Wentworth’s heart brimmed with joy as he observed Cedric’s shocked expression.

Though Wentworth had no knowledge of tea leaf reading, he did know the plot.

In the original book, Cedric’s real girlfriend, a girl named Cho Chang, was a fellow Hogwarts student in Wentworth’s year and sat at the Ravenclaw table.

Aware of Cedric’s gaze and its direction pointing to Ravenclaw’s area, Wentworth sensed that a budding romance was afoot.

Casting doubt on Wentworth’s claims, Prefect Green interjected, “Don’t listen to Wentworth’s ramblings. He’s just making things up. By the way, Cedric, what’s that you’re holding?”

Cedric, now remembering, retrieved an envelope and handed it to Wentworth.

“Wentworth, Professor Sprout, our head of the house, gave this to me. She said it was a recommendation letter from Professor Dumbledore. It’s about you joining Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team as a Seeker. The Professor wanted to know your thoughts.”

Wentworth realized that Professor Dumbledore planned to endorse him as a Seeker for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team.

He had, in fact, received a letter of recommendation from the headmaster.

However, a disdainful voice cut in from behind before Wentworth could respond.

“Can’t find anyone in Hufflepuff? You’re recruiting a first-year into your Quidditch team? Well, it’s probably the right choice. You ranked fourth last year anyway, who cares?”

Wentworth turned to see a burly Slytherin student.

“That’s Marcus Flint, Slytherin Quidditch team’s Chaser, a hopeful candidate for the next captain,” Cedric explained.

The Slytherin student, Marcus, approached Wentworth, eyeing him up and down with a smirk.

He sneered, “Hufflepuff can’t find anyone more fit? Look at this little guy. I bet he’ll wet his pants in fright at the Bludger!”

Prefect Green stepped in, effectively separating Marcus from Wentworth, saying firmly, “First, address me as Senior Green or Prefect Green. And second, steer clear of our Seekers!”

With his wand partially drawn, Prefect Green’s intent was clear, preventing any further confrontation.

Perfect Green, Cedric, and Wentworth, now aware of Marcus’ identity, chatted briefly.

Marcus returned to his Slytherin table and mocked, “I’m looking forward to facing you on the Quidditch pitch!”

As Marcus spoke to his Slytherin peers, the news of Wentworth being a first-year Seeker for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team spread.

The Slytherin players debated Hufflepuff’s supposed demise, assuming a rookie Seeker would ruin their performance.

Amid the conversation, even Wentworth and his friends could hear the Slytherin team’s chatter, suggesting that Wentworth’s inclusion meant easy points for Slytherin.

Doubts even emerged among Hufflepuff students.

“Perfect Green, is it true what Slytherin’s saying? Are we really having Wentworth as our Seeker?” a member of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team approached Prefect Green.

“Absolutely! Professor Dumbledore wrote the recommendation himself. Can you doubt Professor Dumbledore’s judgment?” Perfect Green replied, well aware of their concerns.

The Hufflepuff player continued, “I trust Headmaster Professor Dumbledore, and I believe Wentworth has potential as a Seeker. But he needs training; he hasn’t participated in any sessions and might not have even caught the Golden Snitch!”

Perfect Green had no reassurance to offer.

The prospect of joining a Hogwarts Quidditch team held immense appeal for many students, making Wentworth’s rapid selection as Seeker a point of contention.

With the arrival of owls bearing copies of the Daily Prophet, Hogwarts’ auditorium buzzed with anticipation.

The delay in distribution prompted questions.

Someone explained, “Don’t you remember? Last night was the Quidditch World Cup final. Today’s edition must have been printed after the match, causing the delay.”

Heads bent over the newspapers as the room hushed in anticipation.

Moments later, the room’s attention converged on Hufflepuff as the students flipped through the Daily Prophet’s pages.

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Published On: October 7, 2023

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