As Dumbledore spoke, the wizard hunter who had been left behind also raised his wand.

Witnessing this, Wentworth couldn’t help but remark.

“Professor, intentional or not, if this situation repeats, I’ll stay put at Hogwarts next time!”

Speaking, Wentworth pointed his wand at the wizard hunter ahead and, with his left thumb, swiftly uncorked the vial of Potion he’d been clutching.

He swallowed its contents in a single gulp.


The incantation muffled as Wentworth cast his spell with the Fuling Potion in his mouth, all the while fixing his gaze on the opposing wizard hunter.


Simultaneously, Wentworth sidestepped hurriedly, hoping to evade the incoming spell.

Perhaps thanks to the Potion’s effects, Wentworth’s spell collided mid-air with the opposing wizard hunter’s, resulting in a dual explosion.

The shockwave scattered debris between Wentworth and the wizard hunter.

Amid the wreckage, a shard grazed the latter’s cheek, revealing a bleeding cut along their brow bone.

“Curses! You insolent brat! When I catch you, you’ll be begging for mercy! Petrificus Totalus!”

Despite clutching his bleeding eye corner, the wizard hunter cursed vehemently as he aimed to petrify Wentworth.

However, whether it was the blood obstructing his sight or the lingering effects of the Potion, his accuracy seemed to waver.

As Wentworth deftly evaded, he managed to return fire intermittently.

Meanwhile, the remaining wizard hunters assailed Professor Dumbledore with relentless spells, each emitting a dazzling array of multicolored lights.

Professor Dumbledore, firmly anchored and channeling his strength, upheld both his protective charm and that shielding Wentworth.

Though the protective barrier fluctuated in response to the unyielding assault, it remained steadfast.

As Professor Dumbledore and Wentworth confronted the opposing wizard hunter within the depths of the surrounding forest, two pairs of eyes watched the battle unfold in silence.

Occasional moonlight filtering through the branches allowed for faint visibility.

Two shadowy figures crouched behind a bush, attentively observing Dumbledore and Wentworth’s struggle.

In the underbrush, a rustling sound roused the two hidden figures, prompting them to simultaneously level their wands at the source of the disturbance: two fellow wizards.

The figure emerged from the bushes, revealing itself as the blond wizard hunter who had departed earlier.

Observing the newcomer under the moonlight, the concealed wizards exhaled in relief, retracting their wands.

Approaching the duo, the blond wizard hunter commented, “Fate’s cruel to have drawn Dumbledore into this mess. If not for his desire to mentor that kid, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a predicament.”

Amidst the nocturnal darkness, another voice skeptically said, “Is Dumbledore truly that formidable? Yet, it appears he’s overwhelmed by this gang of wizard hunters, incapable of mounting a counterattack. Are you perhaps overly cautious? After all, Dumbledore’s age is no longer on his side.”

The blonde wizard retorted with a sneer, “Perhaps you and Voldemort shared a brain cell back in the day! I’m heading out. If you choose to linger, take heed not to join me.”

A slightly reluctant voice piped up, “You’re leaving just like that? After hiring so many wizard hunters at the steep price of 100,000 Galleons and after all the meticulous planning and collaboration?”

At this, the blond wizard paused before responding, “As long as we remain unscathed and concealed while they’re exposed, we’ll have our chance. Regarding the fee, well, consider it an investment. Don’t forget to submit the reimbursement request when we return.”

“Also, kindly remind me to adjust the invoice to 150,000 Galleons.”

With that, the blond wizard shape-shifted and departed the forest, leaving his companions behind.

Without further hesitation, the two hidden wizards followed suit, employing their own transformation spells to vanish from the scene.

As the trio exited, Professor Dumbledore, locked in a standoff with the remaining wizard hunters, peered into the forest, catching a glimpse of their departure.

However, he made no overt reaction.

Meanwhile, the group of wizard hunters continued their assault on Dumbledore.

A myriad of spells, each radiating vibrant hues, bombarded him ceaselessly.

Undeterred, Dumbledore channeled his energy, maintaining his Protego integrity and safeguarding Wentworth.

Although the protective barrier endured under the assault, its strength was apparent.

Amid this exchange, Wentworth and the wounded wizard hunter beside him exhibited signs of fatigue.

The latter clutched his bleeding eye corner, his visage notably pallid, likely due to blood loss.

Wentworth, too, showed signs of exertion, his breathing heavy and ragged as he panted, hands on his hips.

“Young fellow, I’m surprised by your endurance, considering your reservoir of magical energy. You’ve fended off these attacks remarkably,” the wizard hunter jeered, covering his injured eye as he spoke with malicious intent.

He swayed slightly, betraying signs of diminishing strength.

Positioning his hands on his hips, Wentworth retorted, “Well, perhaps it’s your misfortune that I still possess ample magic to withstand you. Let’s see how much longer you can persist.”

The wizard hunter’s expression contorted in pain as he continued, “You insolent brat! Wait till I catch you; I’ll make you regret these insolent words!”

His figure wavered further, betraying his weakening state.

Summoning his resolve, Wentworth assumed a stance with his wand, addressing the wizard hunter with a silent incantation on his lips.

Observing Wentworth’s poised stance, the wizard hunter braced for defense.

Yet, Wentworth’s lips moved subtly, but his wand remained still.

No beams, no sparks, no visible magical discharge.

Witnessing this, the wizard hunter presumed Wentworth’s magical power had dwindled.

A triumphant grin formed on his lips, but his expression shifted abruptly as an unseen blade sliced through his finger.

Subsequently, the wizard hunter’s wand and finger fell to the ground, his astonishment mirrored by those witnessing the scene.

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Published On: October 15, 2023

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