After the Weasley family finished breakfast, they gathered by the fireplace at home, intending to use Floo powder to travel to Diagon Alley.

It was Harry’s first time using Floo powder, and he couldn’t help but look around with curiosity.

Noticing how Harry was staring at the fireplace, Ron asked him, “Don’t tell me this is your first time using Floo Powder as a means of transport, Harry.”

“I’m afraid, yes… this is my first time witnessing someone using Floo Powder, Ron. Never had much of the chance to use it myself.” Harry replied.

“Oh well, here is how you are going to use it. First, you grab some of the powder,” Ron volunteered to demonstrate for Harry.

Ron walked into the fireplace, grabbed a handful of green Floo powder, and shouted, “And then, think of the place where you wanted to go. For us right now, we want to go to Diagon Alley, so we need to picture it in our head and then, Diagon Alley!” and tossed the powder onto the ground.

In an instant, with the rising flames, Ron disappeared.

Harry watched in amazement, lost in the scene until Mrs. Weasley’s urging snapped him back.

It was his turn to use Floo powder.

However, during Harry’s attempt, an accident occurred. Hesitating on his first try, Harry didn’t enunciate “Diagon Alley” clearly; instead, he said “Knockturn Alley”!

Harry found himself in a dimly lit room with various skeletons and unidentified objects immersed in unknown liquids. Realizing his mistake, Harry knew he had ended up in the wrong place.

At this moment, the severed hand had captured Harry’s attention.

Though Harry tentatively touched the charred-looking severed hand, it unexpectedly latched onto him. Harry struggled to free himself when he noticed a figure outside the house.

“Draco! Draco Malfoy! Please help me, I am stuck here!” Harry yelled for help as he saw Draco’s figure through the glass.

Draco, strolling through Knockturn Alley, heard the familiar voice and turned in its direction. Through the glass, Draco spotted Harry.

“Oh my God, Harry, why are you here alone?! What are you doing in Knockturn Alley by yourself?” Draco contemplated.

Without hesitation, Draco pushed the door open and entered the building with his father, Lucius Malfoy, who was following from behind.

Fortunately, the severed hand gradually released its grip on Harry.

Witnessing this, Draco exclaimed with excitement, “We didn’t even need to help you, Harry. How did you do that?! It’s cool!” He reached out towards the severed hand but was promptly stopped by his father.

“I’m guessing you are Draco’s friend? My name is Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s father. Now, if you boys could go outside for a moment, I need to conduct a business here.” Lucius offered a polite greeting to Harry and instructed both Harry and Draco to wait outside the door while he attended to some business.

Later, Lucius decided to sell some black magic supplies, most of which were associated with Voldemort.

The urgency to sell these items stemmed from the Malfoy family’s concern. In their view, keeping Voldemort-related possessions while their son had joined the Alliance was inappropriate.

Fearing that a sudden visit from Wentworth might expose these items in Malfoy Manor, Lucius, albeit hesitantly, followed Narcissa’s advice and proceeded with the sale.

“Let’s go, boys, It’s time for us to go into Diagon Alley. This is a reminder for both of you to never step inside this place alone. I won’t even need to tell you what will happen if there is no one else to help you if you manage to catch a bad deal.” After concluding the business, Lucius warned them before finally heading together to Diagon Alley.

Draco inquired why Harry hadn’t responded to his letters during their journey. “Harry, I’ve been writing to you for quite some time; why didn’t you bother to reply to any of my letters?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to reply to your letter, Draco. I don’t have the means to reply to your letters…” Harry replied with a sad tone.

Upon learning about Harry’s recent experiences, Draco became visibly agitated.

Adding a meaningful touch to the conversation, Lucius stated, “Harry, don’t forget, you’re a wizard!”

Harry remained silent in response to Lucius’ words, but Draco interjected, saying, “Father, we can’t use magic outside of school, let alone in front of Muggles!”

Lucius playfully swatted his son’s head and then spoke deliberately, “You don’t need to tell me this.”

However, he shifted his gaze to Harry and added with a smile, “So, you need someone who can speak to the Ministry of Magic as your backer! Or, it can be someone who makes the Ministry of Magic dare not speak up.”

Harry nodded thoughtfully in response to Lucius’ words.

Meanwhile, the trio was drawn to the commotion ahead. Draco, peering forward, questioned with some confusion, “It’s Flourish and Blotts Bookstore! What happened there?”

As Lucius led Draco and Harry into Flourish and Blotts Bookstore, Wentworth entered Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

“Wentworth, here!” Cedric’s voice welcomed Wentworth as he entered, and Wentworth spotted Cedric, Green, and Cassandra seated on the floor, indulging in ice cream.

Wentworth joined them, and intrigued Green asked in a hushed tone, “You called us here; is the Alliance up to something?”

Wentworth nodded and then turned to Cassandra with a smile, asking, “How was your vacation?”

Enjoying her ice cream, Cassandra responded with nonchalance, “Not bad.”

Feigning sadness, Wentworth replied, “What a regrettable answer. Don’t you feel sad without me by your side?”

Cassandra rolled her eyes in response, while Green and Cedric seemed engrossed in studying the ice cream on the table as if it held some secret knowledge.

Later, glancing at the time, Wentworth stood up and suggested to Cassandra, “Our Grindelwald family’s treasury has many kinds of gems. Are you interested in picking a few?”

Cassandra, displaying disbelief, questioned, “You really mean that?”

Wentworth nodded decisively.

Seeing that Wentworth had made up his mind, Cassandra said no more, and the group stood up, following Wentworth toward Gringotts.

Meanwhile, in the Flourish and Blotts Bookstore, Harry and the others finally understood why the place was so crowded.

Gilderoy Lockhart, the upcoming Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, was hosting a signing party there.

Lockhart was thrilled to see Harry and couldn’t wait to take a photo with him.

“Still alive, Weasley? What an unlucky day for me to have your ginger hair be seen by my eyes.” Draco retorted.

“Oh shut up, young master! Can’t shop alone? That’s why you got your father to accompany you?” Ron replied to his banter.

Draco and Ron, on the other hand, engaged in their usual banter upon meeting, taunting each other.

Observing this, Harry sighed but refrained from intervening as he had grown accustomed to their dynamic.

However, while Harry might be accustomed, others were not.

The playful exchange between Draco and Ron quickly caught the attention of Lucius and Arthur.

Soon, the focus of the dispute shifted from Draco and Ron to Lucius and Arthur.

The Weasley family, with their sheer numbers, began to gain momentum.

Lucius, however, managed to sneer a few words and discreetly slipped a notebook into the pile of books Ginny had acquired, taking advantage of the distraction.

Just then, Bill returned from the bookstore but felt a sudden warmth emanating from the pendant hidden under his clothes.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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