Having entered Gringotts, Wentworth observed the bustling crowds but opted to head to the rest area instead of directly approaching the business counter.

Cassandra and the others joined him in sitting down.

Wentworth gestured for Cassandra to use the pendant he had given her, instructing her to infuse it with magic.

After complying, Cassandra looked at Wentworth with curiosity, asking, “What’s next?”

Without turning around, Wentworth gazed at the crowd in Gringotts and replied, “Just wait for now; all the other wizards from Alliance right now are currently getting to the position.”

Simultaneously, as Cassandra channeled magic into the pendant, the witches and wizards lurking in Diagon Alley sensed its warmth.

A silent call resonated, prompting everyone to stand up, draw their wands, and silently converge toward the direction of Gringotts.

As a result, wizards in Diagon Alley were taken aback as a group of their own emerged simultaneously from various shops.

“What’s happening?” A wizard asked as he saw the other wizards quitting from the shops.

Silent and armed with wands, they emitted an aura warning strangers to stay away.

Despite lacking direct communication, they all moved in unison, heading in the same direction.

Encountering these wizards, others on the road instinctively gave way, influenced by the authoritative atmosphere they exuded.

Observing this, some wizards quickly grasped the situation and decided to leave Diagon Alley.

Meanwhile, the Flourish and Blotts Bookstore remained lively.

Intrigued by the warmth in his chest and the subtle call, Bill approached the bookstore window to look outside.

Gazing in the direction of the call, he spotted the imposing white structure—Gringotts.

Realizing that the Alliance had initiated their action, Bill witnessed a sudden, thunderous boom.

The once lively Flourish and Blotts Bookstore fell into a momentary silence, leaving everyone inside puzzled about the unexpected turn of events.

However, Bill, positioned by the window, had a clear view.

Just above Diagon Alley, precisely over Gringotts, a burst of fireworks erupted, shaping a colossal phoenix in the sky.

The emblem of the Alliance lingered for an extended period.

In front of Gringotts, members of the Alliance, including Carrow, grinned as they unleashed the fireworks, and Rosier gestured towards the imposing bank.

Facing the overwhelming crowd of witches and wizards, the guards in front of Gringotts found themselves in a quandary, unable to advance or retreat. As the crowd closed in, one bold guard stepped forward, attempting to assert authority:

“This is Gringotts. What business do you bastards have in here, you…”

Before he could complete his sentence, an unexpected spell struck him, sending him flying backward and crashing into the gate of Gringotts, which swung open upon impact.

However, in response, Gringotts dispatched more guards, and a multitude of small, densely packed figures emerged – the Gringotts fairies.

As the two groups clashed, the magical spells soaring from the sky accompanied their confrontation, plunging both sides into a chaotic melee.

“Cover my sides! We will push forward with this momentum! Let’s show these Gringotts bastards the might of Alliance. For the greater good!” Carrow shouted as she furiously kept casting another spell after another.

A few of the other wizards and witches grouped beside Carrow and tried to support her by giving charms and even launching jinxes and curses into the oncoming guards from Gringotts.

“For the greater good!” They shouted in unison as they casted their spells.

One thing the Alliance never lacks is their solid teamwork that would bring no matter what tall wall stands between them and their goal to be crushed.

Yet, the combat proficiency of Gringotts’ guards significantly lagged behind that of the Alliance.

Though skilled in their subtle magic, the goblins lacked the potency to inflict substantial damage without the wand’s magical power amplifier, especially against battle-hardened witches and wizards.

Adding to the turmoil, amid the intense battle before Gringotts, a dozen wizards with wands abruptly rose from the crowd of people who sought refuge within the bank, following the arrangement and command of the goblins.

Due to the massive influx of sudden refugees from the outside, the Gringotts employees were encumbered.

With heavy hearts, they can only let them in.

Some of the refugees tried their best and returned fire toward the Alliance wizards and witches, while the others could only tumble on their feet and fall.

“Stupefy!” Auston swiftly incapacitated the closest goblin and then began scanning the surroundings, as if in search of something.

With Gringotts facing simultaneous internal and external attacks, the makeshift defense line crumbled in an instant.

“Get back! We need to defend the inner part of Gringotts!” A Goblin shouted.

Initially, the wizards hired by Gringotts, while capable against ordinary troublemakers, proved no match for the seasoned and coordinated Alliance.

Witnessing the Deathly Hallows symbol in the sky further demoralized them, leading many to drop their wands early on, signaling a lack of intent to resist.

Despite attempting to staunch the Alliance’s entry into Gringotts, the goblins merely succeeded in slowing down their advance.

The Alliance steadily pressed forward, overcoming the goblins’ attempts to obstruct them.

“Keep pushing! We almost had them!” Carrow yelled once again, further raising the morale.

Within Gringotts, the Alliance wizards and witches who had infiltrated swiftly incapacitated the few guards in the hall, engaging in combat with the fairies present.

Although these goblins typically handle clerical duties and are not adept in combat, their intimate knowledge of Gringotts allows them to engage in a strategic game of hide-and-seek with the Alliance party.

In stark contrast, the human employees of Gringotts find themselves in dire straits.

Faced with the swirling curses within the hall, most wizards, having no intention of making a last stand for Gringotts, quickly abandoned any resistance efforts.

Auston, however, took a different approach, diligently collecting the wands from the disarmed employees.

When he approached a Gringotts spell-breaker with a rosy complexion, Auston scrutinized the individual, comparing him to a photograph he retrieved from his pocket.

The photo depicted a scene from the night Bill invited his former colleague for a drink, clearly revealing the rosy-faced individual.

Witnessing the connection, Auston sighed audibly.

As the rosy-faced employee looked on with confusion, Auston pointed his wand at him and declared, “What? How dare you insult me? You are courting death!”

The Rosacea man was lost, “What did I ev—“

Before he could react, Allston shouted, “Avada Kedavra!”

Shortly after, the rosy-faced individual slumped to the ground, lifeless.

Similar scenes unfolded repeatedly in the Gringotts hall, as the Alliance force who was led by Rosier, infiltrated the premises.

Many wizards carried subdued goblins, while others efficiently dealt with Gringotts employees.

Simultaneously, Auston entered the lounge area of Gringotts and reported to Wentworth in a hushed tone, “Young Master, the hall has been cleared, and the remaining goblins have fled underground.”

Pausing briefly, Auston glanced at Cassandra and the others. Following Wentworth’s nod, Auston continued, “In addition, as per your instructions, all the Gringotts spell-breakers who dined with Bill that night have perished in the recent conflict; none were spared.”

Wentworth nodded at Auston before praising him, “Good job, it’s only a matter of time before we figure out Abernathy’s whereabouts.”


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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