Upon hearing the confidential information about Gringotts, the individuals present, all Gringotts employees, wore pensive expressions. Consequently, the dinner concluded swiftly.

The following morning, as Bill arrived at the location provided by Wentworth and stood before the entrance of the Greenglass family manor, he couldn’t help but marvel at the glorious mansion.

Both residences belonged to the 28th Holy Family in the United Kingdom. As Bill silently compared the two, a question that had lingered in his mind for several days found its answer. The revelation gradually became clear in Bill’s heart.

Soon after, Auston welcomed him. “Bill, how have you been?” He offered a handshake.

Bill took Auston’s hand, firmly grasping it before shaking it while looking at him in the eyes, “Doing fine, Auston. How are things on your side?”

“Nothing much,” Auston replied with a smile before he let Bill in.

Following a brief exchange of words, Auston guided Bill into his manor.

Along the way, observing the envious glances on Bill’s face, Auston, though unspoken, felt a sense of pride. Having visited Weasley’s home not long ago, Auston was well aware of the reasons behind Bill’s admiration.

Upon entering the hall, Bill’s expression subtly changed.

However, his reaction wasn’t a result of shock caused by the opulence of the Greenglass family manor.

Bill had mentally prepared himself for it during the journey.

What caught his attention in the hall were the numerous wizards from England, particularly those hailing from all corners of London, assembled in various groups.

As Bill surveyed the wizards before him, he intuitively recognized them as members of the Alliance.

However, their appearance starkly contrasted with the rumored image of dark wizards; there was no visible sign of malevolence.

With the exception of a few, the majority of attendees weren’t merely clad in suits and leather shoes; they were impeccably dressed.

Many wizards exuded an air of refinement, suggesting years of belonging to the upper class and showcasing an aristocratic demeanor.

In essence, had Bill not been forewarned that these individuals were part of the Alliance, which had nearly toppled the Ministries of Magic across various countries, causing a significant upheaval, he would have mistaken this gathering for a congregation of nobility.

Shortly, guided by Auston, Bill arrived at the entrance of Wentworth’s study.

With Rosier’s consent, Auston ushered Bill into Wentworth’s presence.

“Wentworth, I believe I have figured out where one of your men went.” Bill started to explain.

“Please, sit first before explaining it, Bill.” Wentworth pointed to a nearby chair before he sat himself. “I’ll make sure your deed goes rewarded; don’t worry about it in the slightest.”

Dispensing with excessive pleasantries, Bill promptly recounted everything he had learned the previous day. Wentworth attentively listened to Bill’s narrative from start to finish.

Although he noticed Wentworth furrowing his brow a few times, the latter remained silent throughout. “Are you sure that’s what happened, Bill?”

“Hundred percent sure, Wentworth. I heard everything from one of my colleagues there. Your man that goes by the name of Arteta might be currently under captive of Gringott’s…” Bill replied.

Once Bill concluded, a serene quiet filled the room as he awaited Wentworth’s directives.

After a thoughtful nod, Wentworth gestured to Auston behind Bill.

Shortly thereafter, a small pouch was presented before Bill. “Here is your pay, Bill.” Auston spoke softly.

As Bill was about to express his gratitude, Wentworth spoke first, “Don’t decline; this is rightfully yours, and we had an agreement! We, the Alliance, honor our promises, and we never shy away from paying the due price. Accept it!”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words and seeing the small pouch on the table, Bill refrained from further speech, offering a nod of acknowledgment before stowing the items neatly.

Subsequently, Bill remained seated, patiently awaiting Wentworth’s next directive.

To his astonishment, Wentworth unexpectedly spoke up, stating, “Alright, now that Bill has provided us with the information we sought, the rest falls under the jurisdiction of our Alliance! Auston, escort Bill outside.”

Upon receiving Wentworth’s command, Auston gestured, extending an invitation to Bill.

However, Bill, raising his head in surprise, gazed at Wentworth.

This action from Wentworth was entirely unforeseen by Bill.

How could he be dismissed from Wentworth’s presence so casually?

Reflecting on this, Bill instinctively touched the note tucked in his pocket.

He had scrutinized the contents of that note countless times in the preceding nights.

Whenever sleep eluded him, Bill would examine the contents of the note by the faint glow of the room.

Consequently, the words on the note were etched into his memory:

“Bill Weasley

If you are willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good, then Umrah can grant you all that you desire.”

Just as Bill arrived, gently caressing the note in his possession, and absently followed Auston out of the study, he caught Auston’s hushed whisper in his ear:

“Bill, you’ve made the right choice. It’s a high-stakes gamble, and you Weasley are not even qualified to sit at the poker table!”

“Simply return to the Burrow and lead a peaceful life. Though it might be less prosperous, safety is paramount!”

“For your astuteness, when our Greengrass family ascends to become the premier Holy Family, and in acknowledgment of your sagacity today, we might consider assisting you in refurbishing the Burrow!”

At that moment, Bill, upon hearing Auston’s murmurs, halted abruptly, having already stepped beyond the doorway with one foot.

Subsequently, he took a deep breath, decisively turned around, and walked towards Wentworth without hesitation.

Approaching Wentworth, Bill bowed respectfully and saluted, expressing, “I wish to join the Alliance.”

Upon hearing Bill’s request, Wentworth nodded with reservation and inquired, “Are you certain? Have you thoroughly considered it? Once you join Alliance, there’s no turning back. Alliance has never tolerated traitors. While some may have contemplated betrayal, those who have chosen that path never resurface in the world.”

In response to Wentworth’s cautionary words, Bill nodded without a moment’s hesitation and declared, “I’ve considered it thoroughly. I’m prepared to dedicate myself entirely for the greater good.”

Wentworth responded with a meaningful smile.

At that precise moment, Rosier, who had been seated quietly on the opposite sofa, rose, moved deliberately, and positioned himself in front of Bill.

She then produced a pendant intricately engraved with the Deathly Hallows symbol.

Observing this, Bill promptly and respectfully accepted the pendant with both hands, securing it around his neck.

Wentworth, in turn, rose and approached Bill, uttering in a hushed tone, “Welcome to the Alliance, Mr. Weasley. For the greater good!”

Following these words, Wentworth extended a gesture, embracing Bill gently.

While doing so, he leaned toward Bill’s ear and murmured softly, “And for more Galleons! Everything in this world is a resource, yet all resources are limited. We, the Alliance, seek the lion’s share, and that is the greater interest.”

Having conveyed his message, Wentworth released his grasp on Bill with a poker-faced expression and signaled for Auston to depart along with him.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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