The abrupt events astonished everyone, casting an eerie atmosphere over the scene.

“What the…!”

After a few moments, the wizard hunter who had lost his finger seemed to comprehend the situation, unleashing a painful howl.

He disregarded the blood streaming from his injured eye, dropping to his knees.

He hastily retrieved his severed finger and wand from the ground with his left hand.

Lifting his head, he locked eyes with Wentworth, radiating an intense hatred that sent shivers down Wentworth’s spine.


Without hesitation, Wentworth swiftly cast another spell.

In response, the wizard hunter was hoisted into the air, dangling upside-down from the treetops.

“I find your eyes quite unsettling. I’d rather not look at them again,” Wentworth mused, shaking his head while gripping his wand.

Observing his accomplice suspended from the treetops, the cloaked wizard hunter muttered curses.

Turning to the bald wizard hunter beside him, he ordered.

“You head for his position. We must capture this kid at all costs.”

The bald wizard hunter eagerly complied, pivoting towards Wentworth’s direction.

Hearing their exchange, Wentworth clenched his teeth and addressed Professor Dumbledore.

“Professor Dumbledore, are you done yet? My magical reserves are depleted; I have nothing left!”

Professor Dumbledore chuckled, looking over with a smile. “Ah, I’ve just recalled a spell that’s quite fitting for this situation. It seems age dulls the memory.”

Although he resisted the urge to roll his eyes, Wentworth’s fatigue compelled him to collapse onto the ground.

He couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at his Headmaster.

Seeing that the bald wizard hunter was aiming his wand at Wentworth, Professor Dumbledore took action without hesitation.

Elevating his wand high above his head, Professor Dumbledore traced a circle in the air forcefully.

Flames surged forth from his wand, expanding outward to form a blazing circle around them.

With each rotation of Dumbledore’s wand, the ring of fire expanded rapidly, creating a fiery barrier that illuminated the scene, casting an infernal glow on everyone’s faces.

“Firestorm?!” Wentworth gasped, observing the spiraling flames’ expansion in disbelief.

The wizard hunters surrounding them stared in shock, unable to fathom the spectacle before them.

Though the cloaked wizard barked commands, urging the group to unleash spells on Professor Dumbledore and Wentworth, their efforts proved futile.

Each spell disintegrated upon encountering the barrier of flames, failing to harm the pair.

As the flames spread, the pressure on the wizard hunters grew insurmountable.

One after another, they abandoned their efforts and retreated.

The first wizard hunter to escape triggered a domino effect, prompting the others to follow suit.

“Leader, we should leave too!”

The bald wizard hunter approached the cloaked wizard, eager to escape.


The cloaked figure gave Professor Dumbledore and Wentworth one last malevolent glare before turning and fleeing alongside the bald wizard.

Within the fiery cocoon, Wentworth sat curiously regarding Dumbledore. “Professor Dumbledore, can you teach me this spell?”

Dumbledore blinked in surprise. “My dear Wentworth, you’re quite well-versed in magic! But remember, this Fire Spell you’re talking about is considered dark magic. Avoid using it recklessly, as it can lead to dire consequences.”

He continued, “As for the spell I’ve employed, it’s simply Incendio. Although, I might have amplified it slightly with more magical energy, thus yielding this outcome.”

Wentworth’s lips twitched slightly.

He had anticipated a grand gesture, only to learn that the awe-inspiring display was essentially an enhanced Incendio.

Gazing at Dumbledore’s earnest expression, Wentworth sighed internally.

Perhaps his maxed-out ability was already the pinnacle he could reach.

“Professor, do you think they’ll escape?” Wentworth inquired as he watched the retreating figures of the wizard hunters vanish into the moonlit forest.

Professor Dumbledore responded with a cryptic smile, “It depends on the scope of the anti-apparition wards they’ve employed. If the area is limited, they might manage to Apparate. Otherwise, fleeing a raging inferno with physical bodies is quite challenging.”

Wentworth’s eyebrows arched, and he couldn’t help but comment, “Professor, casting such a spell here, don’t you think it’s a bit irresponsible? This raging blaze could cause considerable damage to the environment.”

Professor Dumbledore patted Wentworth’s head affectionately, reassuringly.

“My dear, it’s heartening to see your concern now. Fret not; the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes will undoubtedly arrive soon to take care of it.”

Wentworth contemplated Professor Dumbledore’s words.

The Headmaster’s unwavering authority and influence were evident.

He couldn’t help but compare it to Minister Fudge’s attempts to discredit Dumbledore.

“Now, it’s time to piece together the events leading up to this incident,” Professor Dumbledore declared suddenly.

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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