Wentworth remained seated, lightly tapping the table with his fingers. The room fell into silence, the only audible sound being the rhythmic echoes of Wentworth’s fingers. After a prolonged pause, his tapping ceased, and he shifted his gaze towards Auston.

“First and foremost, have someone constantly monitoring Gringotts around the clock. Don’t overlook any signs of trouble,” Wentworth declared decisively.

Upon receiving the order, Auston nodded silently, promptly leaving the room to initiate the necessary arrangements.

Once Auston Greengrass departed, Wentworth redirected his attention to Carrow, instructing, “Secondly, stir up a bit of trouble throughout the rest of the UK. Keep our esteemed Aurors from leading a leisurely existence.”

Carrow acknowledged the command with nods of understanding and hastened to execute the instructions.

Finally, Wentworth turned his gaze to Rosier, articulating his third directive, “Thirdly, Grandma Rosier, assist me in keeping an eye on a particular location.”

Perplexed, Rosier inquired, “Where?”

Wentworth spoke in a hushed tone, “The Burrow in the village of Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, the residence of the Weasley family, one of the twenty-eight Noble Families in the United Kingdom.”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s directive, Rosier, while slightly puzzled, refrained from questioning. Understanding Wentworth’s meticulous nature, Rosier merely nodded in acknowledgment and replied, “Understood.”

With Rosier’s departure, Wentworth found himself alone in the room. Retrieving a pen and paper from his suitcase, he began composing a letter, “Dear Mr. Bill Weasley…”

Time passed, but there was still no news of Abernathy. Each evening, Auston dutifully updated Wentworth on the day’s surveillance of Gringotts, yet nothing noteworthy emerged.

However, on a morning not too long after, Rosier approached Wentworth in a state of impatience and announced, “Wentworth, the individual you’ve been anticipating is back in England!”

Upon hearing Rosier’s announcement, Wentworth nodded in acknowledgment. He concluded his breakfast at a leisurely pace, elegantly wiped his mouth, and rose from his seat. Addressing the others, he declared, “Let’s head to the village of Ottery St. Catchpole.”

Meanwhile, Bill Weasley, the eldest son of the Weasley family, stood at the entrance of his childhood home, gazing at the quaint and slightly tilted structure before him. A mixture of emotions flooded him as he reminisced about the simple yet joyous moments he had experienced within these walls.

Despite the modesty of the Burrow, it held a wealth of happiness. Bill Weasley sternly pushed aside these nostalgic thoughts, forced a smile onto his face, and gently rapped on the wooden door.

Promptly, footsteps echoed within the Burrow, accompanied by the distinctive voice of Mrs. Weasley exclaiming, “Coming! Who’s up so early… Oh my! Bill! My dear boy, how did you return?!”

When Mrs. Weasley swung the door open and laid eyes on her eldest son, a momentary surge of emotion painted her eyes red. Without a word, she enveloped Bill in a tight embrace, expressing her joy. “Bill, how have you been? It’s been so long since we’ve heard from you.”

“I’m doing fine. How about you guys?” Bill returned the hug with a warm smile.

The sound of Mrs. Weasley’s welcoming voice and the bustling footsteps inside the Burrow prompted the rest of the Weasley family to rush out. The sight of their elder brother standing at the door sparked exuberant cheers from his younger siblings.

Bill reciprocated with smiles and greetings, presenting carefully chosen gifts from his luggage for each family member. The Burrow echoed with joyful cheers once again.

Amidst the lively atmosphere, Mrs. Weasley hurriedly sought out the owl at home, intending to send a letter to her husband, urging him to return promptly. Despite the cheerful scene, Bill’s heart bore a slight weight as he contemplated the letter clutched in his hands.

While the other Weasley children were enthusiastically unwrapping the gifts brought by Bill Weasley, he quietly stepped out of the Burrow. He approached Mrs. Weasley, who was preparing to send the owl.

Mrs. Weasley was engrossed in attaching the letter to the owl, seemingly unaware of Bill’s approach. As he stood behind her, about to speak, Mrs. Weasley anticipated him and said without turning around, “Alright, Bill, I purposely came out. Tell me, what’s going on?”

Surprised by his mother’s insight, Bill hesitated before asking, “How did you know I had something to tell you?”

Mrs. Weasley, having released the owl, turned to face her eldest son and replied deliberately, “Bill, don’t forget, I’m your mother.”

His mother’s words tugged at Bill’s emotions, but he managed to hold back his tears. He then retrieved a letter from his pocket and handed it into her waiting hands.

Mrs. Weasley opened the envelope and perused the contents. After a brief moment, she carefully folded the letter and, following a moment of contemplative silence, signaled for Bill to accompany her back to the Burrow.

Upon entering, Mrs. Weasley clapped her hands, summoning her children to gather around. She announced with a warm smile, “Alright, mischievous little ones, now that your brother is back, it calls for a grand welcome dinner tonight!”

The joyful declaration was met with another round of cheers from the excited family members.

Afterward, Mrs. Weasley gestured for everyone to quiet down. As the room gradually hushed, she retrieved a few Sickles and a handful of Knuts from her pocket. After contemplating for a moment, Mrs. Weasley produced a few more nuts from another pocket and addressed the eager group:

“Alright, since we’re preparing for the welcome dinner, who among you is willing to help me gather some ingredients?”

At Mrs. Weasley’s words, everyone in the room was ready to volunteer, and the youngest, Ginny Weasley, timidly raised her hand. However, before anyone could respond, Mrs. Weasley continued:

“As for the rest of the money, I’ll allow you to manage it yourselves!”

In an instant, all the Weasley children gathered around, eagerly jostling to be the first. Bill observed the scene before him and broke into laughter, but there was a hint of bittersweetness in his smile.

The reason behind his smile, although not known to others for now, is that he betrayed the emotion of sadness every time he looked at others.

Mr. Weasley could see it clearly but decided to shut his mouth and let him speak when the opportunity arrived one day rather than forcing him to speak.


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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