Prefect Waring led a sizable group of Slytherin students, strutting through the corridors, drawing the attention of many onlookers.

Some individuals quickly headed to the professors’ offices to provide reports about the situation.

By the time Prefect Waring and his Slytherin entourage reached the vicinity of the Hufflepuff common room, they had gathered a following of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students.

It was human nature to be drawn to spectacle, after all.

Aware of the situation through earlier reports, Prefect Green, accompanied by the Hufflepuff students, awaited outside the common room.

“Prefect Waring, what’s your intention? Are you representing Slytherin and declaring war against us, Hufflepuffs?”

Prefect Green playfully mirrored Cassandra’s approach from the morning, metaphorically placing a symbolic hat of provocation on Prefect Waring’s head.

“You’re not far off. I am declaring war on behalf of Slytherin against you Hufflepuffs,” Prefect Waring brazenly admitted, to Prefect Green’s surprise.

“Declaration of war? Very well, all Hufflepuff students, ready your wands and prepare for the first round of ‘artillery fire.’ Wait, what’s this ‘artillery fire’?”

Prefect Green turned towards Wentworth, inquiring about the term.

“Cannon fire, Senior Green! Considering our numbers, amplifying the spell’s range is better than worrying about precision. Today, we’ll show Slytherin what it means to lack firepower. Let’s make sure they understand the consequences of underestimating us!”

Wentworth stood behind Prefect Green, observing the situation on the other side, as he quietly explained his countermeasure.

This plan had been devised in collaboration with Prefect Green.

If Slytherin were to provoke them, Hufflepuff would respond with doubled curses.

It was a strategy designed to turn the tables on them.

Meanwhile, on the Slytherin side, Prefect Waring noted the Hufflepuffs raising their wands.

The sheer number of wands was a sight to behold, and Prefect Waring acknowledged that it was a bit intimidating.

With a grin, he remarked, “Look at that, Professor McGonagall! The Hufflepuffs are aiming their wands at their fellow students! How amusing!”

However, Professor McGonagall’s icy glare made Prefect Waring instantly regret his comment.

Ignoring his jest, she sternly inquires, “Now, tell me, what brings so many Slytherins to the entrance of the Hufflepuff common room?”

Caught off guard, Prefect Waring was at a loss for words.

Several professors, including Hufflepuff’s head of the house, Professor Sprout, arrived on the scene.

Green handed the parchment from Prefect Waring to Professor Sprout, who examined it before taking it over to Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall for their review.

As Professor Sprout made her way over, Wentworth discreetly approached Prefect Green, concerned by his grim expression.

“Senior Green, you don’t seem too pleased.”

Prefect Green’s frustration was evident as he replied.

“Can you blame me? Following Prefect Waring’s parchment means our chances of winning are slim. Maybe Cedric can secure victory against Slytherin’s second-years, but we’re heading for a shaved-head situation for the rest of us.

Wentworth’s response seemed nonchalant as he asked with a smile.

“Senior Green, are you seeking revenge against Prefect Waring?”

Prefect Green gave him a skeptical look.

Wentworth’s reply held a deeper meaning.

“Senior Green, if you truly desire revenge against Prefect Waring, this duel provides an ideal opportunity. Since they initiated the challenge, why not add a twist? For instance, the losing side’s prefect willingly steps down from their position.”

Prefect Green rolled his eyes at the suggestion.

“I’ll humor you. I’ve said it before: we’ll likely lose following Prefect Waring’s proposal. But now you want me to accept a humiliating defeat? You’re practically tossing me into a pit of fire.”

However, Prefect Green suddenly halted mid-sentence as he spoke, staring at Wentworth in bewilderment. Wentworth, too, looked at him with a knowing smile.

After a moment, Prefect Waring managed to suppress his excitement, looking around cautiously.

Seeing no one was paying them much attention, he exchanged a quick glance with Cedric.

This allowed Prefect Green to approach them discreetly, “Wentworth, do you have a plan? Can Hufflepuff win this?”

Wentworth nodded confidently, “Yes, I have a plan, though it might seem a bit dishonorable…”

Before he could continue, Prefect Green embraced him, “It doesn’t matter! I’ll bear any disgrace if it means winning. What should we do? Just tell me!”

“I have an idea, but first…”

Wentworth leaned in to whisper his strategy to Prefect Green.

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Published On: September 10, 2023

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