As Wentworth entered the Great Hall of Hogwarts during lunchtime, he took a seat, only to have a Hufflepuff girl approach with an envelope in her hand.

With a bashful glance, the girl handed the envelope to Wentworth.

This caught Prefect Green’s attention, prompting a peculiar sound that garnered everyone’s gaze.

As Wentworth looked at the envelope in his hand, he mused on how Hogwarts’ atmosphere seemed to have grown unusually open.

At that moment, his thoughts shifted to Cassandra.

The transition from frugality to lavishness was simple, while the reverse was much more difficult.

A sigh escaped Wentworth, knowing he was reminded of Cassandra once more.

Amid his consideration of how to let down the girl without causing offense, she spoke up.

“Wentworth, could you help me determine if the man I’ll marry in the future is the one in that envelope? When you’re in bed tonight, I mean.”

Her words caused Wentworth to pause momentarily, then realization dawned on him.

Whoever claimed Hufflepuffs were all simple-minded clearly hadn’t met this girl, who had employed a creative method to send a love letter!

If he were interested, he could accept tomorrow.

If not, a simple no would suffice; everyone would remain unscathed.

Impressed by her emotional intelligence, Wentworth considered granting her a chance.

“What’s going on here?”

Cedric’s arrival, accompanied by an envelope in his hand, prompted Wentworth to observe the unfolding scene.

The girl in front of him blushed conspicuously upon Cedric’s approach, gazing at him in admiration.

An uneasy feeling settled within Wentworth.

It seemed he had made an error.

When Wentworth finally opened the envelope, the partially drawn picture inside was enough to confirm the intended recipient: Cedric.

Without hesitation, Wentworth discreetly sealed the envelope and handed it back to the girl, politely refusing, “Apologies, but I can’t help you.”

“Why not? You’re skilled at dream predictions, aren’t you?” the girl questioned skeptically.

“I’ll lose sleep tonight,” Wentworth replied.

“You haven’t even slept yet. How can you predict insomnia?” She inquired.

“Because I can predict through dreams.”

With that, the girl departed, her face twisted in bewilderment.

“This is the end? What a letdown!” Prefect Green commented as he slumped into a seat.

“Why did she approach you?” Cedric asked curiously.

Wentworth recounted the day’s events, which led to his inquiry about Professor Trelawney’s glasses, eventually leading Cedric and Prefect Green into a fit of laughter.

Amid the commotion, neither of them took Professor Trelawney’s words seriously.

Her eccentricity had long dismissed her credibility.

Prefect Green playfully proposed, “Wentworth, should I faint tonight so you can sleep soundly? I’m not interested in helping the girl. I mainly want to know what Cedric’s future girlfriend looks like!”

Cedric’s cheeks reddened at the jest while his gaze shifted elsewhere.

Observing their exchange, Wentworth glanced toward the Ravenclaw freshmen, realizing their subject.

Deliberately clearing his throat, Wentworth caught the attention of Cedric and Prefect Green, then spoke cryptically, “You know, I’m not just proficient in dream divination. I’m well-versed in other forms of divination as well.”

Doubt etched Cedric and Prefect Green’s faces as they responded, expressing their disbelief.

“Wentworth, are you getting too into the act? As Professor Trelawney claims, do you genuinely believe you’re a prophet?” Prefect Green quipped.

Wentworth maintained his impassive facade, gesturing for them to approach.

He lifted a cup of tea from the table.

“Tea leaf reading. You’re familiar, I assume?” Wentworth questioned.

Cedric and Prefect Green exchanged glances before nodding in confirmation.

“It’s a mandatory subject in Professor Trelawney’s class; of course, we’re familiar,” Prefect Green affirmed.

Wentworth consumed the tea, then poured the contents onto the Hufflepuff table, observing with thoughtfulness.

Bemused, Cedric and Prefect Green exchanged a look, both wearing a questionable expression.

Prefect Green’s patience waned, prompting him to lean over and ask, “Wentworth, are you alright? What are you looking at?”

Engrossed in his task, Wentworth responded without looking up, “I’m trying to determine where Cedric’s crush resides.”

Cedric’s astonishment was palpable, but he questioned skeptically, “Did you guess? A one-in-four chance isn’t too low.”

Seeing Cedric’s doubt, Prefect Green realized Wentworth was right.

He glanced at Cedric before musing, “Cedric, I didn’t imagine you, a seemingly unflappable guy, would have a soft side! Given our close bond, we should make an unbreakable oath, something like, ‘Brothers together for life.’ Let’s see who escapes singledom first. The loser is the dog!”

Cedric, realizing his error, protested, “I’m not! No, I don’t. Don’t talk nonsense! You dragged me into this!”

Prefect Green was unperturbed, continuing to lean toward Wentworth.

He inquired with curiosity, “What else can you do? Anything else?”

Wentworth, feigning thorough observation, eventually spoke confidently, “The girl you like should have straight, black hair.”

Cedric’s disbelief transformed into widened eyes.

After a moment, he murmured, “Wentworth, who told you all of this?”

Maintaining his expression, Wentworth lifted his head, suppressing his laughter as he declared calmly, “From now on, please address me as Lord Prophet!”

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Published On: October 5, 2023

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