Rosier’s words sounded like a bolt from the blue to Wentworth!

The idea of breaking into Azkaban was daunting, and Wentworth had no interest in facing Dementors.

He knew he had to tread carefully in front of these dark wizards.

“Grandma Rosier, don’t worry; it won’t be long before I go in openly instead of sneaking in like I am now!” He cautiously replied.

Wentworth’s intention was to tell Rosier once he graduated, he would enter the Ministry of Magic and work his way up there to find a way to release Grindelwald.

Unbeknownst to Wentworth, his response held a different meaning for Rosier.

She saw his resolve as an opportunity to reclaim the power and influence the Alliance once held.

Rosier affirmed Wentworth’s decision and expressed her desire to remind the magical world of their existence through Grindelwald.

“Yes, Wentworth, you are right! We are Wizards, not mere rats! The wizarding world shall again respect our existence; I believe that day is near.” Rosier said passionately.

Rosier then left the room; the other wizards followed her with satisfactory expressions while nodding and smiling at Wentworth.

“They don’t seem to share the same vision of the future I talk of?” Wentworth stands there confused.

While Rosier and the others discussed their plans, Wentworth immersed himself in thoughts about his future at Hogwarts.

He focused on experiencing the magical world, leaving the world-saving responsibilities to the protagonist group.

“I have to plan carefully; one mistake and my life would crumble! I need to decide which events I need to take part in and which should be left into the hand of the others…” Wentworth went on and on till he fell asleep on his own.

While Wentworth was planning all night long, Rosier and the others returned to their residence with a burning feeling in their heart.

They can’t close their eyes because of what Wentworth just stated.

Rosier looked at the group of people from the top and slowly said, “What happened tonight shall convey to others; this news must spread as fast as possible.”

“Our Master had been deceived by Dumbledore and imprisoned in Azkaban. Many of us went to despair, stopped continuing the fight, and fell into dormancy…”

“The time for our resurgence is nigh! Let the world knows the Alliance has a new Master! Bearing the blood of Grindelwald himself.” Rosier finished her speech.

The room was filled with cheers, hope, and smiles. Everyone was praising Grindelwald’s name.

“But Rosier, what if they won’t heed our call? I mean, after so long, there bound to be one or two losing their wills to fight anymore…” A voice asked from the crowd.

“Then we shall take whatever Master blessed them with; let’s take it back! No matter how small it is, Wentworth would need every help he could get.” Rosier replied.

Rosier took out a pendant in front of her and said, “For the greater good!”


Rosier arrived at Wentworth’s residence the following day, ready to help him prepare for Hogwarts.

While Wentworth was still yawning and trying to make sense of what was happening, he saw many items floating around Rosier.

Mostly cosmetics between them, Wentworth confused seeing any of this.

“Today, I’ll teach you the first lesson. It’s called Elegance! Magic will lose its power over time, but Elegance will not.”

With her imposing demeanor, Rosier insisted on teaching Wentworth the art of Elegance, believing that magic might fade, but Elegance remained timeless.

Wentworth looked at the clothing and accessories behind Rosier with a dull expression.


Together, they visited the Leaky Cauldron, where Wentworth impressed everyone with his charm.

Everyone went silent went. Wentworth went inside, the blonde hair covering his eyebrows, fair skin, and a high-neck trench coat.

Everyone can’t do anything besides looking at this flamboyant kid who just came in.

“Wow, I hadn’t seen anyone look as good as me when I was young, all my time serving here.” Tom, the barkeeper, said exaggeratedly.

“Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Barkeeper. The same goes for you; you look fancy as well.” Wentworth replied with a smile.

Rosier was satisfied with his performance; she nodded indistinctly while looking at Wentworth.

On the other hand, Tom was surprised by the reply; he didn’t expect such a reply from this young man.

“Say, young man, this is the first time I’m seeing you, a freshman at Hogwarts?” Tom inquired.

Wentworth smiled and nodded.

Under Tom’s guidance, they went through the Leaky Cauldron to a small patio surrounded by walls of bricks.

Rosier took out her wand and tapped lightly on the walls; after three strokes, the walls began to vibrate, and it opened.

Soon, they made their way to Diagon Alley, where Wentworth marveled at the magical wares displayed in the shop windows.

“Welcome to the World of Magic, Wentworth.” Rosier proudly said

“Where shall we go first, Grandma?” Wentworth asked.

“The first stop would be Gringotts; we are going to withdraw the money needed for your necessities. Remember to withdraw a lot!” Rosier said sternly.

“It’s yours anyway; there would be no such thing as being unprepared, especially when you are going to enter Hogwarts.” She explained.

Their first stop was Gringotts, where Wentworth’s heritage sparked the interest of the goblins.

Rosier navigated confidently through the bank and announced their intent to access vault No. 714, a vault of great importance to the Goblin.

This decision held tremendous significance, marking Wentworth’s reconnection to his family’s legacy.

“What can I do for you, distinguished guests?” the Goblin looked up and down on Rosier and Wentworth.

“Guide us to the Vault No. 714!” Rosier replied to the Goblin.

“714? I remember this vault! I—Is there someone inheriting that vault? What shocking news to the Wizarding world!” The Goblin stuttered in shock.

“Then let me be your guide; I hope you don’t mistake the vault’s number and make me excited for nothing. You know the vault is inherited by blood.” The Goblin explained.

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Published On: August 15, 2023

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