Wentworth observed Professor Snape as he ascended the podium step by step.

He gracefully waved his hand along his path whenever he passed a window, causing the curtains to fall and casting an even dimmer light on the potions class.

This action showcased Professor Snape’s prowess.

Clearly, this was no ordinary wizard; his ability to perform wandless magic with such finesse was a testament to his strength.

Professor Snape took his place at the podium and swept his eyes across the entire classroom.

Then, in his typical curt manner, he addressed the class, “Are you all looking at what I’m doing? Look at your tables!”

His stern words compelled every student in the room, even the Slytherin students, to lower their heads.

“Notice the stone at the corner of your table. Your first question is, what is this stone?”

As Professor Snape finished his statement, Wentworth noticed Cassandra seated not far from him, raising her hand.

Professor Snape moved slowly toward Cassandra.

While Wentworth was still examining the stone on his own table, Professor Snape suddenly turned to him and said, “Wentworth, you answer. What is this stone?”

Inwardly, Wentworth sighed with a hint of frustration.

Professor Snape’s revenge seemed to be as transparent as glass.

Alas, he couldn’t deny that his act of defiance had made quite an impression on him.

With a wry smile, he rose from his seat and responded, “Professor Snape, this is a bezoar.”

Professor Snape continued, “And what is the purpose of this stone?”

“A bezoar is obtained from a sheep’s stomach and has powerful detoxification properties,” Wentworth answered.

Professor Snape’s reaction was noncommittal as he simply told Wentworth to sit down.

He then returned to the podium and said, “The bezoar in front of you was provided in advance. If any of you accidentally come into contact with poison and regret it, this bezoar can serve as an antidote. Rest assured, I have an ample supply. Feel free to experiment on yourselves.”

After this announcement, Professor Snape knocked on the table and commanded, “Why are your heads down? Look up at me!”

With a swift motion, the entire classroom’s heads rose in unison.

Professor Snape produced a vial of potion and declared, “This is the Draught of the Living Death. Can anyone tell me its purpose?”

Cassandra, seated nearby, raised her hand once again.

However, Wentworth noticed that Professor Snape merely glanced at her before his gaze settled on him.

“Wentworth, enlighten us about the Draught of the Living Death.” Professor Snape prompted.

As expected, Professor Snape had singled Wentworth out once again.

Fortunately, thanks to Cedric’s enlightening explanation the previous night, the Draught of the Living Death was a subject Wentworth was already familiar with.

He stood and replied, “The Draught of the Living Death is a potent sleeping potion, Professor Snape.”

“It appears you’re not entirely dim-witted,” Professor Snape responded impassively, allowing me to sit down.

While seated, Wentworth felt a burning gaze fixed upon me.

Turning to its source, he met Cassandra’s fierce stare.

She seemed to resent him stealing her moment in the spotlight.

Helplessly, I raised my hands in a gesture of innocence.

However, to Cassandra, his gesture seemed like an undeserved provocation.

Her reaction was swift and vocal.

“Are you two flirting during class?!” Professor Snape’s voice abruptly sounded in both their ears, making them turn towards him.

To their surprise, Professor Snape had positioned himself beside them without either of them realizing it.

Wentworth inwardly cursed his luck.

Interactions between male and female students topped the list of all the aspects of Hogwarts life that Professor Snape despised.

Predictably, Professor Snape remarked, “Five points each from Hufflepuff and Slytherin.”

The fact that Professor Snape docked points from Slytherin demonstrated the depth of his irritation.

Professor Snape then continued, taking out a vial of the Draught of the Living Death once again.

He asked, “Can anyone tell me the two key ingredients in the Draught of the Living Death formula?”

I pretended to be engrossed in my textbook but noticed Cassandra’s hesitating desire to raise her hand.

Eventually, she withdrew it, seemingly hesitant due to her previous reprimand.

“Cassandra, your input is required,” Professor Snape declared.

Upon hearing her name, Cassandra hesitated briefly before standing and responding, “Powdered Root of Asphodel and Infusion of Wormwood, Professor Snape.”

Acknowledging her answer with a nod, Professor Snape motioned for her to sit down and announced, “A perfect answer. Slytherin earns ten points.”

This time, Wentworth felt utterly speechless.

It seemed like Professor Snape had taken a page out of Harry Potter’s book, and Wentworth now empathized with the protagonist’s frustration.

Although Professor Snape wasn’t inherently bad, and Wentworth was touched by his backstory, this situation left him somewhat dissatisfied with Professor Snape.

Nonetheless, he had no choice but to stay seated and listen to Professor Snape’s explanations on the Draught of the Living Death formula.

Toward the end of the class, Wentworth noticed a pile of old books near the potions class platform.

Being well-acquainted with the original series, an idea struck me.

With the class nearing its conclusion, Wentworth seized his chance and discreetly tore out a few pages from his textbook.

While the Draught of the Living Death was a relatively straightforward potion, numerous freshmen still hadn’t completed it by the end of the lesson.

Thankfully, Cedric’s impromptu training session from the previous night had prepared me well enough.

He successfully brewed the potion, and he could see that Professor Snape, who had been making rounds, finally took his seat at the podium and remained there for the rest of the lesson.

The new Hufflepuffs left Professor Snape’s class with dejected expressions, thanks to his biting sarcasm.

As students filtered out of the classroom,

Wentworth approached Professor Snape, holding his textbook.

“Already eager to begin the training I’ve arranged for you?” Professor Snape’s surprise was evident in his tone as he spoke nonchalantly.

“Professor Snape, I’m not sure why, but my textbook seems to be missing a few pages. I was wondering if you might have some old textbooks I could use,” I inquired.

Professor Snape flipped through Wentworth’s textbook and sarcastically commented, “Even trolls have the sense to inspect their weapons before heading into battle! Help yourself to one from over there.”

Professor Snape gestured towards a pile of old books nearby with a nod.

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Published On: August 30, 2023

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