After expressing his gratitude to Professor Snape, Wentworth approached the pile of old books and meticulously searched through them.

Soon, his eyes lit up as he found an old textbook. He then walked back to Professor Snape, holding the book.

“Professor Snape, I’d like to borrow this one,” Wentworth said.

Professor Snape responded without glancing up, “Just make sure you don’t damage this book as well. Remember to find me after dinner.”

Wentworth agreed quickly and made his way out of the Potions classroom.

Upon exiting, he noticed that the new Slytherins had already left while the new Hufflepuffs were still waiting outside the classroom.

Seeing Wentworth emerge, one of the Hufflepuffs asked from a distance.

Wentworth had to quickly come up with an explanation, “It’s nothing, really. I had a few questions about the potion, so I stayed back to ask Professor Snape.”

His voice faded when the worried expressions on the Hufflepuffs’ faces vanished, replaced by admiration.

One of them even gave Wentworth a thumbs-up and a pat on the shoulder.

“Wentworth, I respect you for taking the initiative!”

As this happened, Professor Snape’s voice echoed behind them, “If you’re not leaving, you can all come back in!”

The new Hufflepuffs scattered in different directions.

Turning around, Wentworth nodded at Professor Snape, then turned and followed the other freshmen out.

While no one was watching, he opened the old textbook he had borrowed from the Potions classroom.

And there, on the book’s title page, a name was written prominently—the Half-Blood Prince!

Satisfied with his discovery, Wentworth couldn’t help but smile with confidence.

Suddenly, a forceful slap landed on Wentworth’s back, startling him.

As he turned around, he saw Cedric.

“Hey, how was the Potions class? Professor Snape didn’t give you a hard time, did he?” Cedric inquired.

Feeling relieved to see Cedric, Wentworth spread his hands and replied, “Well, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. I lost five points!”

Cedric waved his hand dismissively, saying, “That’s nothing. I thought he’d dock you at least thirty points. Five points are merely for basic operation; no one will blame you. By the way, what was the reason Professor Snape gave for deducting points?”

With a wry smile, Wentworth replied, “He said I was flirting with Cassandra in class… Can you believe it?”

Cedric looked at Wentworth in a puzzled manner before bursting into laughter.

The more Cedric laughed, the more joyful he became.

Seeing Wentworth’s expression darken, Cedric quickly stifled his laughter and asked, “Seriously, do you actually have something going on with Cassandra? On the Hogwarts Express, I thought there was something unusual between the two of you!”

Wentworth hastened to deny, “Impossible! I prefer girls with tall and prominent posteriors!”

Before Cedric could respond, an indignant voice interrupted them from behind, exclaiming, “Wentworth, you are shameless!”

Turning around in surprise, they found Cassandra, causing Wentworth to feel a bit embarrassed.

He was about to explain when Cassandra uttered another sentence, “Just wait for me!”

Without looking back, Cassandra walked away from them, disappearing from view.

Watching Cassandra’s departure, Wentworth and Cedric exchanged a glance.

Wentworth then commented, “Actually, she has a lot of potential. As an ancient Eastern proverb goes: ‘Eighteen changes in a woman’s school.’“

Cedric responded helplessly, “Do you think she’s upset?”

“Trust me, absolutely,” Wentworth affirmed.

Afterward, the two headed to the dining hall for dinner.

Upon entering the dining hall and arriving at the Hufflepuff table, many students greeted Wentworth with warm smiles.

It left him feeling quite flattered.

As Wentworth took his seat, people approached him to ask about the possibility of another hot pot party.

He assured them he would notify them in advance the next time such an event occurred.

Satisfied, they left him alone.

Meanwhile, Cassandra observed Wentworth, who was surrounded by well-wishers, with a disgruntled expression.

“Cassandra, you don’t seem to be in high spirits. What’s wrong?” Slytherin’s prefect, Waring, approached with concern.

Since the start of the semester, Waring had approached Cassandra multiple times to converse.

Other Slytherin students recognized their interactions and gave them space.

Cassandra’s eyebrows furrowed upon hearing Waring’s voice.

She didn’t have a favorable opinion of him. Waring’s father worked under Cassandra’s father, which made Waring overly fawn towards her.

This behavior, while intended to please Cassandra, didn’t sit well with her.

She found it rather undignified for a Slytherin prefect, as it compromised the pride of their house.

Cassandra believed that Waring’s behavior was beneath the dignity of Slytherin and an embarrassment to their house.

At times like these, Cassandra thought of Wentworth’s expression—always composed, curious about the wizarding world, and seemingly unfazed by anything.

He was a Muggle-born wizard but seemed purer in his blood than many pure-bloods.

Cassandra didn’t need to ask how Wentworth’s family background differed; her father had provided her with a list of noteworthy new students long before she arrived at Hogwarts.

With Waring’s voice in her ears, Cassandra rolled her eyes, pushing aside her earlier frown.

“Senior Waring, today our Slytherins were underestimated,” Cassandra asserted.

Waring’s expression shifted as he heard Cassandra’s words. Filled with anger, he responded aggressively, “What? Who dared to underestimate Slytherin?”

Cassandra recounted the incident outside the Potions classroom earlier that day.

In summary, Hufflepuff’s prefect Green, along with senior students, had intentionally blocked the path of the new Slytherins, allowing the new Hufflepuffs to walk ahead of the Slytherins.

All of this, Wentworth, who was awaiting dinner, remained blissfully unaware.

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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