Upon witnessing Carrow prostrate on the ground, holding up his wand, Wentworth approached without pretense, extended a helping hand, and offered some comforting words.

Facing these wizards, each over a century old, and the young Aurors proficient in curses, expressions of gratitude might not be as effective as in other situations.

Seeing Carrow on the ground made Wentworth confused by all the sudden action of hers.

There was a delicate balance to be maintained, as any display of timidity might inadvertently convey weakness.

Wentworth had always borne in mind that only a wizard with a formidable presence could lead a group of formidable wizards.

With this in mind, he spoke with calm assurance, “Each wizard within our Alliance, especially those who have followed my grandfather for decades, serves as the bedrock of our organization. I don’t wish for you to expend your strengths recklessly.”

After delivering these words, Wentworth disregarded Carrow, who remained on the ground, allowing him to persist in his posture.

Unexpectedly, Rosier interjected, “In truth, I summoned these wizards from the Alliance.”

Rosier’s revelation took away Wentworth. Having witnessed Carrow’s actions, he assumed that Carrow had independently called upon the wizards of the Alliance.

However, learning that it was Rosier who orchestrated their summoning surprised him.

Observing Wentworth’s skeptical expression, Rosier swiftly clarified, “Given Abernathy’s unknown whereabouts, we cannot determine whose hands he has fallen into. However, whoever possesses Abernathy is undoubtedly hostile to our Alliance.”

“Abernathy has detailed knowledge of the locations of nearly all Alliance in the UK. Therefore, I gathered them together as a precautionary measure, ensuring that they wouldn’t be targeted individually. With everyone assembled, it becomes significantly more challenging for any adversary to strike against us.”

Taking a brief pause, Rosier continued, “Moreover, I considered that you, Wentworth, would be returning soon. If the opposing party discovers your location in London, depending solely on the defenses around your residence might leave you vulnerable. Hence, we brought you here and placed you under our protection.”

Upon hearing this explanation, Wentworth suddenly grasped that the assembly of Alliance wizards here wasn’t intended for confrontation but rather for safeguarding Abernathy. Of course, in the event that Abernathy’s captor was identified, the dark wizards of the Alliance could swiftly launch an intervention.

Nevertheless, Wentworth couldn’t help but furrow his brow and inquired, “Grandma Rosier, are you suggesting that Grandpa Abernathy might betray us? No, I refuse to believe that Grandpa Abernathy would do such a thing.”

In response to Wentworth’s question, Rosier cast a brief glance at him before responding deliberately, “I certainly believe that Abernathy would never betray us. You must remember that to protect the old master from imprisonment, Abernathy endured severe torture without revealing any secrets. However, some secrets are not easily detectable even if Abernathy remains silent.”

Upon hearing this, Wentworth had a sudden realization and nodded. He nearly forgot that this was the wizarding world, where methods like Legilimency or the Imperius Curse could be employed to extract information from one’s mind.

As the weight of Rosier’s words settled in the room, silence prevailed for an extended period. After a while, Wentworth began to process the information he had just received and, once ready, posed a question, “So, Grandma Rosier, I trust that you haven’t slackened your investigation during this time. Have you uncovered any leads or made any discoveries?”

In response to Wentworth’s inquiry, Rosier shook her head slowly. While this lack of progress did not surprise Wentworth, Rosier suddenly chuckled.

“Although we haven’t found anything, the fact that Abernathy seemingly vanished within Gringotts during his disappearance is cause for concern. Our undercover agents surrounding Gringotts observed no unusual activities during that time,” Rosier explained.

As she spoke, Rosier paused for a moment, then shot Wentworth a meaningful look before continuing, “However, the absence of discoveries can be considered a discovery in itself. In Gringotts, a skilled and seasoned wizard can vanish without a trace, causing no ripples. There’s only one force capable of achieving that.”

Wentworth and Rosier exchanged glances, and in unison, they declared, “Gringotts!”

Returning to the initial question, they pondered Abernathy’s motive for feigning entry into Gringotts. What peculiarities within Gringotts led to such a mysterious turn of events?

“I won’t say anything regarding this, but I’ve been conducting my own research on these newly built Gringotts on Hogsmeade. I believe there is something sketchy behind their sudden appearance.” Wentworth explained.

Rosier and Carrow looked at each other upon hearing Wentworth’s explanation, but they decided not to pursue it further.

One hypothesis considered was that Abernathy’s true identity had been exposed, raising suspicions from Gringotts, ultimately resulting in his apprehension by the powerful institution.

Considering the most extreme possibility that Gringotts had detected Abernathy’s ruse from the beginning and had intentionally allowed him to continue, manipulating an integral figure of the shamanist party like a masterful game of chess.

Regardless of the scenario, the prevailing likelihood was that Abernathy was now detained within Gringotts.

Contemplating this, Wentworth cast a glance at Carrow, who was still on the ground, and declared, “Get up! I have questions for you!”

In response to Wentworth’s command, Carrow slowly rose, bowed his head, and offered his respects to Wentworth.

Having received this gesture, Wentworth inquired, “If I were to task you with leading an assault on Gringotts, how many individuals would you need? What level of confidence do you possess? And how much time would you require to seize control of Gringotts successfully?”

Upon hearing Wentworth’s inquiry, Carrow, who had initially lowered his head, immediately lifted it with an eager expression. However, a wry smile appeared on Carrow’s face as he responded, “Young Master, if our goal is simply to infiltrate Gringotts, we’d require around thirty to fifty wizards, considering the bank’s visible defenses. Gringotts mainly employs a limited number of human wizards for guarding. While goblins possess magical abilities without wands, their effectiveness is significantly diminished, and they pose little threat to us.”

“However, complete occupation of Gringotts is not a certainty. We remain uncertain about the hidden defenses Gringotts may have in place. Additionally, engaging in a battle at Diagon Alley would draw the attention of Aurors from the Ministry of Magic within ten minutes. The Ministry would hardly permit us to breach their territory, even if we manage to overcome Gringotts.”

Upon receiving Carrow’s response, Wentworth nodded in understanding without revealing his stance on the matter. “Then I could leave this matter to you; next time I come, we must launch the assault on Gringgots. We need to learn about Abernathy’s position. Those dirty Goblins are quite suspicious no matter how you look at it!”


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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