Upon witnessing Prefect Green admitting his inability to face Prefect Waring, Wentworth found himself unsure of how to proceed.

Prefect Green appeared somewhat embarrassed but still explained in a hushed tone.

“Wentworth, even though I despise Slytherin guys, I must acknowledge that many of them hail from ancient pure-blood wizard families and possess remarkable talents. Some have even mastered unique magic passed down through their bloodlines. I’m simply not equipped to challenge Waring.”

Observing Prefect Green’s awkward explanation, Wentworth’s attention remained fixed on Prefect Waring, who had regained his arrogant demeanor and was now supporting Cassandra to depart.

“Wait! Do you intend to leave it at that?” Wentworth’s voice rang out as he rose from his seat, surprising Prefect Waring, who initially regarded Wentworth as a first-year student fresh into Hogwarts.

A disdainful smile crept across Prefect Waring’s face.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Prefect Waring inquired, his tone scornful.

Wentworth, undeterred, walked to the forefront of the Hufflepuff group, his demeanor confident yet not overbearing.

“This time, Senior Prefect Waring, I should be asking you: What is your intention in stopping me here? To humiliate me? Humiliating me is equivalent to humiliating the thousand-year legacy of Hufflepuff! It’s an affront to our legacy!” Wentworth’s voice rose with conviction.

Unfazed by Wentworth’s challenge, Prefect Waring sneered and countered.

“What can you do? You’re just a bunch of mud… half-bloods. I am a noble pure-blood wizard!”

Prefect Waring’s arrogant words reverberated through the corridor, causing Wentworth to feel a tinge of disappointment.

Nonetheless, the determined expression on Wentworth’s face remained unchanged.

With a casual shrug, Wentworth continued confidently.

“Senior Waring, I may not be able to physically halt you, but allow me to remind you that your actions would tarnish not only my face but also besmirch the legacy of Hufflepuff.”

Unperturbed by Wentworth’s words, Prefect Waring turned his attention back to Prefect Green, seemingly dismissive of the confrontation.

Suddenly, a gentle tug on Prefect Waring’s robe caught his attention.

“What?” Prefect Waring asked impatiently.

Upon following the gaze of those behind him, Prefect Waring noticed that his group had been encircled by Hufflepuff students without his awareness.

Wentworth’s voice reached Prefect Green and Cedric, where he whispered with determination.

“If we can’t challenge them individually, we can still unite as a group! Remember, Hufflepuff boasts the largest student body. In some cases, quantity surpasses quality.”

While Cedric seemed uncertain, Prefect Green listened attentively and even jotted down some notes on a piece of paper.

Seeing the situation unfold in an unexpected direction, Cassandra couldn’t resist interjecting.

“Wentworth, are you declaring war on behalf of Hufflepuff against Slytherin?”

Cassandra’s words revealed a shrewdness that Wentworth found impressive.

Her query cleverly redirected the blame onto Wentworth.

Rather than answering directly, Wentworth feigned surprise.

“Cassandra, what are you saying? When did it become a declaration of war between Hufflepuff and Slytherin? Senior Waring merely mentioned Gryffindor was foolish and Gryffindor students were idiots. It was never a declaration of war!”

Wentworth’s response momentarily silenced the crowd. The Gryffindor students were amused by Wentworth’s witty retort while Prefect Waring struggled to find words.

“I never said that!” Prefect Waring protested, his desperation evident. His argument had backfired spectacularly.

“You didn’t? Then why don’t you swear in the name of Merlin or in the name of Slytherin? You must comprehend you’re representing yourself and Slytherin’s reputation!” Wentworth interjected calmly.

Caught off guard, Prefect Waring hesitated to make the pledge, leaving Gryffindor students convinced of his prior comments.

This time, Gryffindor students were equally incensed.

Gryffindors were known for their fiery temper, which ignited easily compared to Hufflepuff’s more level-headed approach.

Led by the Weasley twins, a horde of Gryffindors surged forward.

Meanwhile, the Hufflepuffs, following Wentworth’s signal, willingly made way for Gryffindor students.

The juxtaposition of camaraderie and the welcoming atmosphere Hufflepuff fostered only further agitated the Gryffindors.

Despite refraining from using spells, the crowd’s shoving and jostling escalated the tension.

Amidst the chaos, Prefect Waring’s previously assured facade crumbled, and he found himself in a precarious position.

Unaccustomed to such humiliation, Prefect Waring felt a surge of anger and decided he could endure it no longer.

Fueled by his wrath, he pushed his way forward, his gaze fixed on Wentworth.

In a fit of rage, Prefect Waring drew his wand and lunged at Wentworth, his intentions clear.

However, before Wentworth could react, a forceful spell struck Prefect Waring’s wand, sending it flying.

Despite this setback, Prefect Waring remained undeterred and threw himself into Wentworth’s arms, embracing him tightly.

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Published On: September 6, 2023

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