When Wentworth, Rosier, and the others returned to the Greengrass family manor, Auston still harbored some indignation towards the Weasley family’s attitude today.

Upon entering the study and seeing Wentworth taking a seat, Auston realized that Wentworth had something important to discuss, prompting him to quiet down.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Wentworth issued a directive, saying, “Assign someone to monitor the Weasleys, with a special focus on Bill Weasley.”

Auston’s eyes gleamed with understanding; he nodded vigorously and assured, “Rest assured, young master. I’ll make sure to keep a close watch on the Weasleys. If any of them dare to speak out, I’ll ensure they…”

Before Auston could finish his sentence, he mimicked a throat-slashing gesture.

Observing this, Wentworth remained silent, maintaining a neutral expression as he calmly looked at Auston.

After noticing Wentworth’s quiet demeanor, Auston reluctantly lowered his hand and inquired tentatively, “Young master, what do you mean?”

Wentworth fixed his gaze on Auston’s eyes, maintaining the stare until a bead of sweat rolled down Auston’s forehead. Finally, Wentworth spoke deliberately, “I mean, keep a vigilant eye on the Weasleys. Ensure they encounter no surprises, especially Bill Weasley. If they undertake tasks for our Alliance, it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety. Otherwise, who would dare to work for us in the future?”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s directive, Auston nodded eagerly, signaling his understanding.

As Auston prepared to carry out the assigned tasks, Wentworth detained him once more. Holding Auston back, he remarked, “Auston, your intelligence is commendable. I’ve noticed the valuable contributions the Greengrass family has made to our Alliance. Don’t worry about other pure-blood families posing a threat to the Greengrass family within the party. Your family’s standing and influence are secure. Your perspective should extend beyond the concerns of other families.”

After deliberately letting his words set in for a while, Wentworth continued, “Please put your trust in me, Auston! Your loyalty won’t be betrayed.”

Rising from his seat, Wentworth walked over to Auston, delivering his final words with deliberate intent, “Britain is confined; this world is vast. Don’t limit your focus to the immediate surroundings. There’s much more to explore beyond the confines of this small patch of land.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words, Auston was on the verge of kneeling, but Wentworth restrained him. Sporting a smile, Wentworth spoke gently, “No need for that. As long as you stay on the right path, there will always be a place for the Greengrass family within the Alliance.”

After expressing his gratitude profusely, Auston left the study.

It wasn’t until he exited the room that Auston could finally exhale, promptly setting out to organize personnel according to Wentworth’s directives. “Young Master, I will do everything according to your will if it’s the last thing I’ll do!” He said to himself. New feelings of admiration arose inside Auston’s heart as he walked away.

With Auston gone, Rosier, who had observed silently from the sidelines, rose to his feet and remarked, “It’s a bold move, but aren’t you concerned about potential repercussions from the Greengrass family?”

Wentworth responded with a soft smile, “That’s precisely why I chose this setting. Are you suggesting I should let him gather support and retaliate? He stands no chance unless he wishes to jeopardize the entire Greengrass family. But evidently, Auston wouldn’t take such a risk. He is a smart man. We need more of him in the Alliance.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s words, Rosier smiled and pressed further, “What’s the plan next?”

Wentworth waved his hand nonchalantly, “Once certain habits are ingrained, changing them becomes a formidable task.”

Regrettably, Bill wasn’t present to hear Wentworth’s words; otherwise, he might have risen in agreement.

For the Weasley family, the stack of Galleons left by Wentworth was nothing short of a windfall. Considering that the entire Weasley family couldn’t find a single Galleon in their Gringotts vault, the amount was beyond substantial.

When Bill Weasley extended invitations to several spell-breakers from Gringotts, England, for a dinner party under the pretext of a celebration, he found himself in an unexpected dilemma.

Carrying a dozen Galleons, Bill was suddenly unsure where to host the dinner. In the past, he had always declined invitations from colleagues at Gringotts to prevent any reciprocation, but now, with Wentworth’s request and a substantial sum, Bill was faced with an unusual predicament.

Fortunately, spending money was much easier than earning it after all. If you were unsure where to go, the solution was simple: choose one of the biggest and most luxurious restaurants available.

Despite being well-paid, Gringotts employees were far from being rich and wealthy.

Witnessing Bill’s generosity, his colleagues were happy to indulge in an opportunity to enhance their lives. Before long, under Bill’s intentional or unintentional efforts to console them, several Gringotts spell-breakers were already slightly intoxicated.

Taking advantage of the situation, Bill, who had pre-emptively used a hangover potion, acted as if nothing was amiss and inquired:

“Has anything interesting happened in Gringotts recently? Share the news with me. When I return to Egypt, I can boast about it with my colleagues there!”

Eager to oblige, the spell-breakers immediately perked up and began discussing various topics. However, their conversation mainly revolved around gossip and rumors rather than the information Bill was seeking.

Observing this, Bill had to interject and inquire, “By the way, I’ve been away for quite some time. Have there been any newcomers at Gringotts?”

After hearing Bill’s question, a wizard with a rosacea nose first hiccupped and then casually remarked, “Why not! Bill, have you been away for too long? Have you forgotten that every year at Gringotts, we eliminate some employees with poor performance and then find someone to replace them? Anyway, there will never be a shortage of wizards wanting to join Gringotts!”

Bill nodded, feigning enlightenment, and was about to continue his inquiries. However, the wizard with a rosacea suddenly bent down, looked at everyone mysteriously, and whispered, “Speaking of the newcomers who have recently joined Gringotts, do you still remember Arteta?”

At the mention of this name, Bill’s expression shifted slightly. Arteta was precisely the person Wentworth was looking for!

Bill raised his glass and drank, pretending as if nothing significant had been mentioned. However, he subtly pricked up his ears, fearing that he might miss a crucial piece of information.

When another wizard heard the name Arteta, he expressed some dissatisfaction, stating, “Of course, I remember him! Not long after I arrived, there were rumors that he was going to be promoted to be a supervisor elsewhere. What’s so special about him? In terms of qualifications, no one here is better than him!”

Immediately, someone else stood up and interjected, “Hey, don’t say that! Arteta’s business ability is still very strong. At least, I admit that I can’t compare to him in terms of magical skills! You should say a few words less; in case Arteta returns one day, he might become our supervisor!”

At this moment, the wizard with the rosacea snorted coldly and disdainfully remarked, “Come back? He can’t come back!”

Hearing his words surprised Bill. “What do you mean by that?” He inquired.


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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