Hearing Grindelwald’s words, Dumbledore couldn’t help but be stunned, and Grindelwald continued his passionate discourse, “What is he? A wizard! What is he doing? Busy playing tricks with the Muggles’ way of living?”

Dumbledore, feeling the need to defend his students, responded, “Gellert, you played plenty of intrigues back then!”

Grindelwald couldn’t help but choke on Dumbledore’s words but then asserted stubbornly, “That’s because I was already one of the best wizards in the world! And where is Wentworth currently standing right now? Tell me, Albus, is he actually one of the strongest wizards you’ve encountered at his age?”

“At first, when I heard you say he took the initiative to learn magic, I was pleased. But now? How much has his magical ability improved compared to the past?”

“Some scenery can only be seen from standing on the top of the mountain. Learning to plan the future at a young age is good, but all means must be based on strength. Sometimes, power is the ultimate truth. Power is justice! What good would it be if Wentworth has lots of influence in the wizarding world but has no strength to back it?!”

But Dumbledore obviously would not agree with Grindelwald’s opinion. Shaking his head, Dumbledore denied, “No, Gellert, my opinion is the exact opposite of yours! Your method has already proven to be a failure! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be sitting here now! On the contrary, I agree more with Wentworth’s approach, or I wouldn’t let him fool around!”

“The magical world needs integration, but certainly not through so-called violence and power, let alone terror! That’s why I firmly oppose you becoming the president of the International Federation of Wizards because this will lead us wizards to destruction!”

Hearing Dumbledore’s words, Grindelwald was genuinely angry. Abruptly standing up, Grindelwald looked at Dumbledore and declared, “Wentworth, his surname is Grindelwald! He is the heir of my Grindelwald family and the future heir of the Grindelwald family. I should have the final say in his education method!”

Dumbledore remained steadfast and responded firmly, “Wentworth Grindelwald, now a third-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hufflepuff House, and I, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, should have a say in his education. I advise you to let it go!”

The two locked eyes for a prolonged moment, and eventually, it was Grindelwald who broke the silence, “During the next holiday, bring him to me! I deserve to see him at least, Albus.”

Under Dumbledore’s watchful gaze, Grindelwald expressed his frustration, “Why not let me give my grandson a comprehensive tutoring during the entire vacation? Look at the students you’ve taught over the years—how many of them turned out well? I don’t want my grandson to spend his time with those peculiar creatures all day!”

Hearing Grindelwald’s words, Dumbledore smiled slightly and quipped, “You wouldn’t want Newt to hear that, or he might argue that there are no peculiar creatures, only narrow-minded people! By the way, would you like me to send you a couple of magical creatures to keep you company and ward off loneliness?”

Grindelwald sneered and continued in a mocking tone, “I’ve always been narrow-minded, and I’ve never denied it! As for Fantastic Beasts…”

As Grindelwald spoke, he put his finger to his mouth and let out a loud whistle. After a brief moment, Dumbledore witnessed a young dragon, about half a meter in length, flying over from a distance and landing outside the window. A resounding dragon roar echoed through the mountains.

Dumbledore stared at the young dragon in astonishment and exclaimed, “Gellert, when did you acquire a Norwegian Ridgeback?”

Grindelwald casually stroked the wings of the Norwegian Ridgeback in front of him and said, “Sent by your admirable student! Seems like it was being kept inappropriately by one of your staff members. What’s his name? Oh, yes, Hagrid! This little fella right here has been a great companion compared to your presence, Albus.”

Dumbledore responded, “…Oh, well, then I’m not surprised at all!”

It was clear that Dumbledore possessed extensive knowledge about magical creatures, evident from his discovery of the twelve uses of dragon blood.

Dumbledore leaned closer, carefully observing the Norwegian Ridgeback in front of him, and inquired, “Gellert, did you give him a name?”

Grindelwald nodded and replied softly, “Indeed, I named him – Nibelungen,” He introduced the Norwegian Ridgeback as he ran his fingers through the top of its head, playfully patting it.

Upon hearing Grindelwald’s choice of name, Dumbledore was momentarily taken aback but refrained from commenting.

During this moment, Dumbledore noticed a few drops of blood at the corner of Nibelungen’s mouth.

Simultaneously, Grindelwald also observed this and expressed impatience, “Hey, Nibelungen, didn’t I tell you to clean up after eating!”

In response to Grindelwald’s scolding, Nibelungen whimpered a few times, seemingly expressing his grievances.

Observing this interaction, Grindelwald sighed and added, “Alright, alright, I am in a generous mood today, so I’ll let it slide. But be warned, there will be consequences next time!”

Following Grindelwald’s statement, Nibelungen couldn’t resist rubbing his head affectionately against Grindelwald’s chest.

Observing the scene before him, Dumbledore expressed some skepticism, “Gellert, do you really know the dragon language?”

Grindelwald responded confidently, “I’m just guessing based on Nibelung’s gestures!”

Dumbledore shook his head with a wry smile and immediately inquired, “This creature looks quite formidable. What do you feed it?”

Grindelwald, caught off guard by Dumbledore’s question, stood still for a moment and responded with surprise, “Are you suggesting I should feed this thing?”

Dumbledore, taken aback by Grindelwald’s reaction, hastily clarified, “No, no, I meant what does it eat?”

Grindelwald shrugged nonchalantly and remarked, “Who knows, it’s a dragon. Hunting is instinctive. As for what it eats, anything goes, as long as it doesn’t soil my room!”

Meanwhile, in a secluded village in Austria, two Aurors from the Austrian Ministry of Magic appeared near a wooden hut amid several explosions.

Suddenly, the two transformed into Austrian policemen entered the wooden house and rapped on the door.

After a moment, the door creaked open, revealing a burly, bald man who trembled as he spoke, “Thank goodness you’re finally here! That guy just left. I swear, I saw a dragon! A real dragon! It devoured my deer in the woods!”

Jotting down notes symbolically, the two Austrian Aurors accompanied the man to his deer farm in the woods, finding only remnants of blood.

“Are you certain no one else witnessed the… dragon you mentioned?” inquired one of the Aurors.

The bald man shook his head and replied, “No, there are very few people here. I just happened to inspect the area today and stumbled upon this incredible sight. Dragons actually exist in this world!”

The two Aurors looked at each other before turning their gaze into the bald man, slowly raising their wands.


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Published On: April 28, 2024

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