Wentworth paced back and forth in front of the wall, repeating under his breath, “I need a place to practice magic, I need a place to practice magic, I need a place to practice magic!”

Suddenly, an enigmatic wooden door materialized on the previously blank wall.

Witnessing this, Wentworth’s lips curled into a slight smile.

He grasped the doorknob and stepped inside.

After the day’s duel, a sense of urgency gripped Wentworth.

Surrounded by familiar faces who adeptly wielded various spells, his inner apprehension mirrored the feeling of being the only student who didn’t prepare for an exam and watched as everyone else handed in their papers half an hour early.

In those moments, Wentworth contemplated the potential embarrassment of underperforming compared to his peers, considering he was a Transmigrator.

Yet, amidst his classmates deeply rooted in the world of magic, his unique advantage lay in his foresight and access to special items and locations.

The Half-Blood Prince’s notes and the Room of Requirement were his invaluable assets.

Tonight, Wentworth sought refuge in the Room of Requirement to gain extra time and opportunity for spell practice.

He brought the Half-Blood Prince’s notes, recognizing that, unlike his classmates, he had a decade-long gap in his magical knowledge.

Wentworth believed he’d planned flawlessly, yet he neglected to consider that, much like the Room of Requirement, the Headmaster’s office was situated on the eighth floor of Hogwarts Castle.

Moments after Wentworth entered the Room of Requirement, two figures slowly manifested in front of its door.

“The Room of Requirement? Professor Dumbledore, how could Wentworth even know about such a concealed space? Remember, even after graduation, many students are oblivious to this magical room within Hogwarts.”

Professor McGonagall’s surprised gaze was fixed on the Room of Requirement.

However, Professor Dumbledore responded without hesitation, “It’s possible that someone in the Alliance Party once attended Hogwarts and shared this room’s location, or perhaps Wentworth stumbled upon it accidentally while exploring the school. It could even be attributed to Grindelwald’s lineage.”

Seeing Professor McGonagall’s puzzled expression, Dumbledore elaborated, “Gellert Grindelwald was a renowned seer in the magical community. His bloodline inherited this gift and reflected in his distinctive eyes.”

“Although Wentworth displayed no such talent previously, it doesn’t mean he lacks it altogether. A sudden burst of insight might have provided him a glimpse of the future.”

Dumbledore’s explanation prompted Professor McGonagall to take a deep breath and sigh, “What a tumultuous family, what a formidable opponent.”

Dumbledore quickly corrected her, “No, Minerva, we’re not opposing Wentworth—at least not yet! But let’s return to the matter at hand. What was the news from the Ministry of Magic?”

Their conversation continued as Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall proceeded toward the Headmaster’s office.

“Yes, Headmaster Dumbledore, a recent letter from the Ministry of Magic states that they are visiting Hogwarts to assess whether the students’ safety has been compromised during their time here.”

“It’s utterly preposterous. This blatant skepticism and mistrust! Do they not realize this is Hogwarts?”

Back in the Headmaster’s room, Professor Dumbledore waved his hand casually, conjuring a few small cakes that danced playfully on the table.

Picking up a piece, Professor Dumbledore took a bite and gestured towards Professor McGonagall. “Sampling the cake from Filius. Professor Flitwick’s dessert appreciation skill seems slightly less refined than his magical prowess, but it still holds a certain novelty. You should try one.”

Observing Dumbledore’s apparent nonchalance toward the situation, Professor McGonagall’s expression darkened, and she spoke in a measured tone, “Professor Dumbledore, I don’t think you comprehend the gravity of this letter. Some are questioning Hogwarts, but in reality, they are questioning you! The Ministry of Magic has never relinquished its control over Hogwarts. This is Watts’ plan!”

Dumbledore waved his hand dismissively in response, stating, “Professor McGonagall, there’s no need to be so anxious. Let me guess who the letter is from. If I’m not mistaken, it’s probably from the head of the Auror office, Thomas Vole. Let me think… Yes, he must have been in Slytherin.”

Taken aback by Dumbledore’s assumption, Professor McGonagall asked involuntarily, “How do you know that, Dumbledore?”

With confidence, Dumbledore smiled and replied, “Not only can I deduce that Thomas is coming, but I can also deduce that this is likely Thomas’ personal initiative. The Ministry of Magic is likely unaware of it.”

Before Professor McGonagall could inquire further, Professor Dumbledore continued, “Fudge has recently come into power and still requires my support to maintain his position as the Minister of Magic in the UK. I can’t predict his future actions after becoming Minister, but for now, he wouldn’t dare challenge me by coming to Hogwarts.”

Professor Dumbledore’s words carried an air of calm authority, hinting that Fudge’s hold on power was contingent on his consent.

“How do you explain tonight’s letter?”

Professor McGonagall produced a letter from her robe.

It had just been delivered by an owl and was the reason she was en route to Dumbledore’s office.

She encountered the discreet Wentworth along the way, who informed Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore glanced at the letter and responded casually, “Minerva, you’re overcomplicating matters. Keep in mind that Thomas Vole is Cassandra Vole’s father. This is likely a concerned father visiting his injured daughter at school. He might be leveraging his authority to exert some pressure on the school.”

“Did the letter mention when he plans to arrive?”

Professor Dumbledore inquired.

“It states that he’ll be here tomorrow afternoon after concluding his official duties in the morning.”

Professor McGonagall relayed the information.

Professor Dumbledore smiled and remarked, “After so many years away, he wouldn’t return empty-handed when visiting his former teachers.”

Professor McGonagall’s rare smile mirrored Dumbledore’s.

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Published On: September 18, 2023

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