Witnessing Cedric, a second-year Hufflepuff, disarm Waring’s wand so effortlessly, the onlookers were astonished.

Wentworth, taken aback, turned to his friend. “When did you become so skilled? During the duels with Slytherin before, both you and Cassandra were inseparable. Yet, you didn’t exhibit this level of spellcasting speed.”

Cedric smiled nonchalantly and explained, “My spellcasting ability has always been at this level. During the duels with Cassandra, I adjusted my casting speed and magical power to match my first-year level, considering she was a freshman.”

Wentworth nodded, impressed by Cedric’s explanation.

Meanwhile, Waring, whose wand had been flung away by Cedric, reddened with embarrassment upon hearing Cedric’s revelation.

He retorted resentfully, “Green, do you think Slytherin would be intimidated by you just because there are more people? We Slytherins—“

Before Waring could continue, Prefect Green interjected with a whistle. “Waring, you’re no longer a Slytherin prefect! Your words hold no sway for Slytherin anymore. Need proof? Just look behind you.”

Turning around, Waring took in the scene.

Indeed, the Slytherins who had surrounded him earlier had subtly retreated after Cedric’s intervention.

They stepped back to avoid becoming entangled in the conflict.

Waring stood alone before the Slytherin table, devoid of the support he once enjoyed.

“Waring, if I were you, I’d consider apologizing to Cassandra and retreating to my dormitory. You were once a Slytherin prefect, after all. Being humiliated in front of so many witnesses is shameful,” Prefect Green goaded.

Despite Prefect Green’s taunts, Waring remained defiant. “Green, Cassandra and I— this is Slytherin’s concern. What’s it to you, a Hufflepuff? Mind your own business.”

With a smug grin, Prefect Green patted his prefect badge. “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not speaking to you as a Hufflepuff student; I’m addressing you as a Hogwarts Prefect!”

Prefect Green’s retort left Waring speechless.

Surveying the crowd, Waring realized that he was now isolated.

The Slytherins who had once stood by him now averted their gazes, unwilling to associate themselves with his situation.

Understanding his predicament, Waring glared at Hufflepuff, finally focused on Cassandra, seated calmly in her place.

In the next instant…


With a swift movement, Waring spat a mouthful of saliva that landed on Cassandra’s robes.

He then turned and began to walk away.

Observing this scene, Prefect Green’s amused grin transformed into a scowl.

His expression turned dark as he directed his gaze toward Wentworth.

On the other hand, Cedric’s wand was aimed at Waring, yet he hesitated momentarily.

As Waring’s spit neared Cassandra, Wentworth’s voice broke the silence.


A burst of magic erupted, simultaneously lifting Waring into the air.

The audience gasped, witnessing Waring suspended upside-down with his head and feet switched.

“Wow!” Exclamations erupted throughout the gathering as they beheld Waring, suspended mid-air in a rather undignified position.

His earlier spittle splattered onto his own face, causing a bizarre sight.

“Release me! What is this? Let me down! You have no authority to do this! Let me down immediately! This contravenes school rules!”

Waring’s struggles were futile as he remained ensnared in an invisible force.

Furthermore, the peculiar scene drew the attention of numerous students.

Several Ravenclaws dashed over, parchment and quills in hand, eager to document this novel spell.

Others focused their attention on the caster, observing Wentworth.

Meanwhile, Wentworth retracted his wand, returning to his seat.

Cedric and Prefect Green both gazed at Wentworth in disbelief.

“The magical power in that spell, it’s like that of a fourth or fifth-year student,” Cedric remarked, awed by the unexpected display.

Wentworth waved his hand dismissively. “Not quite. My wand has some unique properties. It amplifies spell power, creating the illusion of heightened magical prowess.”

Cedric nodded in understanding.

In the midst of these events, Waring’s exclamation reached their ears again.

“Wentworth! What is the meaning of this? You have no right to enact such magic! Release me immediately! This is against school rules!”

Unperturbed, Wentworth rose from his seat, bowing courteously in Waring’s direction. “I apologize, Senior Waring. I didn’t intend for this to happen. When I noticed your saliva about to fall, I remembered Hogwarts is my home, and we all share a responsibility for maintaining hygiene. I conjured the spell to prevent any defilement within our hall.”

He continued seemingly sincerely, “However, being a freshman, my magical control isn’t precise. Unfortunately, I released a bit too much power, affecting you inadvertently. I humbly ask for your forgiveness.”

While Wentworth maintained a polite facade, an unsettling chill pervaded the air.

Although Wentworth’s explanation was transparently false, the bystanders recognized Waring’s predicament but had no inclination to intervene.

Observing the scene, Waring’s face oscillated between shades of red and white.

Aware of his isolation, he glanced around, realizing he had become a loner.

While he may have held a senior position earlier, he was now powerless.

Even if he were to request Wentworth’s apology, he would be unable to demand it.

With a final, bitter look at Hufflepuff, Waring’s gaze fell upon Cassandra, who had remained quiet in her seat.

As the situation unfolded, Wentworth once again became the center of attention, whether he intended it or not.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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