Having obtained the desired information, one of the Aurors swiftly drew his wand, declaring, “Obliviate!”

After erasing the strong bald man’s memory, the Auror gestured to his partner, saying, “We’re good to go!”

Another Auror raised a concern, “Director, this marks the second incident like this in a month. Clearly, a magical creature has come close, but we’re unsure about the type of dragon. Why don’t we pursue and investigate?”

As the young Auror spoke, he pointed to the blood on the ground, which seemed to trail deep into the jungle, possibly reaching the other side. “Take a look at that trail closely.”

The Austrian Ministry of Magic’s Auror director, addressed as the director by his subordinate, gazed at the bloodstain’s direction, offering a meaningful comment, “There is no need for us to be wasting any more manpower to chase it. Beyond this dense forest lies a restricted area. Though there are no explicit regulations, it is strictly forbidden for wizards to approach.”

Upon hearing his supervisor’s revelation, the young Auror couldn’t restrain his curiosity, questioning, “Director, what exactly is there? Why is it designated as a restricted area, and why the secrecy in the department?”

The Austrian Auror director remained silent for a moment before disclosing, “Because there is a real Dark Lord!”

The young Auror, taken aback by this revelation, eagerly exclaimed, “A real Dark Lord? Then we…”

However, before the young Auror could finish, his supervisor abruptly interrupted him, who cautioned, “Put those thoughts aside. It’s good to be motivated, but use your judgment wisely.”

Frowning suspiciously, the young Auror pressed further, “I’m a bit puzzled, Director. Knowing there’s a real Dark Lord, shouldn’t we bring him to trial? We’re Aurors! Why not? We should ensure justice!”

The Austrian Auror supervisor glanced at his subordinate and then responded slowly, “Just because of this Dark Lord, he nearly became the president of the International Federation of Wizards!”

“No one can judge him, Merlin, neither!” The Auror director of the Austrian Ministry of Magic apparated away without waiting for the young Auror to respond.

Later, the Austrian Auror supervisor found himself in a picturesque valley with a courtyard where an old man was tending to flowers.

“Oh, here you are, Mueller,” the old man greeted without looking up.

Mueller, the head of the Austrian and British Ministry of Magic, took the kettle from the old man’s hand, assisted in watering the plants, and began, “Father, today I…”

Mueller then recounted the day’s events to his father. The old man slowly walked to a reclining chair and sat down.

After Mueller finished speaking, the old man nodded with relief, saying, “Thank you, Mueller.”

Mueller shook his head and responded, “Not tired. Everything is for the greater good!”

The old man smiled at Mueller and remarked, “The dragon that the young lord gave to lord Grindelwald looks very strong, haha!” Mueller joined in the laughter.

Then, the old man sighed and continued, “Mueller, you have to keep working hard. We must secure the position of Austrian Minister of Magic!”

Mueller nodded affirmatively, and the old man added, “Although I shouldn’t think so, the old lord made a mistake back then! Relying on votes and securing the position of the president of the International Wizarding Federation was a sure thing. But he had to rely on a unicorn, giving Dumbledore and the others a chance!”

“It’s better to follow the young lord’s method. Convert all the candidates to our side, so that no matter which approach is taken, the position of the chairman of the International Wizarding Federation won’t slip away!”

The old man looked at his son expectantly and said, “What we missed back then, I don’t want your generation to miss it again! The young lord has already paved the way for you, a different approach than what the lord Grindelwald used to take. As long as you follow and listen to every order that the young lord gave, the Alliance revival is nigh! The future will belong to us this time. There will be no opposition.”

Meanwhile, Wentworth, considered the cornerstone of the Alliance’s revival, sat in the classroom, staring at the ancient rune in front of him as if it were a heavenly book, feeling overwhelmed.

“The ancients really invented this thing? It looks more like a monkey just scratched a few strokes!” He said in his heart as he continued to scrutinize the rune.

Wentworth was perplexed but still followed the professor’s explanation, comparing the magic pattern in the book. Subconsciously swiping his wand, the next moment, “Boom!”

A faint blue flame suddenly ignited, startling Wentworth. His blond hair might not have survived the encounter if he hadn’t reacted quickly.

As the flames quickly engulfed his table, Wentworth hastily pointed his wand and incanted, “Aguamenti!” Yet, the faint blue flame remained unaffected, persistently burning and spreading.

Fortunately, the Hogwarts professors, aside from the Defense Against the Dark Arts course, were industry elites, preventing significant damage.

They stared at Wentworth with puzzled expressions while the other students looked at him with hints of jealousy and awe.

Eventually, Wentworth, left with only four table legs, gazed at them with a newfound appreciation. “Now that’s called magic!” he exclaimed in his heart.

Exiting the ancient magic weave classroom, Wentworth’s mind remained immersed in the recently acquired knowledge. However, a commotion ahead interrupted his thoughts.

Annoyed, Wentworth looked up, only to witness three Gryffindor-clad figures sprinting through the corridor, drawing the ire of fellow students.

Interrupted in his thoughts, Wentworth poised his wand, ready to reprimand the three Gryffindors for flouting school rules. However, his intention wavered when one of them loudly exclaimed, “Wentworth! Senior Wentworth!”

Upon closer inspection, Wentworth recognized Harry Potter leading the trio, with Ron and Hermione in tow. Stashing his wand, Wentworth turned away, his mind still engrossed in magical ancient patterns.

Surrounded by accomplished wizards, Wentworth found it challenging to muster interest in Hogwarts’ teachings after witnessing numerous powerful spells.

Not to count the battle-hardened veterans of the Alliance’s wizards and witches, but the other people that surround him have risen to a level where the curriculum of Hogwarts won’t be enough to keep up with.

However, the resurgence of ancient magic patterns rekindled his curiosity and evoked the initial enchantment he felt upon entering the magical world.

Thus, Wentworth remained indifferent to the three juniors who came in looking for him.

He just doesn’t want to fill his daily life at school with useless socialization.

Avoiding them, he vanished into the crowd.

Helpless, Harry and the others came to a halt. Yet, from behind, came cries directed at the trio, “Senior Harry! Wait for me, Senior Harry!”


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Published On: April 28, 2024

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