Upon observing this, Mrs. Weasley handed the Sickles and Knuts to Percy, the oldest among the Weasleys siblings, as Charlie was not at home.

She instructed Percy to take good care of the youngest, Ginny. Aside from Bill, who had just returned home and was instructed to rest, the remaining Weasley children, led by Percy, exited the house, including the youngest, Ginny.

Once all the children had left, Mrs. Weasley instructed Bill to prepare tea and headed upstairs. As Bill was in the midst of preparing the tea, a knock echoed on the door of the Burrow.

Upon hearing the sudden knock, Bill’s fingers trembled uncontrollably, causing tea leaves to spill from his hands.

Hastily collecting the scattered leaves on the table, Bill heard Mrs. Weasley’s voice from the stairs:

“Bill, open the door!”

Turning around, Bill was momentarily stunned. Mrs. Weasley had changed into a dress, the latest addition to her wardrobe.

Bill recognized it as a gift his father had bought for his mother about two years ago.

Evidently, his mother aimed to conceal the humble state of the Weasley family from the arriving guests.

Just as Bill stood in astonishment, another knock resounded on the door. Simultaneously, a voice permeated the room through the door’s crevice, “The Grindelwald family has come to visit the Weasley family. Is there anyone home?”

The visitor was none other than Wentworth, accompanied by Rosier and Auston.

Bill had returned to England from Egypt after receiving a letter from Wentworth.

In the letter, Wentworth had identified himself and expressed his intention to visit the Burrow to meet the Weasley family. Inside the room, Bill heard the sounds outside the door, took a deep breath, and quickly walked over to open the Burrow’s door.

“A child? Isn’t he at the same age as Ron?” When Bill saw that the person at the forefront was a teenager, he couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Fortunately, he noticed Auston standing behind Wentworth at that moment. “Is that you Auston?”

Auston offered a warm smile at Bill upon hearing his question.

Both members of the 28th Holy Family in the United Kingdom, Auston’s grade is not much different from Bill’s; they had known each other during their time at Hogwarts. Auston greeted with a smile:

“Bill, long time no see! Let me introduce you. The man beside me is the successor of the Grindelwald family and the current leader of the Alliance, Wentworth Grindelwald!”

After a brief pause, Auston added, “At the same time, he is also my master.”

Hearing this, Bill couldn’t help but express his surprise, “Auston, now this is surprising news. I didn’t expect you to join the Alliance at all. What makes you do so?!”

Auston maintained his smile. “It wasn’t me who chose the Alliance; it was the Greengrass family that chose the Alliance!”

Just as Bill was about to respond, Mrs. Weasley’s voice came from behind him, “Bill, how long are you planning to hold the guests? Invite them in!”

Upon hearing his mother’s words, Bill hurriedly opened the door.

Seeing this, Wentworth nodded slightly to Bill and walked slowly into the Burrow. “May I?” He asked while smiling.

Bill nodded back at Wentworth as a reply.

As he entered, Wentworth was greeted by the sight of a short, stout lady in front of him. Wentworth took the lead in extending his hand very kindly and spoke respectfully, “Hello, Mrs. Weasley! As beautiful as ever.”

“Now, boy. When they say compliments will get you everywhere, you don’t need to do it for me!” Mrs. Weasley retorted as she laughed at Wentworth, trying to cover her blushing face with her other hand.

If Molly Weasley and Rosier were placed side by side, despite Rosier being much older than Mrs. Weasley, Rosier undoubtedly exuded more refinement. It would be like the gap between a noble lady and a peasant woman if the two stood together.

However, Wentworth did not look down on Mrs. Weasley at all.

Mrs. Weasley was an excellent mother, and under her guidance, none of the seven children in the Weasley family had grown crooked; even though Percy was a little confused initially, he eventually came to his senses.

More importantly, Wentworth was well aware that Mrs. Weasley, who seemed like a typical housewife, was also a powerful wizard.

You must know that when Dumbledore founded the Order of the Phoenix, he utilized his position to scout for talent, and Mrs. Weasley’s inclusion in the Order of the Phoenix was not solely because of her husband.

The most direct evidence of her capabilities came during the final Hogwarts battle in the original book. In a one-on-one duel, Mrs. Weasley single-handedly took down Voldemort’s most loyal and skilled general, Bellatrix Lestrange.

As thoughts about Mrs. Weasley’s formidable reputation crossed Wentworth’s mind, Mrs. Weasley suddenly exclaimed in front of him. Pointing at Wentworth, she said, “I remember! I know who you are! You are Wentworth, a student of Hogwarts and Dumbledore’s most esteemed pupil!”

Mrs. Weasley’s recognition momentarily took aback Wentworth.

Mrs. Weasley quickly moved to the side, rummaged through a stack of old newspapers, and returned with one. She pointed to a picture of Wentworth in the newspaper and said, “I thought you looked familiar just now. So, it’s really you!”

Wentworth followed Mrs. Weasley’s pointing finger and noticed her holding a copy of the Daily Prophet. It jogged his memory that he had once been featured on the front page of the newspaper during his first year at Hogwarts, a time when the Daily Prophet aimed to exploit him in their campaign against Dumbledore.

Upon realizing that Wentworth was not only a Hogwarts student but also one of Dumbledore’s accomplished disciples, Mrs. Weasley’s demeanor became notably warmer.

Mrs. Weasley promptly invited Wentworth and his companions to take a seat. She then instructed Bill to prepare the tea.

After sipping their tea, Mrs. Weasley didn’t hold back and questioned Wentworth directly, “Wentworth Grindelwald, I’m curious why the esteemed leader of the Alliance called my son back from Egypt. What is it that you need his help with?”

Wentworth, placing the teacup down gently, responded deliberately, “It’s about a matter where I require Mr. Bill’s assistance.”

Mrs. Weasley, with a slight frown, immediately voiced her concern, “Wentworth, you’re around the same age as Ron. May I call you that?”

Wentworth nodded with a friendly smile, “Go ahead, Mrs. Weasley.”

Mrs. Weasley continued, expressing her reservations:

“Wentworth, as the successor of the Grindelwald family, leader of the Alliance, and a proud student of Dumbledore, if there’s something you can’t handle, I doubt our Bill would be of much help.”

Wentworth is taken aback by Mrs. Weasley’s direct rejection without hearing the details.

The tension in the room rose as they stared at each other in silence.

Mrs. Weasley couldn’t help but think of that way regarding to their current problem, while Wentworth couldn’t blame her as well because what she just said is a logical way of approaching a problem.

But Wentworth didn’t come here for the reason of hearing such rejection; they came here for one reason Bill is good at.

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Published On: March 12, 2024

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