In Dumbledore’s eyes, Wentworth’s efforts to strengthen the unity of the Alliance party were evident.

Wentworth stood nervously in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, facing Cassandra.

After Professor Ilona explained the Disarming Charm, she divided the new Hufflepuffs and Slytherins into separate practice sessions.

However, just as the morning class drew close, Professor Ilona gathered everyone together again.

“Who among you would like to demonstrate the Disarming Charm?”

Cassandra eagerly raised her hand.

However, upon reaching the center of the classroom, her focus shifted to Hufflepuff.

“Wentworth, where are you going?”

Caught off guard, Wentworth attempted to slip away quietly among the crowd of Hufflepuffs.

But Cassandra wasn’t about to let him escape that easily; she specifically called him out.

“Who from Hufflepuff is willing to step forward for a demonstration?”

Though posed as a question, Cassandra’s intent was evident as her gaze remained fixed on Wentworth.

As Cassandra spoke, all eyes turned to Wentworth, making his evasion futile.

Reluctantly, he took up his wand and moved to stand opposite Cassandra.

With Professor Ilona’s signal, both students raised their wands simultaneously.


A spell shot forth from Cassandra’s wand, while Wentworth, appearing unprepared, failed to chant a counter-spell or even wave his wand, resulting in Cassandra successfully disarming him.

Wentworth’s wand clattered to the ground.

Seeing this, Cassandra’s lips curved into a victorious smile.

However, before she could revel in her triumph, Wentworth spoke up.

“Dear classmates, allow me to demonstrate the Disarming Charm’s effect. When struck by this spell, your wand is forcibly expelled from your grip, rendering you defenseless. Remember, losing your wand means losing your ability to cast spells effectively.”

As he explained, Wentworth approached the fallen wand, picked it up, and then looked at Cassandra with a friendly smile.

“Cassandra, you’re a girl, after all. While the Disarming Charm is relatively safe, it can still be painful when the spell hits. Being a gentleman, how could I let you endure this discomfort?”

Wentworth’s tone was light, but his words resonated with the watching students. He continued.

“If anyone must experience the spell, it should be me. I wouldn’t want any harm to come to a fellow student, particularly a girl. As a proud Hufflepuff, this is my way of protecting and supporting my peers.”

As Wentworth finished speaking, he stood still, awaiting the response.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom fell into a brief silence, followed by resounding applause.

Behind Wentworth, the first-year Hufflepuffs regarded him with admiration.

Some girls even looked at him with a newfound fondness.

Even among the Slytherin freshmen, a few claps sounded before being suppressed under Cassandra’s piercing glare.

Cassandra glared at Wentworth, her resentment evident.

Her initial plan to humiliate him had backfired, leaving her frustrated.

Professor Ilona, who had observed the entire scene, clapped her hands softly, her approval evident.

“Remarkable! Wentworth, you’ve exceeded my expectations. Cassandra executed the Disarming Charm flawlessly, showcasing her exceptional magical prowess. For this, Slytherin earns ten points.”

She turned her gaze to Wentworth and continued.

“Wentworth, your display of integrity and camaraderie truly embodies the spirit of Hufflepuff. Your willingness to endure discomfort for the sake of others is commendable. Hufflepuff earns twenty points.”

Ilona’s words triggered another round of applause, Hufflepuff students cheering even more enthusiastically.

A surprised Wentworth stood amid the cheers, feeling both gratified and amazed by the positive response.

As Cassandra glared at Wentworth, Professor Ilona concluded, “There will be no homework for today’s class.”

This declaration even prompted applause from Slytherin students.

As the class dispersed, Wentworth returned to the Hufflepuff common room.

A cheerful group of first-year Hufflepuffs awaited him, their applause and cheers resonating as Wentworth entered.

Prefect Green, Cedric, and others surrounded Wentworth, their excitement palpable.

Prefect Green seemed so elated that he appeared ready to kiss Wentworth.

“Wentworth, thank you on behalf of Hufflepuff! We’ve endured five years of mistreatment from Slytherin. You can’t imagine the struggles we’ve faced. We were often targeted, and any conflicts led to point deductions for us.”

Prefect Green’s emotion-filled words spoke to Wentworth’s heart. In confusion, Wentworth questioned.

“What do you mean, ‘What have you lost?’“

Looking at his resentful expression, Wentworth couldn’t help but be intrigued.

“I’ve lost a lot. Points were deducted from us, but more importantly, it’s about our dignity.”

At that moment, Wentworth gained a deeper understanding of the challenges his fellow Hufflepuffs had faced.

He realized that it wasn’t just about points but about pride, self-respect, and reclaiming their honor.

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Published On: September 8, 2023

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