“It’s evident that our young wizard has just acquired a new broom, and his enthusiasm and novelty are hard to conceal. Considering his young age, it’s only natural; let’s not forget he’s still a child, after all.”

The host felt the need to intervene, breaking the ice with a chuckle, seemingly poised to unveil the mystery.

In the midst of this, Wentworth spotted another glimmering golden snitch and pursued it without hesitation.

The host observed the scene, stating, “We see that our young wizard has identified another golden snitch. It appears that there might have been an issue or mishap with the first snitch, prompting our conscientious young wizard to catch a replacement for us. How responsible of him!”

The host’s words carried a sigh of relief.

Wentworth, who had practiced diligently, easily caught the new golden snitch.

Before the host could welcome Wentworth back to the center of the arena, the young wizard put away the snitch and accelerated toward yet another.

The audience, a mix of boos and questions, reached a boiling point.

Unbeknownst to Wentworth, the host felt overwhelmed, struggling to navigate the situation.

Minister Fudge approached Professor Dumbledore in the stands, ready to speak cautiously.

However, Professor Dumbledore preempted him with a knowing smile. “Hold on, Wentworth must have his reasons.”

Slightly embarrassed, Minister Fudge withdrew. A

As the United Kingdom’s Minister of Magic, he couldn’t openly interfere with a Hogwarts student during such a spectacle.

Furthermore, offending Professor Dumbledore over such a trivial matter wouldn’t be wise.

Thus, under the watchful eyes of thousands, Wentworth continued his spree, catching almost ten consecutive golden snitches.

Eventually, he descended from the sky, landing beside the host.

With an exasperated expression, the host rushed over, but before he could say a word, Wentworth beat him to it.

“I’m a bit tired, or I could have caught a few more.”

Unable to contain himself, the host gasped for breath before managing to explain, “I believe there might be a misunderstanding. You’re only required to catch one golden snitch, not all of them.”

This was the excuse the host concocted after much deliberation.

Though this was their first encounter, the host didn’t want his student to feel cornered.

However, rather than being placated, Wentworth responded straightforwardly, “I know. I just wanted to catch a few more and take them with me.”

Laughter rippled through the audience, partly attributed to Wentworth’s age.

Everyone perceived it as childlike playfulness.

Had it been an adult wizard, the response might have sparked outrage.

The host, observing the improved atmosphere, breathed a sigh of relief. HL

He found a renewed sense of calm and grudgingly said, “You’re quite the audacious wizard. I presume you belong to Gryffindor?”

“No, I’m from Hufflepuff.”

The host’s curiosity was piqued. “What’s your plan for so many golden snitches?”

Wentworth didn’t hesitate to share, “Today, I was fortunate to accompany Headmaster Dumbledore to witness the Quidditch World Cup final.”

“Unfortunately, my classmates and friends couldn’t be present due to the ongoing school term. I thought I’d catch a few more snitches to bring back as mementos.”

A silence fell over the scene, emotions flickering in many wizards’ eyes, some wearing wistful smiles.

Even the host was rendered speechless momentarily.

*Clap Clap Clap*

Professor Dumbledore was the first to applaud, setting an example for the crowd.

Minister Fudge and others followed suit, the latter’s expression exuding pride as he exclaimed, “Behold, these are the students our Hogwarts has nurtured!”

The applause echoed throughout the stadium.

It wasn’t just for Wentworth’s heartfelt words but also for the simple camaraderie he evoked.

Even the Canadian and Scottish Quidditch teams, resting in their respective lounges, leaned out, inquiring about the recent turn of events.

Amid the applause, a fair-haired youth with striking good looks, observing from a distance, muttered to himself enviously, “I wish I had a friend like that…”

At that moment, an urgent voice pierced the air.

“Draco! Quick, straighten your attire! Energize yourself! Why the perplexed expression?”

The newcomer was Lucius Malfoy, flanked by Professor Dumbledore and Minister Fudge.

The blond boy, Draco Malfoy, was his son.

Noticing her husband’s urgency, Narcissa Malfoy rushed to the scene, wrapping her arm around Draco’s shoulders.

She regarded her husband and inquired calmly, “Lucius, what’s the matter?”

Seeing his wife, Mr. Lucius’ stern expression softened.

He looked around before explaining, “I’m about to have a discussion with Minister Fudge and Professor Dumbledore. I excused you both from joining me because I was apprehensive about leaving you alone.”

“This could be a prime opportunity for Draco to show his face to Professor Dumbledore. After all, Draco will be entering Hogwarts next year. If he can make a favorable impression on Professor Dumbledore…”

Mr. Malfoy’s explanation was cut short by his wife.

“Understood. Draco, let me help you tidy up.”

Mrs. Malfoy crouched, meticulously adjusting Draco’s attire.

“Quickly now!”

Mr. Malfoy watched as Wentworth gradually approached the stands while on the sidelines, the Canadian and Scottish Quidditch teams geared up for their appearance.

His impatience mounting, he urged his family onward.

He is accompanied by his son, who still appears somewhat dazed, and his wife, who continues to fiddle with her son’s clothes, makes their way toward Professor Dumbledore.

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Published On: September 29, 2023

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