Wentworth’s words silenced both Prefect Green and Cedric, who suddenly turned serious.

After a brief pause, Prefect Green broke into a grin and quipped, “Wentworth, instead of telling jokes, are you sharing ghost stories now? It might be appropriate for today, but I’m tired, so I’ll head to bed.”

Just as Prefect Green was about to leave, Cedric grabbed his arm, casting a skeptical look at Wentworth. “Wentworth, what’s going on? You can’t just say something like that as a joke or make light of it.”

Wentworth looked up, meeting their eyes, and began recounting the details of his dream.

As they heard Wentworth’s account, Prefect Green and Cedric exchanged a glance, clearly uncertain.

“If this were someone else, I might laugh and call them a coward. But you… I’m genuinely unsure,” Prefect Green said, his gaze flickering between Wentworth and the pumpkin.

Cedric responded more directly, saying with conviction, “Wentworth, I believe you! I think that dream could be a warning, and there might be something wrong with that pumpkin!”

Wentworth felt moved by Cedric’s unwavering trust in him. “Thank you, Cedric. I was afraid no one would take me seriously. I thought it was just a dream and I was overreacting.”

“Don’t worry about what others think. You haven’t read tea leaves to predict someone’s marriage. They don’t know your magic! I’ve experienced it myself, and I trust that you might be a seer in the making!” Cedric stated firmly.

Wentworth responded with gratitude, “I appreciate that.”

“Why don’t I just hit it with a blasting spell?” Prefect Green, who had his wand out, was eager to test the pumpkin.

Wentworth, however, stopped him.

While destroying the pumpkin might be a solution, Wentworth was more interested in determining whether his dream was a true warning.

If so, destroying the pumpkin wouldn’t reveal the perpetrator.

Cedric volunteered to stay and guard the pumpkin while Wentworth sought a teacher’s advice.

“No, why are you dragging me to find Professor Dumbledore? Don’t you know the way?” Prefect Green questioned as they made their way to the Headmaster’s office.

Wentworth responded without looking back, “I’m being cautious. We might face danger on the way, so I thought it would be safer if we were together.”

Prefect Green’s eyes widened, and he replied somewhat begrudgingly, “…I suppose you have a point.”

They reached the Headmaster’s office, encountering Professor Snape on his way out.

Seeing Wentworth and Prefect Green, Professor Snape’s brow furrowed, and before he could speak, Wentworth said, “We’re not sleepwalking, Professor Snape. We need to talk to Professor Dumbledore about something important.”

Professor Snape raised an eyebrow, but Wentworth’s words seemed sufficient for him. “Enter with me, then,” he replied.

In the Headmaster’s office, Professor Dumbledore, in his nightclothes, stood near the jack-o’-lantern as Professor Snape returned.

“Hello, my young gentlemen. Staying up late, are we? Would you like some desserts?” Professor Dumbledore greeted them, conjuring various treats onto the table in front of Wentworth and Prefect Green.

“Headmaster Professor Dumbledore, you shouldn’t consume so much sweets. It’s not good for your health. You’re a cornerstone of Hogwarts, and your well-being matters not just to you, but to the entire school!” Prefect Green scolded, though he couldn’t resist taking a bite of cake himself.

Professor Dumbledore took Prefect Green’s rebuke with grace, nodding in agreement, then turned his attention to Wentworth.

“And you, Wentworth? Would you like some dessert? Just remember to brush your teeth afterward,” Professor Dumbledore suggested.

Wentworth declined, his expression serious. Sensing something was amiss, Professor Dumbledore glanced at Professor Snape, who appeared equally mystified.

It dawned on Professor Dumbledore that a situation had arisen of which he was unaware.

“Ah, it seems that something has occurred. What is it, Wentworth?” Professor Dumbledore waved his hand, causing the sweets on the table to vanish.

Prefect Green reached for a cake only to find it gone, prompting him to pout.

“Alright, something’s up. Go ahead and tell me,” Professor Dumbledore urged.

Wentworth took a deep breath and began recounting his dream and the events that followed.

He explained how he’d woken to find a jack-o’-lantern on his bed, and his concerns regarding his safety.

Once he finished speaking, he cautiously asked, “Professor Dumbledore, do you think I’m overreacting?”

Professor Dumbledore shook his head, offering reassurance. “No, Wentworth, you’ve acted prudently. Caution will serve you well until you possess the skills and confidence to face all circumstances.”

“Alright, let’s see if someone intends to harm our Hogwarts students,” Professor Dumbledore declared, getting up and leading the way.

Wentworth and Prefect Green followed, while Professor Snape followed suit after a moment’s contemplation.

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Published On: October 11, 2023

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