Upon hearing Wentworth’s admission that he hadn’t learned the counter-spell yet, a sense of desperation washed over Waring.

The Hogwarts students around were staring pityingly at Waring, suspended upside down in the air, creating a momentary silence.

Amidst this, a voice infused with irritation cut through the air. “Wentworth, who authorized you to meddle in this situation?!”

All eyes turned toward the source of the voice, Cassandra.

Her red eyes bore into Wentworth as she asserted, “Do you pity me? I’ll have you know. I don’t need your pity.”

With that, Cassandra collected her belongings and exited the scene, her head held high.

Cedric glanced at her retreating figure, seemingly on the brink of saying something, but Wentworth’s grip on him and a slight shake of Wentworth’s head stopped him from speaking.

As Cassandra moved into view, she left the auditorium without a backward glance.

However, just before she stepped out, a slight smirk graced her lips, unseen by anyone else.

Yet, as Cassandra was about to exit, her footsteps faltered, “Professor Dumbledore… Professor Snape…”

Cassandra’s expression twisted into shock as she spotted Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape standing just outside the auditorium.

It was unclear how long they had been observing.

Hearing Cassandra’s surprised cry, Wentworth internally muttered a mild expletive.

As anticipated, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape entered the auditorium.

Professor Snape strode over, a mix of anger and annoyance etched across his features.

He cast a fleeting glance at the suspended Waring before rounding on Wentworth with a sharp tone, “Who taught you such a spell? Using it on your fellow students! Unbelievable!”

Attempting to explain himself, Wentworth adopted an innocent demeanor. “Professor Snape, my intention wasn’t to target Senior Waring directly. I cast the spell to prevent his spittle from soiling the Hogwarts auditorium. It was accidental, I assure you.”

However, Professor Snape remained skeptical of Wentworth’s explanation and countered with a sarcastic edge, “So you conveniently used the Levioso, a Floating Charm, on your classmate? Are you implying you, who wields the Levioso expertly, wouldn’t be familiar with a Floating Charm?”

Wentworth’s face lit up in realization. “You’re right! I didn’t consider that in the heat of the moment. Thank you, Professor Snape, for reminding me. I’ll definitely use it next time.”

With this admission, Wentworth’s response infuriated Professor Snape even further, causing his breathing to intensify.

Before Professor Snape could continue, Professor Dumbledore intervened, saying, “Severus, the spell is meant for wizard use. The inventor’s intention must be considered.”

Professor Snape found himself momentarily speechless by Professor Dumbledore’s response.

Resignedly, he turned a furious gaze toward Wentworth before attending to Waring’s situation.


With a final exclamation, Waring plummeted from the air, caught by Professor Snape.

As Professor Snape cradled Waring, Waring managed to summon a fa├žade of vulnerability. “Thank you, Professor Snape… Ah!”

Before Waring could conclude, Professor Snape released him unceremoniously, letting him fall to the ground.

Subsequently, Professor Snape rejoined Professor Dumbledore, expressing his discontent. “Professor Dumbledore, regardless, Wentworth must be reprimanded for using magic recklessly on his fellow students.”

Listening to Professor Snape’s argument, Cedric seemed on the brink of explaining to Wentworth.

However, Wentworth’s discreet pull on Cedric’s sleeve caused him to halt his words.

Stepping forward, Wentworth offered an apologetic tone. “I apologize, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape. Although my intentions were pure, and the outcome wasn’t harmful to Senior Waring, the spell I cast startled him. I’m willing to accept any punishment.”

Professor Snape seethed silently.

Wentworth continued, “Perhaps, as a form of reparation, I could assist Professor Snape during our night sessions?”

Professor Snape retorted with disdain, “I’ve said it before; it’s not punishment but a reward for your exceptional skills with the cauldron.”

Professor Dumbledore intervened once more. “Initially, I believed this to be a misunderstanding. However, given Wentworth’s willingness to accept the consequences, it’s difficult to reject. Come see me in my office after classes conclude today.”

Professor Dumbledore’s words momentarily froze Wentworth’s smile.

He attempted to explain, yet Professor Dumbledore departed before he could respond.

With Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape exiting in succession, Cedric and Green clustered around Wentworth.

“Wonderful, Wentworth! You’ve got a summons to Professor Dumbledore’s office!” Prefect Green exclaimed, gripping Wentworth’s shoulders excitedly.

In contrast, Wentworth’s expression remained somber. “Is this truly something to be excited about?”

Cedric chimed in cheerfully, “Why wouldn’t it be? That’s Professor Dumbledore, our era’s most respected White Wizard!”

Wentworth’s response was a nonchalant snort.

While others might find this opportunity honorable, Wentworth harbored too many secrets that couldn’t afford exposure.

Despite his apprehension, Wentworth found himself in Professor Dumbledore’s office in the evening.

“Professor Dumbledore, how do you intend to penalize me?” Wentworth inquired, a hint of nervousness tainting his tone.

Professor Dumbledore regarded Wentworth with a thoughtful smile, appearing somewhat distracted.

After a moment, he seemed to return to the present.

“Wentworth, are you familiar with the Quidditch World Cup?”

Wentworth stood there silently, baffled by what Professor Dumbledore questioned.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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