After hearing Wentworth’s remarks, everyone present pondered carefully, realizing that what Wentworth proposed was indeed intriguing.

Even Lockhart, who initially deemed it impossible, found his eyes lighting up as he comprehended the concept.

Observing the growing understanding among the group, Wentworth turned to Lockhart and continued, “Of course, establishing a bank in the wizarding world is not a simple matter. Later, I will provide you with a comprehensive plan. Now, let me say this again, Professor Lockhart. Do you think you can handle the pressure of being the face of our bank?”

Hearing Wentworth’s question, Lockhart silently calculated in his mind.

Years of laborious efforts to collect stories while constantly writing had taken its toll. Isn’t it all for the money in the end?

Comparing his current situation to Wentworth’s plan, which seemed like a faster way to accumulate wealth without the toil of writing, Lockhart no longer hesitated. He nodded fervently, gritted his teeth, and declared, “Wentworth, leave this to me! I will certainly arrange everything splendidly!”

Hearing Lockhart’s words, Wentworth chuckled.

When Lockhart saw Wentworth smiling, he quickly joined in, mirroring the smile. Suddenly, Wentworth posed a question, “However, how can you convince me that you won’t betray our Alliance and abscond with the money? We are doing this with full trust after all, no holds barred.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s inquiry, Lockhart’s laughter abruptly halted, causing him to choke and cough loudly.

After clearing his throat, Lockhart promptly stood up, straightening his posture, and retorted, “Wentworth, it disappoints me that you still don’t trust me at this point. Your future professor in Hogwarts, yet you still won’t trust me?!”

Wentworth reclined in his chair, steadfastly gazing at Lockhart, withholding any immediate response.

It wasn’t until Lockhart became visibly uncomfortable under Wentworth’s scrutiny that Wentworth sneered and remarked, “Lockhart, where did you get the experiences you wrote about in those books? You may deceive others, but do you think you can hide it from our Alliance? The Forgetfulness Charm is indeed a useful spell, but it isn’t foolproof. I’d suggest opting for Avada Kedavra next time for a more secure solution!”

Upon hearing the Forgetfulness Charm mentioned by Wentworth, Lockhart realized that his most significant secret was now exposed to Wentworth and the Alliance.

His face paled in response. The mention of Avada Kedavra from Wentworth further intensified Lockhart’s distress, causing him to slump into his seat, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

In this moment of tension, Auston hurriedly entered the room.

Observing the scene, Wentworth beckoned Auston over and then gestured towards Lockhart, seated before him. Wentworth instructed, “Cast an Unbreakable Vow with him. In the future, he’ll be responsible for the specific affairs of our Bank of Alliance.”

Although Auston remained somewhat perplexed, unsure about the nature of this Bank of Alliance, he recognized the envious glances from fellow Alliance wizards and witches.

He understood that this opportunity must be significant.

Auston hastily knelt down on one knee, prepared to express his gratitude, but Wentworth intervened, stating, “No need to say thank you; this is what you deserve for the Greengrass family’s contributions to our Alliance and its unwavering loyalty.”

Moved by Wentworth’s words, Auston was about to respond, but then he seemed to recall something abruptly. He hurriedly informed Wentworth, “My lord, Mr. Thomas Vole arrived at Gringotts alone and expressed his desire to see you for negotiations.”

Wentworth glanced at Cassandra, who remained silent, sipping her tea as if oblivious to the conversation. Waving his hand dismissively, Wentworth said, “Please.”

Shortly after, under Auston’s guidance, Thomas entered briskly, clad in a trench coat. Wentworth approached him with a broad smile, remarking, “Long time no see, Mr. Vole. Your complexion has improved since our first meeting! Have you been reinstated? Congratulations!”

Thomas scanned the room, and when he spotted his daughter Cassandra quietly sipping tea, Wentworth sensed a subtle sigh of relief from him. Thomas then addressed Wentworth, stating, “Wentworth Grindelwald, you don’t need to remind me. I remember that you and your Alliance saved me and my daughter. I have never forgotten this. I came this time to repay this debt. Although I haven’t reclaimed the position of the head of the Auror Office in the British Ministry of Magic, since Scrimgeour is not in London, Fudge found me and asked me to take on the role temporarily.”

“While Fudge loudly declares his innocence, I understand him. As long as you don’t cause chaos here, especially refrain from looting the underground vaults of Gringotts, even if a few wizards or goblins meet their demise, he will turn a blind eye. Big matters will become small, and small matters will become insignificant.”

Hearing Thomas’ words, Wentworth chuckled and responded, “As I suspected. That old man knows no shame… A good thing he sent you here instead of Scrimgeour to deal with us.”

Then, Wentworth turned his gaze to Thomas Vole and inquired, “So, may I ask if Mr. Vole has anything else to share?”

Thomas glanced at Wentworth and then at Cassandra, who remained silent nearby. He sighed and spoke slowly, “Wentworth, despite being a student at Hogwarts, I understand that you won’t agree to a discreet departure in the Alliance’s style. Still, I advise you to use a portkey or the Floo network to leave Gringotts. The area outside is swarming with reporters. If your identity is exposed here, it could lead to significant trouble for Headmaster Dumbledore and Hogwarts.”

Hearing Thomas finish speaking, Wentworth slowly shook his head. Observing this, Thomas sighed, preparing to abandon the suggestion. However, Wentworth unexpectedly added, “We will leave using the portkeys, and not only that, but we Alliance are also very happy to help you in the process of reaching the top! We are rooting for the underdog! How about it, Mr. Thomas, are you interested in the position of the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement? Will you strive for the position?”

Witnessing the astonishment on Thomas’ face, Wentworth smiled subtly. He then shifted his gaze to Lockhart behind him, saying with a grin, “Professor Lockhart, it’s time to pen your next book. I’ve even come up with the title for you – ‘I and the Ministry of Magic Save Gringotts.'”


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Published On: March 27, 2024

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