after some persuasion from Ms. Skeeter herself, the editor-in-chief relented and instructed his subordinates to handle the special piece.

He asked them to ensure the article made the front page of the next day’s issue.

Accompanying Rita Skeeter’s manuscript in its journey to the Daily Prophet’s press room was a magical photograph capturing Wentworth’s startled expression as he hid behind Professor Dumbledore.

The following morning, Wentworth and Cedric joined the Hogwarts students in the Great Hall for breakfast.

Wentworth had a letter he had composed the previous night, which he intended to send using the school’s owls.

The Great Hall buzzed with activity as owls arrived, bearing letters, gifts, and copies of that day’s Daily Prophet.

The Hogwarts students conversed animatedly as they readied themselves for the day.

Suddenly, a wave of exclamations erupted, punctuated by angry shouts, attracting widespread attention.

Amidst the growing chatter, Wentworth’s brows knitted in response to the discussions around him.

He raised his head and met Prefect Green’s gaze, who was approaching with a copy of “The Daily Prophet.”

Not missing a beat, Wentworth spoke before Prefect Green could say anything.

“What? Am I in the newspaper again?”

Prefect Green paused, then nodded wryly, his expression bemused.

“Indeed, congratulations, Wentworth. Before you even finished your first year, you’ve made it into ‘The Daily Prophet’ twice, with this time landing on the front page, even if it’s just as a background figure.”

He handed the newspaper over to Wentworth, who took it and was greeted by a photograph on the front page.

Wentworth couldn’t help but admire Rita Skeeter’s skills as a well-known reporter.

The captured image depicted Wentworth’s startled expression, hidden behind Professor Dumbledore.

The scene had unfolded during Ms. Skeeter’s first appearance the night before.

The sudden flash in the dark night had created a striking visual.

Professor Dumbledore had deliberately placed himself between Wentworth and the camera’s flash to shield him.

Though a common action, when combined with Ms. Skeeter’s article, it took on a different meaning.

The headline of the article, in bold font, read: “The Mystery of Professor Dumbledore Ministry Rejection.”

The title piqued curiosity, not only for Wentworth but likely for many readers as well.

Rita Skeeter’s piece began by discussing that the Ministry of Magic had offered Professor Dumbledore the position of Minister multiple times, but he had turned down each offer.

Professor Dumbledore’s reason was his dedication to serving as Hogwarts’ headmaster, a commitment he believed would be compromised if he were to become the Minister of Magic.

Ms. Skeeter then speculated about possible reasons for Professor Dumbledore’s refusal.

Yet, the article took an intriguing turn.

It cited an anonymous Ministry of Magic senior official as a source for claiming that the previous night, Professor Dumbledore had brought a Hogwarts freshman into a dense southern forest.

Professor Dumbledore’s reason for the nocturnal excursion, as reported by the senior official, was a confidential secret.

Additionally, the report revealed that this was not the first time Professor Dumbledore had taken the same freshman on a late-night outing.

She speculated that the student’s remarkable attractiveness might be the reason behind Professor Dumbledore’s frequent company.

Furthermore, an incident had unfolded in the forest during Professor Dumbledore’s visit.

A group of wizards had accidentally strayed into the woods, resulting in Professor Dumbledore’s fury.

An unknown magic akin to dark magic had swept through the area, with its destruction compelling Minister Scrimgeour, the new head of the Auror Office, to lead a team to manage the situation.

The report hinted at a cover-up, with only one wizard from the group remaining.

He had been subjected to an Obliviate spell, ensuring he would forget the events of the night.

It was suspected that someone didn’t want him revealing what he’d witnessed.

The article caused Wentworth to set the newspaper aside, his suspicions about its intentions confirmed.

Rita Skeeter’s ability to twist events to her narrative had cast a shadow on Professor Dumbledore’s reputation, and Wentworth couldn’t help but be alarmed by her audacity to potentially undermine Professor Dumbledore’s lifelong legacy.

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Published On: October 21, 2023

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