When Wentworth uttered those words, a moment of confusion gripped not only the elder goblin but also Rosier, Auston, and the rest.

However, after a brief hesitation, Rosier swiftly retrieved her wand from her robes.

As the initial puzzlement settled, the goblin elder’s countenance shifted to a darker shade. He regarded Wentworth intently and spoke deliberately, “I’m not certain, heir of the Grindelwald family, what this statement implies. Are you suggesting an attempt to implicate our Gringotts? If so, be prepared for the consequences, as the one who sows discord may find the repercussions severe.”

Undeterred by the goblin elder’s implicit threat, Wentworth chuckled. With unwavering confidence, he retorted, “Elder, you understand my intention perfectly, do you not?”

The tension in the Gringotts hall surged once again.

The goblin elder maintained a momentary silence, then slowly shook his head, enunciating each word with precision, “Mr. Grindelwald, there’s no need for obscure justifications. If you find fault, Gringotts is prepared to negotiate a suitable settlement. If accountability must be assigned for today’s events, then, as the Great Elder of Gringotts in London, I am willing to bear that responsibility.”

“However, rest assured, we did not detain the other members of your Alliance. I am curious, what is Mr. Grindelwald’s perspective on this matter?”

Upon hearing the elder goblin’s response, Wentworth locked eyes with it. After a prolonged pause, a relieved smile graced Wentworth’s features as he replied, “Is that so? It appears my recollection was mistaken! By the way, I recall that magical history documents the signing of a truce agreement between the International Confederation of Wizards and the goblins, accompanied by an additional accord. This accord granted goblins the authority to establish the sole bank in the wizarding world.”

As Wentworth spoke, he introduced a pause, noting the subtle shift in the elder goblin’s countenance. With a slight elevation of his mouth, Wentworth continued, “Legend has it that there exists a power of attorney in every Gringotts worldwide, with the primary original always safeguarded within the confines of Gringotts in London. I wonder if today might be my fortunate day to lay eyes upon it?”

Following Wentworth’s inquiry, the goblin accompanying the elder rose abruptly, accusing Wentworth with a pointed finger, “You’re declaring war against our goblins! Are you not afraid of instigating a fresh conflict between goblins and humans?”

Dismissively, Wentworth waved his hand, responding nonchalantly, “Why should I be afraid of it? In fact looking at the stagnating scene of the current wizarding world, that is probably for the best course of action.”

The goblin, evidently taken aback by Wentworth’s answer, remained silent for an extended moment.

Subsequently, Wentworth directed a kindly tone towards the goblin as he remarked, “When declaring war on humanity this time, do try to endure a bit longer! Oh, and if you find yourselves short on manpower during assaults on the Ministries of Magic or the International Federation of Wizards, feel free to notify us. The Alliance is more than happy to assist you on this matter!”

“We quite enjoy such endeavors, so there’s no need for gratitude! Remember just notify us further ahead before starting your rebellion!” Wentworth continued with a cheeky smile.

Wentworth’s response elicited laughter from the surrounding witches and wizards. Threatening them with war? They accepted the challenge willingly and were ready to face it.

However, the elder goblin interjected abruptly, suggesting a change in conditions. He began, “You know, Gringotts has amassed wealth over thousands of years, and in the eyes of your human wizards…”

Before the elder goblin could conclude his statement, Wentworth cut him off with a gentle shake of his head, stating, “No, that will suffice. I appreciate this type of historical witness.”

Confronted by Wentworth’s unwavering stance, the young goblin clenched his teeth and exclaimed, “This can’t be! Elder, don’t hear their nonsense!”

However, the goblin elder lapsed into silence. After a brief pause, he spoke, “Retrieve that power of attorney.”

The young goblin, wide-eyed with disbelief, stared at the elder goblin until the chief goblin prompted once again. Finally, the young goblin turned and descended back into the depths of Gringotts.

In the concealed chamber under Gringotts, the young goblin recounted the events that unfolded in the Gringotts hall to the other goblin elders seated around the stone table.

As the narrative concluded, the young goblin erupted in frustration, exclaiming, “Gringotts is the sole source of pride for our goblins in the wizarding world. Gringotts will cease to be the exclusive bank in the wizarding world without that power of attorney. The Alliance is attempting to uproot the foundations of our goblin heritage!”

Despite the young goblin’s impassioned outcry, the figures seated at the stone table maintained a collective silence, leaving the young goblin bewildered.

It seemed as though the elders were hesitating, a response that the young goblin struggled to comprehend.

After a moment of contemplation in the room, a sigh resonated, and a voice slowly articulated, “No, you’re mistaken. Given the current scale of Gringotts, even without the power of attorney, we would still stand as the sole bank in the wizarding world, impervious to any challenge to our esteemed status.”

Another goblin elder chimed in, concurring, “Indeed, humans are naturally skeptical. Even the International Federation of Wizards would find it challenging to sway all wizards. The true foundation that establishes Gringotts as the solitary bank in the wizarding world is not the power of attorney, but rather the centuries-old reputation we’ve meticulously built.”

Meanwhile, in the Gringotts hall, Wentworth and the elder goblin sat across from each other. Wentworth gracefully poured a cup of Gringotts tea for the elder goblin, taking a leisurely sip before addressing him, “Elder, allow me to ask once more – did Gringotts truly not detain the other members of our Alliance? Or do my concerns extend to the well-being of our comrades?”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s inquiry, the goblin elder casually lifted the teacup in front of him, took a composed sip, and replied, “No.”

Wentworth responded with a calm smile, exchanging a meaningful glance with the elder goblin. No further words were uttered.

After a brief pause, the goblin who had departed earlier returned, holding a wooden box in his grasp.

He positioned himself beside the goblin elder. Subsequently, the elder extracted an animal skin embellished with golden stripes from the box.

The magical properties of this peculiar skin were enigmatic, as its presence seemed to elevate the temperature within the Gringotts hall, raising it several degrees.

Placing the animal skin before Wentworth, the goblin elder gestured for his inspection. Wentworth effortlessly retrieved his wand and intoned, “Incendio!”

As flames flickered and danced, the elder goblin seized the young goblin attempting to flee. Simultaneously, several wands were pointed at the foreheads of the two goblins.

Yet, as the flames gradually subsided, the animal skin remained unscathed, resting serenely as if untouched by the incendiary spell.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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