At that moment, someone pushed the door open.

“My Bill is back…” The shaky voice from the door said.

The voice clearly belongs to someone who hasn’t seen Bill for some time; now he is happy knowing Bill is back.

It was Arthur Weasley who entered, but Arthur clearly didn’t anticipate the presence of three strangers in the room.

Upon noticing them, Arthur quickly inquired with a smile, “Bill, are these your friends?”

While saying this, Arthur observed the three individuals, noting the significant age difference, and a trace of doubt lingered on his face.

Bill hurriedly approached his father, providing a quiet introduction to the identities and origins of Wentworth and the others. “Father, this is Wentworth Grindelwald, the current leader of the Alliance. They are here to ask for my assistance.”

“Th-the Alliance?” Arthur asked in a shocking manner; aware of the people inside the room’s identities, he was readying himself for another battle with them.

Upon hearing that the young man before him was the leader of the Alliance, Arthur’s body trembled slightly. Nevertheless, he managed to regain composure swiftly.

As Bill continued explaining the intentions of Wentworth and his companions, Arthur frowned, appearing perplexed.

Mrs. Weasley had finished writing the letter by this time. Seeing this, Arthur couldn’t help but inquire, “Darling, who are you sending this letter to?”

Mrs. Weasley glanced at her husband and then at Wentworth, who was seated, and calmly stated, “For Dumbledore, of course!”

Though Mrs. Weasley spoke with conviction, her gaze remained fixed on Wentworth, eager to discern his reaction.

However, Wentworth offered no response and appeared indifferent to Mrs. Weasley’s decision to write to Dumbledore.

She was trying to gauge whether they came here with a negative purpose to harm them or for them to truly ask for help.

If she mentions Dumbledore’s name, then there is a chance for Wentworth’s group to be taken aback by her sudden action, which would lead them to reveal their true color.

Observing Wentworth’s lack of objection, Mrs. Weasley felt reassured. She then used an owl to dispatch the letter.

As the owl soared away, an awkward atmosphere settled among those present.

Seizing the moment, Wentworth turned his attention to Arthur and inquired, “I heard that Mr. Weasley is currently working in the Office of Prohibition of Misuse of Muggle Objects. In my opinion, some of the current Ministry of Magic bans are outdated. Certain Muggle objects can provide significant assistance in the lives of wizards!”

Wentworth’s words piqued Arthur’s interest, and he responded eagerly, “You share that perspective too, don’t you? I wholeheartedly agree! Many of the items Muggles produce nowadays can effectively complement the gaps in magic!”

Wentworth nodded in agreement and continued, “The technology of Muggles is advancing with each passing day, while our magic remains stagnant! If this trend persists, it won’t be long before our magical world must completely retreat from the Muggle world. Not through active concealment as we do now, but through passive concealment, much like a rat scurrying across the street.”

As Wentworth spoke, his eyes took on a profound intensity. Gazing out of the Burrow’s window, he continued, “Weakness and ignorance are never impediments to survival; it’s arrogance that poses the real threat.”

The Burrow fell into silence, with Arthur particularly affected by Wentworth’s words.

Although Arthur enjoyed Muggle items for their novelty and utility, he did not share Wentworth’s long-term perspective.

Rosier, seated beside him, trembled slightly as she held her teacup. It seemed as if she could once again see the man who had changed her life, passionately outlining a grand vision for the future.

“You truly share the same ideal with your Grandfather… Lord Grindelwald, you would be pleased to see how much he has taken from you.” Rosier thought to herself.

The quiet atmosphere was disrupted by an owl tapping against the window. Mrs. Weasley promptly opened the window, admitted the owl, and retrieved a letter from it.

The Weasleys gathered as a family of three, huddling together to carefully peruse Dumbledore’s response while Wentworth leisurely sipped his tea.

After some time, Arthur set down the letter, glanced at Wentworth with a peculiar expression, and uttered, “What the Alliance mentioned, we agree. Bill will go to gather the information you seek.”

Continuing, Arthur’s gaze held a hint of ambiguity as he added, “Dumbledore wanted us to convey a message—he considers the favor repaid.”

Upon hearing Arthur’s words, Wentworth couldn’t help but offer a bitter smile.

As Dumbledore himself had mentioned, the favors from the Hogwarts headmaster came at a high cost, and to claim that he was not troubled by its expenditure was nothing but a falsehood—something Wentworth had failed to grasp.

At that moment, Mrs. Weasley interjected, “Wentworth, in dealings between Dumbledore and you, regardless of the terms, we have one plea: Ensure Bill’s safety!”

Without hesitation, Wentworth nodded and affirmed, “Certainly, Mrs. Weasley. Bill is assisting the Alliance, and we are committed to keeping him safe while he is on the job.”

Accepting Wentworth’s assurance, Mrs. Weasley nodded slowly in agreement. “That’s all I need to hear from you.”

Despite Arthur’s persistent invitations for Wentworth to stay for dinner, Wentworth declined.

The Weasley couple then requested Bill to escort Wentworth and his companions out.

As they departed, Wentworth cast a meaningful glance at Bill and extended his hand, shaking Bill’s hand firmly. “Looking forward to working with you, Bill Weasley!”

“Likewise, Wentworth,” Bill replied while locking his eyes with Wentworth’s

Once Wentworth left, Bill returned home to find Mrs. Weasley counting the Galleons on the table. Observing the considerable sum, Bill couldn’t help but sigh, “The Alliance is indeed wealthy!”

Arthur chimed in hesitantly, “If the Ministry of Magic were to discover that we received such a substantial amount of Galleons from the Alliance…”

Yet, before Arthur could finish his sentence, Mrs. Weasley shot him a stern look.

She expressed her dissatisfaction, saying, “Don’t bring up the Ministry of Magic. It’s just a monthly salary, and we can handle it. But what about the children? Bill is no longer a child. If he decides to get married soon, where will we find the means for that?”

She continued, “And Ginny is starting Hogwarts this year, adding new expenses annually. You never seem to worry about it, but it all falls on me!”

Fortunately, a commotion outside the door, mixed with Percy’s muffled frustration, provided a timely interruption. The Weasleys’ children had returned from shopping, rescuing Arthur from Mrs. Weasley’s scrutiny.

She swiftly stashed the Galleons away, and Arthur, seizing the moment, opened the door to greet them, exclaiming, “Wow, you’ve bought quite a lot! Ron, help your sister with those bags! You’re not just eating, are you?”

Observing Mrs. Weasley hastily hiding the Galleons and hearing his father’s and younger siblings’ laughter outside, Bill opened his hand to find a note. It was a reminder of Wentworth’s handshake before departing.

Contemplating the note in his hand, Bill pondered.


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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