When Harry and the others heard Colin’s loud voice, their expressions changed, especially Harry’s. However, as they were about to leave, Harry felt a sudden grab from behind.

Turning around, he saw Colin with an eager expression and a camera in hand. “Harry, please take a picture with me. I really need to have our picture taken together so I can commemorate our friendship.” He said enthusiastically.

Ron and Hermione stood by helplessly, observing Harry taking a photo with Colin.

Ron pouted and remarked, “What is this? It just reminds me of when my mother saw Professor Lockhart!”

Hermione, with a furrowed brow, responded, “Forget it. Professor Lockhart is at least the most famous wizard in the wizarding world, second only to Headmaster Dumbledore. Harry? Now, in addition to the fame from that incident, his magical ability is not even comparable to mine!”

“Although we’re friends, I still have to say that as a wizard, Harry’s current strength is not worthy of his fame!” Hermione continued with an annoyed expression, worried about the threats and danger coming together for his life.

Upon hearing Hermione’s words, Ron expressed disdain, saying, “Professor Lockhart is not much better. Although we haven’t taken his class yet, I heard he made a mess when he gave the freshmen the first-year Defense Against the Dark Arts class.”

While Harry was occupied with sending Colin away, Ron and Hermione stood discussing Lockhart.

Unbeknownst to them, a Slytherin girl in the corner quietly observed everything in front of her.

Ron’s intuition proved right this time. The next day, in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class for the second year, Professor Lockhart confidently released an elf, causing chaos in the classroom.

The situation spiraled out of control, with Professor Lockhart denying their allegations of whether or not he is capable of teaching them due to the elf incident.

In the end, Lockhart hurriedly left, leaving the students to deal with the aftermath. Fortunately, Hermione’s Freezing Charm immobilized the elves, resolving the crisis with her highly doubting their teacher.

The Hogwarts students were embroiled in discussions about Lockhart’s antics, but not everyone paid attention to the commotion.

The next afternoon, Hermione, book in hand as always, headed to the Hogwarts library for study. While walking through a corridor, she crossed paths with a Slytherin girl named Cassandra.

Although aware of Cassandra’s close ties with Wentworth’s group, Hermione refrained from greeting her as the Slytherin girl showed no intention of acknowledgment.

Without dwelling on it, Hermione continued into the library.

Meanwhile, Cassandra, having left the scene, found a secluded spot. Retrieving her secret party identity card, she left a message about tonight’s gathering and departed with a smile.

Seated in the library, Hermione felt a sharp object in the pocket of her robe.

Hermione examined the card in her hand, revealing an invitation that read, “At midnight tonight, the Room of Requirement, welcome to the Secret Hallows!”

Perplexed, Hermione contemplated the card and was on the verge of discarding it when a realization struck her: “The Room of Requirement isn’t a place everyone knows about at Hogwarts! Only a few people are aware I’ve been there. But who could it be? Harry and Ron are unlikely. Draco? Wentworth? Maybe Professor Snape?”

“I need to see it for myself; there is no way this would be a prank from them,” With these thoughts, Hermione cautiously stored the cards away.

That night, while she wrestled with restless thoughts in bed, in the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, Cassandra, Cedric, Green, and now Draco, convened for the first time since the new term began.

As Green settled in, he yawned and questioned, “Heart K, what’s the reason for this sudden gathering?”

Amidst the absence of the dense fog, the visible fatigue on Green’s countenance hinted at the dual burdens he carried — not just the preparations for the graduation exams but also the censure as the Hogwarts Student Union chairman. The weight had left him feeling drained for weeks.

Observing Green’s weary state, Cassandra furrowed her brows.

Retrieving a potion bottle from her belongings, she forcefully slid it across the table to Green, emphasizing, “K of spades, take this. When fatigue sets in, a single drop should suffice. Remember, moderation is key.”

Curious about the potion, Green inspected the bottle, finding no label. He inquired, “What’s this?”

Cassandra clarified, “A concoction that offers a temporary energy boost, with no adverse effects.”

Upon hearing Cassandra’s statement, Green refrained from further inquiries. Considering Cassandra’s father’s position as the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic, it seemed reasonable for her to have access to such resources.

Observing with curiosity from the sidelines, Draco couldn’t resist commenting, “This thing must be expensive, right?”

Cassandra glanced at him and replied slowly, “Money can’t buy it.”

Draco, left momentarily speechless, attempted to diffuse the tension with a change of topic: “By the way, the recent buzz is Gilderoy Lockhart’s plan to establish the Wizarding World Central Bank. I can share some information. Although several ancient British pure-blood families are involved, care to guess who the true puppet master is?”

Amused by Draco’s somewhat boastful tone, Cassandra exchanged glances with Green and Cedric before suppressing a smile. Cedric, playing along, asked Draco in a cooperative manner, “Oh, is there a hint of you or your family behind this, Jack of Heart?”

Draco, acknowledging his affiliation with the Alliance due to Lucius considering him a member, felt no need to hide his involvement in these matters.

As Draco began to share more details, Green, with a chuckle, interjected, “According to the information I got, Lockhart is a member of the Alliance. So, tell me more about that information of yours, are they credible?! Or are you perhaps a member of Alliance as well?!”

Green’s revelation caught Draco off guard. He hadn’t anticipated that someone within this enigmatic organization was aware of the truth.

Despite Draco elevating the Secret Hallow’s standing in his perception, each encounter with it seemed to unveil more mystery than he could anticipate.

Continuing, Green pressed, “Or, are your parents part of one of the oldest pure-blood families in England?”

Choosing silence, Draco opted not to reveal his identity.

After all, the secrecy surrounding each member’s background remained a fundamental aspect of the Alliance.

Green chuckled once again upon seeing how Draco was taken aback and stayed silent all the time, while Cassandra couldn’t help but feel a bit worried about how far Green had been teasing Draco.

Cedric, feeling sorry seeing how they’re teasing Draco, voiced his concern, “I think Heart J will share his information once you stop questioning him, Spade K.”


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