“Great job, Wentworth!”

In the midst of the conversation, Professor Dumbledore extended a congratulatory hug to Wentworth.

His attention then shifted to the cutting-edge prototype of the Firebolt broomstick that Wentworth held.

“I believe it’s prudent for me to draft a letter of recommendation on your behalf for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. It would be unfortunate to let such a remarkable broomstick go underutilized, especially with your potential as a Seeker, Wentworth.”

Observing this, Wentworth conveyed his appreciation while running his hand over the sleek surface of the Firebolt.

“I thank you for the commendation, Professor Dumbledore. However, I aspire to earn my place on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team through my personal achievements rather than relying solely on my equipment.”

Surprised by Wentworth’s response, Professor Dumbledore remarked, “Wentworth, you need not be so stringent with yourself. Sometimes, we must learn to wield greater power.”

Professor Dumbledore held Wentworth’s gaze as he spoke, attempting to impart a deeper insight.

Wentworth, in his composed demeanor, calmly replied.

“Professor Dumbledore, your friend likely honed his wizardry prowess before seeking a wand to match. Becoming a proficient wizard precedes acquiring the wand, rather than the other way around.”

Professor Dumbledore’s initial astonishment transformed into hearty laughter.

Observing Professor Dumbledore’s mirth, Wentworth felt momentarily bewildered.

However, his attention was swiftly captured by the three figures approaching Professor Dumbledore.

“Greetings, Headmaster Dumbledore. Allow me to introduce my son, Draco Malfoy, who will join Hogwarts next year.”

Mr. Malfoy presented his son and his wife to Professor Dumbledore with deference.

“What a fine young gentleman. He certainly possesses the potential to become an accomplished wizard, Lucius!”

Professor Dumbledore’s cordial appraisal set the tone for their interaction.

As Mr. Malfoy was about to engage in further dialogue with Professor Dumbledore, the cannon’s reverberating boom marked the match’s commencement, prompting the crowd’s jubilant cheers.

The Quidditch World Cup final was officially underway.

Simultaneously, Minister Fudge approached Professor Dumbledore, evidently intending to address a matter concerning Thomas Vole.

However, his words were curtailed by Professor Dumbledore’s raised hand, signaling for silence. Minister Fudge complied promptly.

After that, Professor Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, and Mr. Malfoy departed together, leaving Wentworth and Malfoy behind.

With a clear understanding of Malfoy’s identity, Wentworth harbored no inclination to initiate conversation.

His reluctance didn’t stem from a vehement aversion towards Malfoy.

Putting aside Malfoy’s eventual redemption, his father’s misguided beliefs influenced many of his seemingly misguided actions.

Wentworth’s disinclination to engage was primarily rooted in his desire to evade unnecessary complications.

In the original story, Malfoy had extended his hand in greeting when he first met Harry Potter, intending to shake hands.

Regrettably, by then, Harry was already accompanied by Ron and Hermione.

Such initial encounters frequently held lasting implications for future relationships.

Nevertheless, Wentworth didn’t actively resist interaction with Malfoy.

As a result, it didn’t prevent Malfoy from initiating dialogue.

“Excuse me, are you of pure blood? May I inquire about your name?”

Approaching Wentworth, Malfoy’s gaze was fixed on him as he posed his question.

Wentworth briefly met Malfoy’s gaze before averting his eyes, deliberately ignoring him.

Draco, undeterred, reiterated his question with mounting irritation.

Wentworth’s reply remained unchanging, “Before you seek another’s name, offer your own. Basic manners dictate that an individual who lacks politeness, regardless of their bloodline, brings only shame upon their family.”

Upon completing his response, Wentworth resumed ignoring Malfoy.

Given his understanding of Malfoy’s character, he foresaw that the young Malfoy would likely retort with sharp words before leaving in a huff.

The thought of the ensuing scene amused him, making the match even more anticipated.

After a brief interval, Malfoy’s voice reached Wentworth once again.

“Hello, my name is Draco. May I know yours?”

Taken aback by his persistence, Wentworth eventually turned to reply, “I’m Wentworth. I believe I hail from a pure-blood lineage.”

Even as he spoke, Wentworth’s thoughts involuntarily drifted towards his family, particularly Rosier and the intricate history of his household.

Malfoy’s response, however, was unexpected.

Pointing at Wentworth, he asserted, “You’re being dishonest! I’ve met almost every pure-blood peer, yet your face remains unfamiliar. To which family do you belong?”

Reacting to his insinuation, Wentworth’s irritation surfaced.

“Are you presuming that pure-blood families exist exclusively within England?”

Wentworth’s retort wasn’t devoid of foundation.

Before attending Hogwarts, Rosier had informed Wentworth that his grandfather had Austrian origins, despite eventually relocating to England.

Malfoy’s reaction was one of bewilderment.

His countenance momentarily froze as he grappled with the unexpected response.

Seizing the opportunity, Wentworth gently lowered Malfoy’s pointed finger and posed a query.

“May I inquire, are you enamored with the concept of pure blood? Could your fascination be driven by a preoccupation with lineage?”

With renewed conviction, Draco began to elaborate, “My father contends that only pure-blood wizards have the—“

Before Malfoy could expound further, Wentworth’s raised hand preemptively silenced him.

“Enough. I’m well-versed in your father’s antique, promoting the nobility and excellence of pure-blood lineage.”

“Are you a Vampire? Is that why you are so interested in pure blood?” Wentworth asked him.

“Isn’t my father right? Pure-blood is —” Malfoy’s speech got cut by Wentworth.

“Even if you are pure-blood, at the end of the day, if you were hit by a spell, you would still be injured or die,” Wentworth replied as he recollected the last night’s event.

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Published On: September 30, 2023

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