The following morning, as Minister Fudge showed signs of fatigue, stifling a yawn, entered the British Ministry of Magic and approached his office door; he was surprised to find Crouch waiting.

Observing the typically arrogant and somewhat dismissive Crouch, Minister Fudge appeared to recollect something after an initial shock. A feigned smile adorned Minister Fudge’s face as he swiftly extended his hand and greeted, “Oh, Crouch, what brings you here so early?”

Crouch and Minister Fudge exchanged a brief, polite handshake before retracting their hands. As Minister Fudge opened the door, the two entered the office consecutively, and Crouch stated, “Minister Fudge, there is something I need to talk about with you. Lately, perhaps due to my advancing age, I find myself lacking the vigor for many tasks. Today, I’m here to bid farewell.”

Upon hearing Crouch’s words, Minister Fudge was inwardly delighted, silently praising Lucius, yet he maintained a facade of feigned confusion and inquired, “Farewell? Are you planning a vacation, seeking some relaxation, taking a break? The Ministry has been quite tumultuous lately! If it weren’t for me as the British Minister of Magic, I wouldn’t dream of taking a respite; I simply crave some rest.”

With a blank expression, Crouch corrected, “No, Minister Fudge, I believe there’s a misunderstanding. I’m here today to tender my resignation. I wish to step down from my role as the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic, and I kindly request your consideration for a replacement.”

Hearing Crouch’s announcement, Minister Fudge refrained from laughter, feigning shock as he exclaimed, “Oh my God, Crouch, this… this is so sudden! It’s overwhelming! You know, you’re the backbone of our Ministry of Magic! How could you possibly leave?”

Minister Fudge, unable to contain himself, turned away briefly, concealing a grin from Crouch. After composing himself, he faced Crouch again, alternating between a grin and a somber expression. With a hint of sadness, he uttered, “Crouch, have you truly given this enough thought? I believe you can continue for another ten years without a hitch!”

However, Crouch shook his head, resolute in his decision, and replied, “No, Minister Fudge, I’ve made up my mind. Please allow me to resign as the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic.”

Observing Crouch’s unwavering determination, Minister Fudge felt relieved and suggested, “How about this? If you’re concerned about your health, you could transition to a less demanding role. What do you think about taking on the position of the Director of the Department of Magic and Sports?”

Upon hearing Minister Fudge’s proposal, a smile graced Crouch’s face, and he promptly nodded, saying, “Minister Fudge, your generosity is undeniable. Refusing would be unappreciative. I shall gladly extend my service to the Department of Magic and Sports for a few more years!”

Surprised by Crouch’s swift agreement, Minister Fudge found himself momentarily flustered.

Unable to retract his words, Minister Fudge, embarrassed and regretful, forced a smile and remarked, “Alright, your willingness to stay is a boon to the British Ministry of Magic! Hehe…”

As Crouch departed, Minister Fudge muttered inwardly, “What a sly old fox! Knowing this, I shouldn’t have easily offered that position to him.”

As the relevant officials of the British Ministry of Magic assembled for a meeting, conversations buzzed around, with individuals pairing off to discuss the impending opening of Harold’s new bank and seeking each other’s perspectives on the matter.

At that moment, Minister Fudge, the Minister of Magic for the United Kingdom, entered accompanied by Umbridge. Minister Fudge addressed the gathering as he took his seat, “Alright, everyone, please quiet down. Let’s begin the meeting.”

Unexpectedly, Scrimgeour, the head of the Auror Office, interjected, “Mr. Minister, Mr. Crouch appears to be running late. Should we wait for him?”

Observing Scrimgeour advocating for Crouch, Minister Fudge felt a sense of betrayal, evident in his furrowed brows and his cold look at Scrimgeour.

With an impassive expression, Minister Fudge decided, “Let’s commence by announcing a new development at our Ministry.”

Standing up, Minister Fudge surveyed the room before declaring, “This morning, our esteemed Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic, Mr. Crouch, formally submitted his resignation!”

The announcement triggered a commotion among the wizards present, sparking a flurry of hushed discussions and whispers.

“This can’t be!”

“Mr. Crouch has resigned?!”

Observing the unfolding situation, Minister Fudge couldn’t help but sneer inwardly. “That’s right you fools! Soon, no one will be able to protect all of you!”

Minister Fudge said, raising his hand to quiet the room, “However, despite my initial announcement, Crouch has agreed to stay temporarily. He will now assume the role of Director of the Department of Magic and Sports at the British Ministry of Magic!”

Without allowing room for further discussion, Minister Fudge continued, “Regarding the vacancy in the Magic Law Enforcement Department, after careful consideration, I have chosen to appoint Thomas Vole, the current Floo Network Office Director and former Auror Office Director, to the position on a temporary basis.”

With this declaration, the room erupted into renewed discussions and whispers.

“I guess he could be a great replacement for Mr. Crouch considering his achievements lately.”

“You are an absolute buffoon. If you think Mr. Vole had any right to return, there is a reason why he is demoted!”

At that moment, Umbridge swung open the conference room door, revealing Thomas Vole’s return from St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Injuries and Injuries.

Dressed in a trench coat and a top hat, the epitome of an Auror, he strode into the room with measured steps.

Simultaneously, Minister Fudge, standing on the stage, announced, “I believe we should offer some applause now. Let’s welcome Mr. Vole as he recovers from injury and rejoins the British Ministry of Magic family!”

Despite Minister Fudge’s prompt, only scattered applause echoed through the room, indicating that the news had yet to register with everyone fully.

From the relatively obscure head of the Floo Network Office to the newly appointed and influential Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the British Ministry of Magic, Thomas’ sudden ascent left many in the room surprised.

Thomas approached Scrimgeour’s side, the position once occupied by Crouch, and Christine observed him with astonishment as he prepared to take his seat.

Minister Fudge’s lips twitched slightly, observing the reactions, and he continued, “Now, I suggest another round of applause for Mr. Vole’s heroic actions in thwarting the Alliance forces at Gringotts! At that moment, Thomas Vole defended British magic with his life. A triumph for the Ministry!”

The declaration prompted an immediate eruption of applause from the audience.

Minister Fudge surveyed the scene, a satisfied smile playing on his lips.

Thomas too, wore a contented smile, acknowledging the recognition for his courageous efforts.

Knowing after all this time, all the condescending talks behind his back were about to cease as he returned to his position.


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