Before the Flight Class commenced, Wentworth’s initial worry about adapting to a broom seemed excessive given his past life experience driving cars.

As he took off, it became apparent that his apprehensions were unfounded.

Experience revealed that maneuvering broomsticks was at least much simpler than navigating a car.

It was even automatic!

While some first-year wizards grappled with a certain aversion to broomsticks, possibly stemming from fear of heights, Wentworth found the lack of brakes, accelerators, and clutches less challenging.

In a short span, Wentworth mastered controlling his broom and soared confidently through the skies.

Ignoring the occasional shiver and discomfort from the broom between his legs, Wentworth exhibited no beginner’s awkwardness in his flight.

This display undoubtedly amazed his fellow classmates once again.

Most of them struggled to lift off the ground at this stage, whereas Wentworth soared through the air with ease, crafting elegant S and B shapes in the sky.

Only one peer could match Wentworth’s altitude, Cassandra herself.

Moreover, her speed rivaled Wentworth’s own.

However, observers noted that Cassandra’s broom bore a pink bow, clearly distinct from the aged brooms Mrs. Hooch had supplied.

Soon, all eyes were on Wentworth and Cassandra as they engaged in an aerial duel.

Overhead, the two engaged in a tit-for-tat competition, flying nearby.

Cassandra’s movements mirrored Wentworth’s.

Wherever he flew, she followed suit.

Each time Wentworth attempted to evade, Cassandra quickly closed the gap.

Yet, with his adult soul’s experience, Wentworth wasn’t keen on prolonging the competition with Cassandra.

Turning abruptly, Wentworth aimed to fly in the opposite direction.

However, Cassandra displayed no intention of letting him go so easily.

She executed a half-circle in the air, seemingly intending to intercept him.

Soon, the freshmen from both Slytherin and Hufflepuff gasped in astonishment.

The two fliers swiftly converged toward each other, poised for a collision.

As the distance closed, Cassandra’s nervous voice rang out, “Wentworth, move aside for Miss Ben!”

Refusing to relent, Wentworth, who had previously yielded, held his ground this time.

With each side closing in, Cassandra shouted once more, a hint of panic in her voice, “Wentworth, I’m a girl!”

Despite his resolve, Wentworth’s heart softened, yet he didn’t yield immediately.

Instead, he attempted to speed up and alter his trajectory to avoid Cassandra.

Alas, the broom beneath him was unresponsive, not accommodating Wentworth’s magical input.

It maintained its current pace, a speed that had already reached its limit.

Cassandra’s frightened face filled his vision in the blink of an eye.

It became clear that a collision was inevitable.

A loud thud resounded, prompting many first-year wizards to reflexively shield their eyes.

When they dared to look again, Wentworth and Cassandra plummeted to the ground.

Yet, before they could crash, a spell resonated, freezing them in midair above the lawn.

Freshmen turned to see Professor Dumbledore standing nearby with his wand raised.

Their fears eased upon his arrival.

Mrs. Hooch also rushed over and confirmed their safety after assessing Wentworth and Cassandra.

The relief was palpable.

“Professor Dumbledore, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” Madam Hooch inquired curiously.

Meanwhile, Professor Dumbledore’s gaze lingered on Wentworth briefly before shifting to Cassandra.

He answered Madam Hooch, “Well, it seems I have a matter to discuss with Cassandra.”

At Dumbledore’s call, Cassandra hesitated momentarily before joining him.

He led her away from the Quidditch pitch.

The unexpected turn of events left everyone bewildered.

Wentworth gazed at their retreating figures and felt a growing unease.

Even Cassandra appeared puzzled, wanting to speak up but holding back as Professor Dumbledore guided her to his office.

Once within his office, Professor Dumbledore nonchalantly conjured a plate of toffees onto the table. “Cassandra, care to sample my special toffees? They’re tailored to my tastes by one of Hogwarts’ House-elves.”

Professor Dumbledore looked kindly at Cassandra and offered the plate, but she declined with a slow shake of her head.

She took a deep breath and asked, “Professor, what’s happening?”

Professor Dumbledore paused for a moment before nodding.

“Is…is it something bad?” Cassandra inquired, growing increasingly concerned by Professor Dumbledore’s demeanor.

Professor Dumbledore’s silence lingered this time.

As the silence stretched, Cassandra’s heart sank.

It deepened when Dumbledore finally nodded.

“Cassandra, are you all right? Is the duel’s aftermath still affecting you? Should we seek Madam Pomfrey’s assistance?”

Cassandra dismissed the suggestion with a wave of her hand, standing tall.

She fixed her gaze on Professor Dumbledore and declared, “Professor, whatever it is, just tell me. I’m not a little girl who falls apart in challenging situations.”

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Published On: September 20, 2023

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