“Actually, not so much,” Wentworth responded, looking at Prefect Green with a mixture of disbelief and confusion.

Even though Green was a Hufflepuff prefect, he didn’t carry the air of authority commonly associated with the position.

Instead, he exuded a friendly, approachable aura that made him feel more like an older brother to Wentworth.

This was why Wentworth was taken aback by Prefect Green’s current expression.

Prefect Green took the opportunity to explain himself, shedding light on the situation.

“Absolutely! Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been at Hogwarts together like Prefect Waring from Slytherin. He’s always held the upper hand due to his pure-blood heritage, insulting us countless times. Becoming a Hufflepuff prefect allowed me to finally get back at him!”

“But, to my surprise, he became a Slytherin prefect. I thought I might never get my chance at revenge until this morning. Watching him being pushed around in the crowd brought me so much satisfaction!”

Prefect Green’s emotions couldn’t be contained as he burst into laughter.

Seeing Prefect Green’s joy, Wentworth couldn’t help but smile as well.

He was about to respond when the Hufflepuff common room’s door swung open.

A panicked Hufflepuff student rushed in, breathless, “Prefect Green, something’s not right! Prefect Waring is heading this way with a bunch of Slytherin students!”

Tension filled the Hufflepuff common room as everyone’s expressions turned nervous. Prefect Green rose from his seat, trying to instill confidence.

“Why fear them? This is Hufflepuff territory, and there are more of us than of them. They should be the ones feeling uneasy. Remember what happened this morning? They retreated in defeat, didn’t they? Yes, they’re Slytherins, but that doesn’t mean we should be scared. They’re Slytherins, after all!”

Prefect Green’s words quickly lifted the spirits of the Hufflepuffs.

The events of that morning had fostered an unprecedented sense of unity and camaraderie among them.

“Everyone, follow me outside. Let’s see what the Slytherin snakes have in mind!”

With a wave of Prefect Green’s hand, the Hufflepuffs rallied and streamed out of the common room.

Prefect Green leaned in and whispered to Wentworth.

“Stay alert. You’re their target, the person they despise the most. Be cautious in case a confrontation arises. They might focus on you.”

Prefect Green’s words touched Wentworth deeply, but they also surprised him.

Wentworth couldn’t believe Prefect Waring would intentionally provoke a large-scale confrontation between the houses.

The Slytherin prefect was quite audacious.

Not long ago, after the morning class ended, Prefect Waring was summoned to Professor Snape’s office.

Prefect Waring, feeling anxious, was eager to explain himself.

However, Professor Snape was uninterested in hearing his excuses, “Silence! I’ll see for myself.”

Professor Snape delved into Prefect Waring’s memories using Legilimency.

His expression darkened as he watched the events unfold.

When Prefect Waring awoke, Professor Snape stared at him with a look of disdain and disgust.

Witnessing Professor Snape’s reaction, Prefect Waring’s anxiety grew.

He realized that Professor Snape wasn’t pleased with his actions.

“Quiet! Do you really think I’m interested in your explanations?” Professor Snape’s sharp rebuke left Prefect Waring feeling subdued and helpless.

During the memory reading, Professor Snape’s face became progressively more grim.

He concluded that Prefect Waring, who had initially sought trouble, was surrounded and humiliated by a first-year student.

This embarrassing incident had worsened his standing.

Feeling shame and unease, Prefect Waring tried to defend himself, “Dean, please listen to my side of the story. There was a misunderstanding—”

Professor Snape interrupted, his voice cold, “Enough. Your actions speak for themselves.”

Prefect Waring was disheartened.

It was clear that Professor Snape held no sympathy for his predicament.

Seizing the moment, Professor Snape advised Prefect Waring against escalating the situation, “Stop! I didn’t permit you to leave.”

Professor Snape’s stern voice halted Prefect Waring’s movements.

Lost in thought, Professor Snape contemplated the situation.

Although he had prevented Prefect Waring from provoking Wentworth, he couldn’t shake off the day’s earlier events.

Slytherin’s honor was important to Professor Snape, and he couldn’t ignore the loss of face.

Unable to target Wentworth directly, Professor Snape devised a plan, “Go to the Hufflepuff common room, not to cause trouble, but to issue a challenge.”

“A challenge?” Prefect Waring looked puzzled.

Professor Snape, somewhat exasperated, explained.

“Yes, a challenge. Acknowledge the misunderstanding and extend Slytherin’s hand for friendship. Suggest a series of duels to resolve tensions. We will call it a ‘Gathering of Gauntlets.’ These duels will demonstrate camaraderie and help both houses improve together.”

Prefect Waring’s confusion gradually lifted as he grasped Professor Snape’s idea.

He responded with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Dean. Slytherin’s reputation won’t be tarnished further. Hufflepuff won’t stand a chance against us.”

With renewed confidence, Prefect Waring left Professor Snape’s office, sharing the plan with the other Slytherin students.

They unanimously agreed that Slytherin would emerge victorious in the proposed duels.

Thus, under Prefect Waring’s leadership, a determined group of Slytherins marched toward the Hufflepuff common room, ready to challenge their counterparts.

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Published On: September 9, 2023

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