Wentworth shifted his gaze toward Slytherin and spotted Cassandra’s expressionless face as she meticulously sipped on pumpkin soup.

However, her red and swollen eyes indicated a sleepless night.

Meanwhile, the Slytherins who had surrounded Cassandra earlier were now dispersed.

Some engaged with fellow students, eagerly examining the Daily Prophet, while others huddled together, their attention directed toward Cassandra.

Despite the unfolding scene, Cassandra remained detached from her surroundings.

Observing this, Wentworth sighed inwardly and began reading the Daily Prophet.

According to the newspaper’s account, Thomas Vole, the head of the British Ministry of Magic’s Auror Office, embarked on a mission the previous morning with two Aurors to pursue a group of illegally entered wizards.

Unfortunately, they failed to return.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Magic deployed numerous Aurors to search for Thomas Vole.

In a valley, Aurors discovered the bodies of the two missing Aurors amidst evidence of black magic usage in a skirmish.

They also found Thomas Vole’s shattered wand and a broken eyeglass.

Based on their findings, the Ministry concluded that Thomas Vole had likely encountered an ambush while pursuing the suspects.

Currently, the Ministry of Magic suspects that Thomas Vole, the head of the Auror Office under the Ministry’s Law Enforcement Division, met an unfortunate end in the line of duty.

The Ministry has appointed Rufus Scrimgeour as the temporary head of the Auror Office.

Everything fell into place for Wentworth.

Clearly, Dumbledore had summoned Cassandra from class to address this matter, as he must have received advance information.

Reflecting on this, Wentworth once again felt that the magical world, perhaps as Rosier had suggested, wasn’t as idyllic as he had envisioned.

It seemed that the magical world was on the brink of turmoil, with the disappearance of the esteemed head of the Auror’s office raising alarm bells.

In less than a year, Voldemort would stage his comeback.

The magical world’s current state was likely to pale compared to the chaos that would ensue.

This realization further fueled Wentworth’s sense of urgency to enhance his magical abilities.

Though he had no desire to become a savior, he was determined to at least protect himself and survive.

At that moment, a commotion erupted nearby.

Wentworth and others turned their attention to a Slytherin long table, where Cassandra sat surrounded by a few individuals, including Waring, a former Slytherin prefect.

“What’s happening over there in Slytherin?” Wentworth inquired curiously.

Prefect Green smirked and explained, “It seems that Waring had once blamed Cassandra for losing his Slytherin prefect position. However, Cassandra retaliated by asserting that he was too dim-witted and demeaned Slytherin’s honor.”

Nodding in understanding, Wentworth focused his attention.

He listened as Waring’s voice resounded angrily:

“Cassandra! Without your interference, I wouldn’t have been involved in the troubles with the first-year Hufflepuffs. Without your instigation, none of the subsequent events would have occurred, and I wouldn’t have faced Professor Snape’s punishment, ultimately losing my prefect status!”

Cassandra kept her gaze lowered, continuing to sip on her pumpkin juice.

Beside her, a young Slytherin freshman stood hesitantly, seemingly overwhelmed by the situation. He spoke up:

“Senior Waring, it isn’t fair to blame Cassandra. She did enough for us. Without her, Slytherin’s reputation might have suffered even more.”

Infuriated by the freshman’s contradiction, Waring roughly pushed him, spewing angry words, “Shut up! Are you implying that I, as a Prefect, can’t handle matters on my own?!”

Given his age and strength advantage, Waring nearly toppled the freshman.

Fortunately, someone behind caught him.

Cassandra finally ceased her action, lifting her head slightly to fix Waring with a contemptuous gaze.

She stated, “Slytherin deserves better than to be represented by someone like you! A spineless dog unable to defend its honor.”

Fueled by anger, Waring extended his hand as if to strike Cassandra.

Yet, he halted midway upon locking eyes with her.

Despite the tension, he refrained from the blow, but his action elicited gasps from the onlookers.

Suddenly, Waring seized the bowl of pumpkin juice in front of Cassandra and overturned it onto the table.

Several droplets landed on Cassandra’s robes, with a few even spattering her face and hair.

The sudden outburst prompted cries of surprise.

Unable to stay seated any longer, Wentworth attempted to rise but was gently held down by Cedric and Prefect Green.

Prefect Green offered a half-smile as he spoke, “So much for having nothing to do with Cassandra, huh? I knew you wouldn’t stand by while she’s mistreated. Let me handle this!”

On the other side, Cedric added, “You’re still under Snape’s punishment. It’s not wise to antagonize Slytherin again.”

Prefect Green stood up, raising his voice, “Impressive, isn’t it? The honorable Slytherins? Ready to flip the table at a moment’s notice? Enjoy lifting your own table! It’s truly eye-opening, Prefect Waring!”

He paused, realizing, “Oh, right, my mistake. You’re no longer Slytherin’s prefect, are you?”

Waring’s fiery response only fueled Prefect Green’s mockery.

However, Waring’s patience waned, and he drew his wand menacingly at Prefect Green.

Caught off-guard by the intensity of Waring’s reaction, Prefect Green cursed and fumbled for his wand, but Waring was quicker.

“Silencio!” Waring incanted, aiming his wand at Prefect Green’s mouth.

Just as Waring’s spell was about to take effect, another voice interceded.


A burst of magic flashed, and Waring’s wand soared through the air.

The attention of everyone present shifted toward Wentworth and Cedric, the source of the intervention.

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Published On: September 25, 2023

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